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Get into Bed with Kristine Grayson (Author Interview)

Love Romance Passion is glad to welcome today Kristine Grayson author of Utterly Charming. Keira: When writing your light fantasy romances you’ve had a diverse group of characters….

What is the Little Mermaid Syndrome?

*This post does not deal with the medical condition; it deals with the literary condition. The Little Mermaid Syndrome is the desire to be part of another’s world….

Review: Take a Chance by Eve Langlais

Samantha Jones is shy. Her friends are books and not people which is why she makes a good librarian. Her mother is dead. She’s alone in the world….

Get into Bed with Judi Fennell (Author Interview)

Hello and welcome to another get into bed author interview here at Love Romance Passion. Today’s pillow talk is with author Judi Fennell. Please join me in welcoming…

Review: In Over Her Head by Judi Fennell

In Over Her Head is the ultimate beach read. No, seriously, it is. You have talking fish, Mers (only humans would classify them by gender), sea monsters, underwater…

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