Review: Bite Me Your Grace by Brooklyn Ann

Bite Me Your GraceReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

This story takes place in 1821, London.

Angelica Winthrop’s mother threw away her favorite book. If you’re interested, the book actually exists and you can find information at A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. She’s an independent woman during a period in time where most women did not act like Angelica. As I get to know Angelica, I have to wonder what she would think about today’s women.

Our hunky hero’s name is Ian Ashton. He’s the Duke of Burnrath and he’s different from other men. Ian is a man with lots of responsibilities but then he meets Angelica. He also has an archenemy named Ben Flannigan. He’s a character that could have overtaken the storyline but Brooklyn does a great job of having him appear at just the right time.

Angelica and Ian seem to be the perfect couple. But all good romances have roadblocks that pop up for the “happy” couple. These roadblocks keep me turning the page. I need to find out how they handle life’s little challenges. They rise above these challenges and become stronger as a couple. Brooklyn also shows her readers what Angelica and Ian are willing to do for each other.

This is a book that gives you a great regency romance along with a paranormal twist. I also wanted to know if Brooklyn was going to have another book. I went to her web site,, and found that there will indeed be a book two of this series titled One Bite Per Night coming out in November. The only thing I couldn’t find out was who the book was going to be about. So in the meantime, make sure to read Bite Me, Your Grace.


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Review: The Trouble with Highlanders by Mary Wine

trouble with highlandersReview by Lynn Reynolds

The year is 1488.

Daphne MacLeod is having a really good dream about Norris Sutherland. Norris is having an interesting conversation with his father about Daphne. What I love about Mary’s book is that she has made Daphne an independent woman during the middle ages when women were to take care of a man’s every need.

Mary’s book shows how things are perceived back in the 1400’s as how women are supposed to behave and what is expected of them. She also shows how women can turn against other women when they are perceived as being beneath others. There is also social standing that comes into play.

Norris is a true romantic hero. He doesn’t care about anything other than the woman he wants. He doesn’t care if he is supposed to marry someone else in order to satisfy an obligation. But there is someone that just has other things in mind.

Sandra Fraser is the woman who would give the Wicked Witch of the West a run for her money. She would also be a perfect fit for any of today’s soap operas. I will say that I was keeping my fingers crossed that she would get what was coming to her.

If you have read any of Mary’s other books, you will also want to read this one as well. I hated to have to put the book down. If you have not read any of the other books in this particular series, don’t be afraid to go back and read the others. Mary will not disappoint you.


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