Ten Things a Man Ought to Love about Wearing a Kilt

Guest Blog by Grace Burrowes, author of The Bridegroom Wore Plaid

The topic above was not the one I was initially asked to write about. I was asked to hold forth about Ten Things I Love About Men in Kilts. What I love about a kilt is to see it worn with pride by a fellow who appreciates the privilege, and the point of this post is to convince more fellows to add a kilt to their wardrobe. In that spirit, I’m hoping scads of men will consider:

  1. The wool will look better on you than it did on that old sheep.
  2. You never have to worry about what goes with what when you wear a kilt. Tell the nice fellows in the kilt shop what your clan affiliation is (or you’d like it to be), and the colors are all picked out for you, as are the accessories. Easy peasy.
  3. The best place to shop for a kilt is Scotland. Go shopping. Go shopping right now, laddie.
  4. Shopping for a kilt is thirsty work. This is proven by the fact that I’ve never seen a kilt shop that wasn’t within three doors of either a tavern or a whiskey shop. Go shopping, ye kiltless beggar.
  5. When you’re properly togged out in your kilt, you also get to wear a sporran right over your goolies. If you misplace your car keys, there’s only one place you might ask your date to help you look for them.
  6. Fellows who wear kilts don’t have to worry about as much laundry, particularly all those pesky loads of whites.
  7. If you do it up proper, you’re also supposed to go around with a handsome little dagger tucked in your sock, honest (your left sock is the more peaceable option). How something spelled sgian dubh gets pronounced “skidoo” probably has to do with those whiskey shops and the great thirst involved with your kilt shopping.
  8. Guys who wear kilts can go to any romance writer’s conference, and make instant friends with a zillion, cheerful, friendly ladies, some of whom, being in period attire, are also doing fewer loads of white laundry.
  9. Even when you’re wearing it somewhere besides a romance writers’ conference, the kilt is a guaranteed, sure fire, believe-me-when-I-tell-you, babe magnet, to the extent that you will get heartily sick of telling women you’re not wearing undies. I promise you this.
  10. The best reason to wear a kilt was explained to me by a little fellow who drove me around the Highlands in his cab. Abbey was a native of Aberdeen, and yet had gone his entire sixty-some years without acquiring a proper dress kilt. For a niece’s wedding, he agreed to make the effort to be fitted out in clan attire, thinking the whole business rather silly.

The fellows at the kilt shop, as Abbey told the tale, were a sly bunch. They measured and fitted, and pinned and tucked, and didn’t let Abbey see himself until he was completely rigged out in formal attire. Then they turned him about to see the picture he presented in the three way mirror, and in his words, “Ma chest expanded out to here, and I felt about ten feet tall. I tell ye, I nivver wanted to tek the damned thing uff.”

Wear the kilt because it symbolizes a tradition of pride and masculine confidence, wear it because you’ll nivver want to tek the damned thing uff.


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Grace Burrowes is a bestselling and award-winning author of historical romances. Her debut, The Heir, was selected as a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year for 2010 in the romance category, and Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish won RT Book Reviews Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Historical Romance of 2011 and was also nominated for the prestigious RWA RITA award. The author of the bestsellers The Heir, The Soldier and Lady Maggie’s Secret Scandal, Grace is a practicing attorney and lives in rural Maryland. She’ll conclude to the Windham Family Series with Lady Jenny’s story in October 2013, and will begin a new regency series with Darius in April 2013. The next book in Grace’s Scottish Victorian series, Once Upon a Tartan, will be in stores in August 2013. Please visit http://www.graceburrowes.com/  or follow her on Twitter: @GraceBurrowes for more information.

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How to Get a Highlander to Fall in Love with You

Are you like me and find Highlanders to be some of the sexiest heroes around? Did you just answer yes? If so, you should read the following 10 tips on how to snag yourself one of these hunky warriors by laying siege to his heart.

  1. Obtain Fiery Red Hair. Of course if you already have red hair that looks like fire in the sunlight and shimmers with heat at night then you can move onto the next step, but if you’re not of the natural redheaded persuasion you should go out and get yourself a bottle of it. Nothing will spark a Highlander’s attention quicker than startling bright red hair.
  2. Be a Highland Harpy. Now that you have red hair to catch the eye of your scrumptiously muscled warrior you need a fiery temper to go with it.
  3. Never Question His Manliness in a Kilt. Not that you would because a Highlander’s knees are very sexy, and of course his thighs…*stares off dreamily* Where were we? Oh, yes. Never question the kilt. Clan pride hinges on the tradition.
  4. Never Do as You’re Told. Your Highlander will no doubt give you lots of orders. Some will be in your best interest but even so, say no. You know what needs to be done and he doesn’t, after all, he is just a man. Even if he gets an “I told you so” situation down the road, don’t agree that he was right. You have an image to uphold. Never give in unless the receiving is worth it.
  5. Heal the Wounds You’ve Inflicted. Invariably you will both make mistakes and he will get hurt defending you in more ways than one. Be there to tend to his injuries of mind and body. Sometimes a poultice is simply not enough.
  6. Stroke His Ego. A Highlander seems like a big tough he-man but he can be fragile too. Just don’t tell him that!
  7. Get Under His Armor. A Highlander has many tools of protection. Lay siege to them all until you are successful. You will likely be the only woman that ever has and that will make you the most persistent and unique of all.
  8. Admire His Battle Scars. Your Highlander’s presence is undeniably felt on the battlefield and in the bedroom. Make sure to be very vocal about his prowess and trophies. See numbers 5 and 6.
  9. Handle His Broadsword with Skill. A Highlander’s life is measured by the strength of his broadsword. So is yours. Show him that you’re not afraid to use your skills to get what you want, whenever and wherever the mood strikes you.
  10. Break the Curse. The secrets of the hills are too ubiquitous to count, so your Highlander is probably hiding something from you. Find out what it is (number 7, if necessary. Female family and drunkard friends are great resources too!) Even if it puts you in harm’s way to make things right. When the curse is broken he will be free to love you as you deserve.

All I Want for Christmas is a Hero

Under the Christmas tree and in my stocking I found fifteen delightful goodies. Santa got my wishlist and decided that I such a good girl it was time to give me free reign to be naughty for the rest of the year. What did I find?

  1. Firefighter: Dressed in red and holding a massive hose.
  2. Cowboy: Riding long and hard and deep in the saddle and very sweaty.
  3. Vampire: One little nibble, one little bite.
  4. Duke: In full dress regalia with his cravat tying his hands to the bed.
    sexy colin firth duke
  5. Desert Prince: Under a starry night on top of a pile of colorful cushions.
  6. CEO Tycoon: When he’s slumming it in old skintight blue jeans and a black turtleneck or dressed to the nines.
  7. Brooding Recluse: In a garden under the bright sunshine surrounded by multitude of flowers.
  8. American Farmer: With his shirtsleeves rolled up and dinner simmering in the oven.
  9. Viking Warlord: After a raid and claiming his rights and new found treasures.
  10. Time Traveler: In the past (my present) when he’s too confused and awed to get very far.
  11. Detective: He can solve my mysteries anytime.
  12. Pirate Captain: Cue clinch cover swoon and complete and total surrender.
  13. Medieval Knight: Under the furs with a fire burning hot and bright.
  14. Interstellar Pilot: No cliche fall among the stars for us, my pilot will take me to the far reaches of the universe and beyond.
  15. Highlander: Warrior or Laird! I’m not picky! Just give me strong muscles and a kilt.

What did Santa leave for you?

Highlander Romance Novel Cover Contest

I was hoping to have an example cover to share with everyone like I had with the Pirate contest – but my friend who owns a kilt is being a little shy at the moment. Perhaps if you leave some encouragement he’d be more inclined to don it and show of his legs!


This contest runs from January 1st, 2009 to January 30th, 2009. Winners will be the entry with the most unique user comments on their blog post detailing their novel cover. Additional votes will be acquired in a Twitter poll on the 30th and the winner will be announced on the 31st of January. Good luck! I can’t wait to see what creative things you do!


$10 gift card to Amazon. Go ahead and buy yourself a kilted warrior or three. I hear their swords are mightier in bed than they are out of bed!

Rules of Entry:

Each contest is considered fresh. This means previous winners are welcome to join in all the fun again if they so choose.

1. The guy in your photo must be someone you know. Don’t bother submitting Patrick Dempseys in mini-kilts or Mel Gibsons in war paint. I’ve seen these warriors in action – I want fresh meat!

2. You must do your own photo editing. It is on your honor as a Highlander!

3. He must be bare-chested. Show those bulging pectoral muscles and rippling abs!

4. In addition, we should see plaid (or a kilt) somewhere in the cover. Bonus points for bagpipes, tattoos, swords, castles, and lochs.

5. The image should be: 468 pixels wide by 420 pixels tall.

6. Must include a name for your novel, like mine was entitled Her Highlander. We’re a superstitious lot, Highlanders, and a sword without a name will not slay many men in battle.

7. Tell us your Highlander story behind the photo. A hearty mug of ale goes great with a boastful tale. We want Glory and Happily Ever Afters in the making.

8. Submit to the wee lass, Keira at reviewromancenovel@yahoo.com