Top Ten Ways Cowboys and Wine Are Alike

Once TastedGuest Blog by Laura Moore, author of Once Tasted

Hi, Everyone!

First, I’d like to thank Love, Romance and Passion for inviting me to blog today. I’m so glad to be here and to talk about my new release, ONCE TASTED.

So, today I’m going to give you a top ten list. It’s an unusual one, but completely appropriate for my hero, a laidback blue-eyed cowboy by the name of Reid Knowles, and for my heroine, Mia Bodell, who owns a vineyard next to Reid’s ranch. Mia and Reid have known each other forever and, since a mortifying episode in high school, have been doing everything they can to avoid each other…until now, when Mia’s uncle asks Reid to help manage the vineyard.

Mia’s high school crush on Reid is a thing of the past and the budding winemaker knows better than to fall twice for a cowboy with no interest in settling down. But her new business partner has matured into a very seductive man and she can’t help but imagine how his kiss will taste…

So here’s the list I’ve compiled–with my heroine Mia’s help–of the Top Ten Ways Cowboys and Wine Are Alike.

Let’s have a drumroll, please…

  1. Both are best sipped slowly so their unique flavors speak to you.
  2. Both go great with chocolate.
  3. When they leave a bad taste in your mouth, it’s best to toss them.
  4. Both can smell absolutely amazing; both can stink to high heaven.
  5. They can be unforgettable.
  6. Both can make you dizzy, crazy, and leave you with a headache in the morning.
  7. Both can be dark, bold, sweet, and oh-so robust.
  8. They’ll warm you up on a cold night.
  9. The good ones improve with age.
  10. They’re good for the heart.

Hope you enjoyed the list, and I hope I’ve whetted your interest in Once Tasted!

Happy Reading!


Laura Moore’s Bio: I write sexy contemporary romances and love wine, chocolate, and rugged heroes. In a pinch I could give up the wine but never the other two!

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Three siblings, an extraordinary family, a lasting heritage—in the irresistible Silver Creek Ranch trilogy, they’ll fight for the land and the people they love.

Everything has come easily to Reid Knowles, the middle son of a California ranching family. But his charmed life is suddenly complicated when his neighbor, Thomas Bodell, persuades him to help with the business management of his winery, which he is leaving to his niece, Mia.

In a life marked by loss, nothing has ever come easily to Mia Bodell. Love included. In high school her heart was crushed by Reid. The hurt lingers. When Mia learns of her uncle’s plan, she makes it clear that she’d rather be roped to a steer than to Reid Knowles.

A night of unbridled passion changes things. One taste of Mia awakens an unfamiliar yearning in Reid, and he vows to find a way to win her trust.

Mia is achingly aware that her teenage heartthrob has matured into a devastatingly handsome man. But can the budding winemaker trust her heart to a playboy with no interest in settling down? From Reid’s first intoxicating kiss to his unexpectedly tender seduction, Mia is swept into a passionate affair that could leave her heart in pieces . . . or give her everything she has ever wanted.

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Get into Bed with Laura Moore (Author Interview)

Laura Moore

Keira: Women love men in uniforms! What drew you to creating a police officer hero in Trouble Me and why do you think readers will love him?

Laura Moore: And I’m one of those women! I’ll confess to having a little bit of a thing for authority figures too. I knew that Rob Cooper would be the man for Jade Radcliffe, the moment he stepped onto the page in Remember Me, book one in my Rosewood trilogy. In that story, a much younger Jade has gotten herself in a mess of trouble and Rob, a rookie cop on the police force brings her home to her very distraught older sister, Margot. What I liked about Rob from the first—and what I hope readers will like too—is that although he’s tough and dedicated cop, determined to enforce the law, he possesses real compassion. Rob’s also the kind of guy who can be stubborn and irritating as anything, but still recognizes when he’s made a mistake and is a big enough man to apologize. That Rob also is a bit of a tortured soul and sexy as the day is long makes him a perfect complement to Jade.

Keira: How can a romance work between Rob and Jade when Rob blames Jade for his wife’s death? It seems pretty impossible!

LM: Who said love was easy? When I was writing Trouble Me, I found myself thinking a lot about the notion of forgiveness. Both Rob and Jade have lost important people in their lives and hold a lot of pain, anger, and guilt inside themselves. Over the course of the novel, they have to deal not only with their inconvenient sexual attraction but, as their attraction deepens into something more profound, they also figure out how to come to terms with the difficult past they share. Quite simply facing what they’ve kept buried inside themselves is the only way that their love stands a lasting chance. I didn’t want to make the love Jade finds with a man easy because she’s never been an easy person, not from the minute I introduced her to my readers in Remember Me. Of all the men I imagined Jade loving, Rob was the only one who could handle the sort of trouble Jade gets into!

Keira: How does Trouble Me fit into the rest of the Rosewood Trilogy?

LM: Trouble Me is the third book in the series. It follows Remember Me and Believe in Me. The trilogy is about three sisters, Margot, Jordan, and Jade Radcliffe who are trying to save their family’s estate and horse farm in Virginia after a tragic accident leaves the family’s fortunes teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

Trouble Me Laura Moore

Keira: From the start of your romance career, you’ve set stories around horses. What do you love about them and how do they inspire your plots?

LM: I grew up riding and competing in horse shows. Though I no longer ride with the seriousness I once did, I’m still horse-mad and in love with all things equine. Actually I’m pretty much an all-around animal lover; even when my books don’t feature horses, other animals play an important role. I guess I started writing about horses because they were something I knew well and I hadn’t read many romances where show jumping and horse training took center stage in the story. I’ve continued writing about horses and the humans who work with them because it’s a fascinating world, one that’s sensual yet extremely disciplined. Incorporating animals into my stories is also a great way to show my characters’ personalities. How a person treats an animal tells so much about him or her.

Keira: How do you define love?

LM: Loving the person even more after discovering his or her flaws; believing that person is still amazing and beautiful after forty years (or more) together; wanting to crawl into bed with him or her night after night; knowing in your heart that person is the one.

Keira: From term papers to romances, what made you take the leap?

LM: I was just at that point in my life, one I think many women reach, where I wanted to be doing something creative and personal, but it also had to be an activity I could do at home. Thus it couldn’t an art form where I’d have to go to a studio or a darkroom to create. It also helped that I had this story that had grabbed hold of my imagination and wouldn’t let go. So I decided to see if I could actually write the story in my head. Lucky for me it was a story that sold. Funnily enough though, I still have to deal with term papers, only now I’m grading them instead of writing them!

Keira: What’s next for you now that the Rosewood Trilogy is complete?

LM: Well, in writing the Rosewood Trilogy, I learned that I really enjoy the world building that comes with writing series and the chance to let my characters grow and change over the course of several books. So I’m embarking on a new series that’s going to be set on a California guest ranch where there are horses and cattle and some really fine looking men in chaps and cowboy hats. In the first book, there’s also a heroine who’s from Queens, New York. Tess Casari is a city girl through and through. She’s also a widow and she comes to the Silver Creek Ranch to escape a bitter secret and unhappy memories. Determined to make a new life for herself, she’s vowed never to fall in love again and leave herself vulnerable to heartbreak. Ward Knowles, the eldest son of the family that owns and runs the Silver Creek Ranch, has made much the same promise…

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