Audio Review: To Marry an Heiress (Daughters of Fortune, Book 2) by Lorraine Heath

to marry an heiressHero: Earl of Huntdon needs an heiress, which means marriage, but he won’t fall in love! Wounded before, Devon is angry and devastated to learn his heiress isn’t nearly so wealthy as he thought. The wife who was to bring much needed financial aid has now become an additional burden, Devon must shoulder. With all his responsibilities, love can’t possibly matter now.

Heroine: Miss Georgina (Gina) Pierce is an American heiress from the South. Or she was. She didn’t know about the turn her father’s finances took. Her father insisted she marry and damn if he wasn’t going to snag her a title to show those snobby Knickerbockers his daughter was more than good enough, she was great. When her father passes, the reality is dumped on them both. Now Gina must find a way to pay Devon back – and clearly he does not want her heart.

Review: So the big shocker here is that Devon has kids from his first marriage and doesn’t share that fact with Gina. Um…. The guy is extremely lucky Gina wants kids or he’d be so screwed. Gina is the glue to the relationship and the story. Devon had a very difficult first marriage, and while he has many noble qualities, he didn’t do it for me. Devon is a beta hero in many respects.

Narrator: Vanessa Hart surprised me immediately, because the audio book summary didn’t reveal that Gina was American. I was expecting a British speaker, not a husky southern drawl. I also get the feeling I’ve listened to her before somewhere.


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Review: An Heiress at Heart by Jennifer Delamere

An Heiress at HeartReviewed by Zarabeth

This story follows our heroine, Miss Lizzie Poole, on her quest to fulfill a promise and prove a hidden heritage. I loved Lizzie and was rooting for her from the very first page. Ms. Delamere does a wonderful job of helping us identify with Lizzie despite her numerous blunders throughout the book. To be fair, our poor Lizzie is attempting to assume the identity of her dead best friend in order to expose a family secret while avoiding a scandal that would ruin everything she’s ever worked for — no easy feat!

Our hero is the quintessential unwilling Lord of the genre. A 3rd son who chose the path of the clergy only to be forced into the title by the death of his older brothers. The woman Lizzie is pretending to be is his brother’s widow, a.k.a completely forbidden and a symbol of all the pain that has happened in the past few years. So, of course, they fall in love with each other despite their best efforts!

Last, bot not least, we have the man who destroyed Lizzie’s life trying to do so again.

Can she keep up her facade? Can she escape her nemesis? Can our protagonists accept their love for each other despite Lizzie’s betrayal?

Well, I can’t tell you!

But, I can tell you that Ms. Delamere weaves a lovely story and you should read it!

One quick note is that since our hero is a clergyman, do not come to this story expecting burning passion or erotica.

This is a love conquers all story, no sex required. For that reason I give it 4 stars. Enjoy!


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Review: Her Forgotten Betrayal by Anna DeStefano

Her Forgotten BetrayalReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Shaw Cassidy has been the victim of trauma due to awful events at her mansion where it is believed an assassination attempt made on her life has left her with amnesia. It doesn’t help that she is the heiress to Cassidy Global Research, as well as their CEO, as it has made her a target for every cash hungry nut around. As her life is in danger, she is being protected by an FBI agent, Cole Marinos, but he has other reasons for wanting to be around her.

Review: Two people are brought together in this story, but the real mystery is why Cole’s really there, and what had he done before, and what does he think she is guilty of. She is under doctor’s orders to look after herself, get well and get over the attack on her life but her bad nerves can’t be tossed aside as easy as she still has the nightmares from her ordeal.

Shaw has everything a woman could want, an important position at the top of a company, the respect of everyone around her, the huge mansion house and the ability to buy whatever she wants. She’s the poor little rich girl, but there is someone around who can ground her – Cole is an ordinary guy who doesn’t care that she’s filthy rich, even though he helps her with her problems, he still treats her as he would anyone else, using darlin’ a lot around her. If anyone can protect her, he will, and he cares for her more than she thinks. There is also the problem of the suspect shooter, and his or her motivation for doing it that still lurks in the back of Shaw’s mind.

Verdict: The story was shorter than it should have been, and felt rushed, but the two main characters are thrilling and exciting to read about.

[Rating:3.5 Stars]

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Review: Never Miss a Chance (Kellington Series, Book 2) by Maureen Driscoll

Never Miss a ChanceHeroine: Lady Elizabeth Kellington is a bluestocking interested in women’s rights. Not a good idea for a Regency England heroine even if she’s a duke’s daughter. Scandal reaches even the highest nobility of the ton. Her marriage chances dwindle rapidly as those who before it hit courted her favor now gave her snubs and others who never would have approached her before are seeking her out. Ouch. But not everyone is cutting Lizzie from their social circle.

Hero: Marcus Redmond, the Marquess of Riverton, has loved his best friend’s sister for a long time and the scandal puts her in his reach for the very first time. A damaged reputation is the perfect opportunity for a marriage proposal. But Lizzie even now wants a love match… So how does he prove that they’re already a match? Especially when he doesn’t agree with her politics?

The Kellingtons: The first book Never a Mistress, No Longer a Maid sets up the family dynamic, but it is not necessary to read it to enjoy the sequel. The three main characters of the first book have cameo appearances in Never Miss a Chance.

Review: Lizzie is a feisty heroine who is a bit too ahead of her time. She is an idealist and on some levels it works, especially when she tells the uppity snide woman from her little club where to shove it. Marcus is a hot, staid, reserved hero and that works for me. I like it when the hero appears to the world as one thing and in his private life as something else (when the change is positive like a passionate nature.) A witty and happy romance.


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Review: Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel (Beau Monde, Book 1) by Samantha Grace

miss hillary schools a scoundrelHero: Lord Andrew Forest is the eternal confirmed bachelor. He will never get married. But when the enticing virginal Alana “Lana” Hilary seduces him and disappears he’s hooked. He has to find her, win her, and make her his in every way that counts. She can’t reject him a second time can she?

Heroine: Lana needs to make a good match, so she’s instituting a no-scoundrels policy. Her ex-fiancé was one and Andrew is as far from a respectable gentleman as she can get. He’s even caught in the act of meeting a lady friend when he rescues her from the tree. But despite his similarities to her ex, Andrew is far more honorable. If only he was dependable and she was certain he’d never break her heart. Best not to chance it!

Review: I love how Lana escapes from the window to avoid an overbearing older admirer. Good thinking! Too bad she got caught in the branches and gave Lord Andrew a view up her skirts in the process. 😉 This was a touching, feel-good, happy romance with a twist of danger! Also loved that he called her peach and that at first she was horribly put out by it (because of her red hair) until he explained it. Sigh. Cute. Great debut.


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