Review: Liar, Liar, Hearts on Fire by Jennifer Zane

liar_liar_hearts_on_fire_72dpi_200x300Reviewed by Cara Lynn

This was a cute and funny book, with a cast of zany and odd-ball characters, including the owner of an adult bookstore who gives out (needed) advice on lovemaking and a bit of meddling. It has a little more story than some books that exist only to tie in the sex scenes.

Mike Ostranski is being stalked in Alaska while on vacation, and he is desperate to come up with something to get the woman off his back. His mother wants grandchildren and had hopes for the stalker and him.

Violet Miller answers the phone at the adult store, instead of her sister, only to hear Mike’s plea for help.

It is complicated by the fact that she has loved him through high school, and they consummated the deal one night, then he went off to become a doctor. She’s never quite got over her love for him or her perceived rejection.

He asks her to fake a relationship with him to get the other woman off his back. And he gives her a gigantic ugly ring.

Of course, you know they will fall in love. (I thought he had orchestrated it, but no.) And you know it will all turn out in the end. But not without a bit of excitement along the way, including Violet being held at gunpoint.

The sex is believable. Their foreplay includes getting to know each other again and a funny fishing scene and…

It was fun, and a whole lot better than the one I read just before this one.


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Do You Judge a Book by its Cover?

Guest Blog by Jennifer Zane, author of Gnome On The Range

I do. Whether I’m at the library, used bookstore, thrift store or online, I give a book about two to three seconds of brain power to decide if I want to read the book’s blurb. If the cover doesn’t appeal to me, I don’t read the blurb. So really, I don’t judge a writer by their writing because if I don’t like the cover, I won’t read one word the author has written. Sad, but true. Is that the same for you?

It’s like the mall. When you go from store to store looking at all the great window decorations, aren’t you drawn to some more than others? What pulls you into the store to try on that blouse in the window? An ugly, unattractive display or an appealing presentation?

When I thought about my book, Gnome On The Range, I wanted to spoof the typical western romance cover. As I lived in Montana for five years, I had many photos of the beautiful Big Sky scenery. Instead of using a silhouette of an attractive cowboy hero-type looking off into the distance dreaming about the love of his life, I chose the gnome instead.

It looks western. It looks romance. But it’s different. Does it match the story? The title? It follows the lighthearted, humorous ‘feel’ I created in the story. Is it intriguing? Does it make a reader want to look at the blurb on the back? To read what’s inside?

You tell me!

Book blurb:
Once you get the zing you can’t go back.

Jane West has everything a woman could want. A job in a small Montana town’s only adult store, two busy young boys and one dead husband. Everything except a little excitement–a little zing. But that changes one summer morning at a garage sale when her kids buy some garden gnomes. 

Now someone wants those gnomes and will let nothing get in their way. Including Jane. This new excitement for Jane spells trouble for a relationship with new neighbor–and hot fireman–Ty Strickland. Can Jane and Ty handle a relationship meddling mother-in-law, crazy kids, and stay alive while trying to solve the mystery of the garden gnomes?

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