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My Hunger, coverSUMMARY:

From New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones, an Inside Out series e-short told from Mark’s point of view, as he battles his all-consuming desire for Crystal.

Devastated by Rebecca’s death, Mark is facing the chaos of the press and the police investigation alone, his reputation, his business, and even his freedom under threat. When a family emergency sends him back east to New York, he puts Crystal—who’s as capable as she is challenging—in charge of his San Francisco art gallery. A Master, all about control, right now he feels that he has none. With his secret sex club and his relationships of the past in the spotlight, Mark finds sanctuary in the one place he promised he would never be again—but cannot seem to resist. Crystal’s arms.

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“Hi,” she says softly, almost timidly, and this part of her is as much who she is as the one who screamed more at me. The contrast appeals to me. She appeals to me.

“Hello, Ms. Smith,” I reply.

“Make up your mind,” she insists. “Is it Crystal or Ms. Smith?”

My lips curve. “I find I’m surprisingly willing to keep my options open where you’re concerned. Let me help you with your coat.” I step behind her, my hands settling on her shoulders, my actions making my words a command rather than a question. I do not intend to ask Crystal Smith for anything.

“Thank you,” she murmurs, shrugging out of the trench coat.

Testing the tension between us, I drag it down her arms, letting my hands caress the sheer red chiffon sleeves of her dress, and she shivers. The attraction between us is a simmering heat ready to boil over, and no matter how absolutely wrong she is for me, or me for her, we aren’t through with each

The waiter appears and I’m handing off Crystal’s coat when she whirls around and intercepts it. “I’ll keep it here,” she says quickly.

The way she holds it close tells me she’s preparing for a fast retreat, which means I’d been right. She ran from my hotel room.

I motion to the seat, silently suggesting we sit, but she doesn’t immediately move. Of course not. That would suggest a hint of submission, and she doesn’t intend to submit. And since I don’t intend to ever convert another woman who isn’t already living the lifestyle, we have no options. We cannot fuck again, no matter how much tension is in the air.

So we stand there, the seconds ticking by, and I arch a brow. Her sweet little pink tongue flicks over her lush, red-painted lips, and I think of how close I’d been to having that tongue and mouth on my cock. I slide into the booth, noticing how Crystal sits far from the center, where lovers might gravitate. We, though, are not lovers. We are “just a fuck.” Not even two.

The waiter returns and offers us menus. Crystal accepts hers, opening it, and glances across the table at me. “Do you have a recommendation?”

“We’re both virgins tonight,” I say.

She laughs, mischief in her eyes. “I’m pretty sure you weren’t a virgin even when you were born, Mark Compton.” The waiter chokes and Crystal flushes, as if she’d forgotten he was there.

I cut a look at the college-age waiter, who is looking like a deer in the headlights, not sure if he should go or stay. “Do you have a recommendation?”

Looking relieved, he quickly replies, “Best burger and fries in New York City.”

“Just fries for me,” Crystal says. “And a Diet Coke.” She slides her menu across the table. “The diet drink makes up for the grease.”

This somehow perfectly fits the logic I’m coming to expect from her. “I’ll take the burger with my fries,” I say, also offering my menu to the waiter. “Well done, with bacon and cheddar cheese.” My lips quirk. “And a Diet Coke to combat the grease.”

He snatches up our menus and departs. Crystal smiles at me. “I’m a good influence on your diet.”

“Had I known Diet Coke killed grease, I’d have given up my gym routine and healthy eating for burgers and fries a long time ago.”

She sighs, and the tension I’d sensed in her seems to be fading. “Truthfully, I normally force myself to order a salad, but I’m just too exhausted to care tonight.”

“I trust you had our contracted courier handle the delivery of the auction items?”

“Yes. They should arrive tomorrow.”

“And I’ll head back to San Francisco tomorrow. They hope to release my mother from the hospital on Thursday, so if all goes well I’ll be back by then.”

“Don’t worry about Riptide. I’ll take care of the auction house and let you know if I have a problem I need help with.” Her tone sobers. “You can count on me, Mark. Nothing is going to change that, and I’m very attached to your mother.”

“As she is to you.” My curiosity about why she doesn’t work for her family’s computer empire gets the best of me. “Are you close to your mother, as well?”

“I love her very much, but we’re very different. I think I bond with your mother because we’re so alike.”

“Driven and hard-headed,” I comment. “I’d have to agree. And your mother is . . . ?”

She seems to consider her choice of words before saying, “Submissive.”

“Submissive,” I repeat, reminded of a few other comments that make me wonder if she’s more familiar with the BDSM world than she’s let on. “To your father?”

“To him and to everything. It’s her personality.”

“Then you inherited the dominant gene from your father, I assume.”

“I’m adopted, so what I inherited are overly protective, loving parents and two brothers. If they all had their way, I’d work for the family business and I’d live in a luxury apartment I didn’t earn myself. They’d examine the resumes of any men wishing to date me and ask for a medical report on anyone I slept with, and in general my world would be those roses and chocolates I mentioned.”

Her words seem playful, but there’s something dark in her eyes, something vulnerable—and if I’m right, there’s pain. “How old were you when you were adopted?” I ask, choosing my questions cautiously.

“Fourteen, and yes, it’s an old age to get adopted.”

I know what it’s like to bury something that hurts that you don’t want to be known, and I know when I see it in someone else, as I do now with her. Suddenly there’s so much more to Crystal Smith than there was before, an explanation for why I’m drawn to her.

About to ask where she was before the adoption, I silently curse when the waiter appears and places our drinks on the table.

“So,” Crystal says the instant we’re alone, as if she’s trying to direct the conversation away from whatever I might ask next. “You mentioned wanting to talk to me about something. What is it?”

Seeing no point in waiting, I reply, “I assume you know what happened with my gallery back in San Francisco?”

“I know your sales rep Mary was arrested for trying to move counterfeit art through Riptide, and shockingly Ricco Alvarez was involved. I’m not sure what makes a famous artist worth millions do such a thing.”

Jealousy over Rebecca. “The important thing is that you’re prepared for customers who might have read about it and have questions.”

“Your mother and I discussed how to handle press inquiries and customer concerns.”

There’s one problem solved. “Do you know about Rebecca?”

“The last I heard, she was on a leave of absence.”

A band seems to tighten around my chest. “She was.”

Brow furrowing, Crystal asks, “Was? She’s back or . . .” Her eyes go wide. “Oh no. Was she involved in the counterfeit situation, too? Your mother seemed to think so much of her. That would destroy her.”

She’s right. My mother was fond of Rebecca, much like she is of Crystal. “She wasn’t involved. She’s dead.”

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Review: Revealing Us (Inside Out Trilogy, Book 3) by Lisa Renee Jones

revealing usReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

This book is told in the first person.

This third book starts off with us getting a glimpse at some more of Rebecca Mason’s lost journals. This is a set of books that must be read in order. If you want to fall in love with Lisa’s characters, you must be patient and read her books as they were meant to be read – they should not be read as stand-alones. There is a preferred reading list,, to follow and then you can sit back, relax, grab your favorite drink, and enjoy these very sexy reads.

This story is a little different from the other two in this trilogy because they go international. As you read this book, you will realize that there is no way that this story could be contained in just one book. Chris and Sara’s story needed to be told over time. They were sharing their lives with us – like getting to know new friends.
Sara’s insecurities also follow her into this book – is it because of her age? Or is it her lack of life’s experiences? One thing I love is that Lisa makes Sara more human by showing her foibles. One of those foibles is in how she learns a foreign language – she isn’t shown as a woman who instantly knows how to speak another language. Not all of us find it easy to learn something other than English. Plus, if you pay close attention, you will get a mini French lesson.

Our author also has me wondering that if I didn’t have to take care of an elderly parent, would I take off with a handsome guy to a country where I didn’t know anyone or the language? Would you? Besides the language barrier, Sara also seems to be a little uncertain of what she wants to believe. The mystery also seems to escalate in this last book and then Lisa has you thinking how it connects to the title.

As you get closer to the end of this book, Lisa builds the suspense and it gets more intense the closer you get to the end. The ending will be a complete surprise for you – you won’t see it coming. But it also makes you wonder if this is where her next book is going to pick up.

I didn’t check into a playlist for this book because I’m not too sure of the international stars coming out of France. You may want to decide to listen to something classical or maybe even one of your favorites. I think something quiet that stays in the background would be good. I also went to Lisa’s web site to see if I could find out anything coming up that revolves around this series but alas there’s nothing posted on her web site, If you love a good erotic series, you can’t go wrong in reading what Lisa has to offer.


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Review: The Master Undone by Lisa Renee Jones

master undoneReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

This book is told in the first person. Because this book actually comes at the end of the “Rebecca’s Lost Journal’s” series and starts Lisa’s new series, I would read the two series in order. You will be less confused and understand the characters better if you start from the beginning.

Mr. Mark Compton is on a plane going to be with his mother. He also contemplates another female named Rebecca. Once at the airport, Crystal Smith has come to pick him up. This is the first time I get to see what Mark actually feels. I haven’t read the whole series yet (as I’m starting with the Inside Out Trilogy) so I may not actually know what he feels. We get our sex fix with this one. And it’s short enough to get it done in just a few hours. You will not want to read this one quickly – read slow and enjoy the ride.

Once you finish reading this short story, you will realize that you have no choice but to read both series. Lisa knows just how to hook, and reel in, her readers. She leaves you wanting more. The one disappointment I had was that the ending came too quickly and left me with lots of questions. Then make sure that you read the first two books of the “Inside Out Trilogy” because book three, titled “Revealing Us”, will be coming out in September. I’m so looking forward to it!


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Review: If I Were You (Inside Out Trilogy, Book 1) by Lisa Renee Jones

if i were youReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

This book is told in the first person.

This book starts with a temptation that Sara McMillan could not resist. And one temptation that is her friend Ella’s obsession is a current reality show and it makes me wonder what I’ve been missing. One character, Rebecca has written her thoughts in a journal and it is one sexy read. Do you keep a journal? And if you do, are you strictly vanilla about it or do you get sexy in writing down your thoughts? But be warned, you’ll need a fan handy when reading this book.

This is a book that quickly sucks you in and doesn’t let you go until the end. It’s a great read to have if you’re taking a staycation. Part of the setting takes place at an art gallery. I know you wouldn’t be able to sit in a gallery to read this but what if you went to an art museum. That way you could read a little and then get up and look at some great art. Then when you find a good spot, you could sit down and read a little more.

This also made me think of one of our local museums, The Clark ( It’s a great place to go see some great art exhibits and they have a place where you can go outside and have a picnic.

One of our characters, in this book, Chris Merit has a tattoo that Sara finds very hot – made me wish that this book came with illustrations. I’ll have to check out the web and see if I can find anything or I might even find something on one of my summer guilty pleasures – “Tattoo Master”.

I liked how the book ended (kinda-sorta) because it was left open-ended getting ready for the second book. Bad news is that there is no excerpt to give you a hint as to what to expect. Mum’s the word as to what happens to the “players” in this first book. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I did.

Warning: There is a lot of sex that goes from beginning to end. Prepare for steamy goodness!


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Get into Bed with Lisa Renee Jones (Author Interview)

If I were you2Keira: Throughout your career so far, you’ve written a wide range of genres, from paranormal romance to erotic thrillers. Which has been your favorite to write and what inspires you to jump around?

Lisa Renee Jones: I love suspense and it’s where I started. Opportunity lead me other places but my heart is always in a good sexy mystery.

Keira: Your latest series, The Inside Out Trilogy, begins with a character who discovers a woman’s “lost journals” in an old storage unit she purchases. How have your real-life experiences buying storage units inspired you to write this story?

Lisa: My fiancée found a journal when we were buying and selling storage units and it inspired the idea. He got absorbed in the journal and insisted I write a sexy mystery involving a journal found in a storage unit. It took me years to listen to him but he never stopped pushing me. By the time I wrote INSIDE OUT  had been developing the idea so long, that it made the fictional world and characters felt very real to me.

Keira: Before publishing your books, you owned your own staffing agency, which was named Entrepreneur Magazine’s #7 growing women-owned business (1998) and recognized by the Austin Business Journal and Dallas Women Magazine. How has your experience in the business world helped shape your female characters?

Lisa: It helped me understand the dynamics of personalities and relationships. It also  exposed me to some of the good and bad sides of people and situations I do not think I would have known existed otherwise.

Keira: In your opinion, what ingredients are needed to make up a good erotic thriller?

Lisa: Well, great sex is a must. And not the same sex. And not sex just for sex. If I Were You didn’t have a ton of sex because the characters weren’t ready. I wasn’t going to make them have sex to make sex scenes appear on pages. And a good mystery is a true mystery. It’s woven into the story with subtle little clues. For me, it also has to be deeply rooted in something one or more characters have some emotional attachment to.

Keira: What’s up next for you and your writing career?

Lisa: I have a new series Escaping Reality, another sexy mystery, out in July. A novella coming up with Random House and more books in the INSIDE OUT series. There will be 5 Inside Out books and a spinoff series. Books 4 and 5 are highly focused on the man who did not get Sara. And you will know what the spinoff series is by the end of Revealing Us. You will have no question.

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