Review: The Bad Baron’s Daughter by Laura London

Review: The Bad Baron's Daughter by Laura Londonby Keira

Heroine: Katie Kendricks’ father has disappeared. He’s done it a time or two before but has never been gone for so long. It wouldn’t be a problem, except his creditors are breathing down Katie’s neck and frightening her. Her plan to reach her friend’s bar, The Merry Maidenhead, in London is met with success… but […]

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What Keeps the Young Adult Genre Fresh

What Keeps the Young Adult Genre Freshby Guest Blogger

Guest post by Connie L. Smith, author of Essenced and Emblazed Can I part with a little secret here? My first reading love wasn’t YA. It wasn’t even contemporary. The initial genre that snagged my interest was fantasy. Elves, orcs, dwarves… I fell hopelessly when introduced to R.A. Salvatore’s The Dark Elf Trilogy , and […]

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Review: Dark Passages by Sara Reinke

Review: Dark Passages by Sara Reinkeby Sandra Scholes

by Sandra Scholes, guest reviewer As each volume of the Brethren series of novels has concentrated on a certain couple whether it be Brandon and Angelina, or Rene and Tessa, this one concerns Tristan and Karen. Their relationship is hardly an ideal one even though the both of them do love each other a great […]

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Review: When Strangers Marry by Lisa Kleypas

Review: When Strangers Marry by Lisa Kleypasby Keira

The more I read of Lisa Kleypas the more I want to read. When Strangers Marry was a sinful delight to sit down and read. I enjoyed every moment thoroughly. If you’re looking for some scintillating sex scenes, I would book right over your nearest bookstore and pick up a copy. Some of the bedroom […]

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Review: Beyond Innocence by Emma Holly

Review: Beyond Innocence by Emma Hollyby Guest Blogger

By: Marcia, guest reviewer Taking place in Victorian England, Beyond Innocence is about loyalty to family versus being true to one self. Edward Burbrooke is horrified to learn that his brother, Freddie, has been discovered, in the bedroom, with a footman, at a house party. He loves his brother and feels responsible for his ‘fall […]

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Groveling Heroes or Heroes Most in Need of Humble Pie

Groveling Heroes or Heroes Most in Need of Humble Pieby Keira

There’s a split in romance readers when it comes to the groveling hero. It’s a like or hate thing (as indeed most tropes and themes are). It comes down to preferences and point of views. For the purpose of this post I am going to define a groveling hero as a hero who gave a […]

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Edward Cullen’s Forbidden Fruit: Twilight Perfume

Edward Cullen's Forbidden Fruit: Twilight Perfumeby Keira

Now available for purchase is the scent that drives Edward Cullen to distraction… that irresistibly forbidden fruit… the scent that is his own personal brand of heroin. He compares Bella’s scent to freesia and lavender in the first book on page 306. Freesia appears several times throughout the series; the more memorable moments being when […]

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