Audio Review: Lady Caroline and the Egotistical Earl by Terry Spear

lady caroline and the egotistical earlHeroine: Lady Caroline has aided her mother in managing the estates after her father’s death. All was well until knights in the earl’s colors started to terrorize the people and kill livestock. When her mother seeks to speak with the earl, a simple request for assistance turns into something else.

Hero: Lord John Talbot is not aware of any rogue knights. He is however very aware of Caroline. He wants to be near her and decides she must be a lady-in-waiting for his mother. Caroline might not be amenable to the idea, but he has ways to persuade her… and if she’s in danger all the more reason to keep her close.

Review: Lady Caroline is one to take charge. She has an excellent memory and plans to investigate the raids if Lord John won’t. After she gets into a few scrapes… the worse getting her chased up a tree by villainous raiders, he keeps her securely within his arm’s reach. You have to agree that Lady Caroline, while she may be a tad too independent, was right because someone had to proactively investigate! Readers will find this a clean romance without sex, but with sexual interest and overtones to liven up any afternoon.

Narrator: Maria Hunter Welles has a very affected voice for Lady Caroline’s character who is 19 years old. It worked, because Caroline is young and impetuous.


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Letters to a Lonely Cowboy: A Mail Order Bride Story in 4 Parts (Pt. 2)

Today is a continuation of the last Dear Walter post. Below you will find part two in “Letters to a Lonely Cowboy.” Enjoy!

Part Two:

May 20, 1888

Dear Walter,

I was so pleased to receive your letter.

I am sorry to hear that the winter was especially long this year. I do hope that you, your home, and your livestock are doing well.

I am familiar with the hardships of life in the territories. Before my father died we owned a small dairy farm. I do miss him terribly, but I also miss our life there. I would very much look forward to sharing a similar life with a good man by the Grace of God.

You mentioned that there is a church being built some 3 miles from your ranch. I am glad to hear that there is a community of God-fearing men and women in the Wyoming Territory. I have heard that many settlements are suffering and firmly believe that with hard work and daily prayer, a moral and good couple can make a life for themselves.

Please tell me more about your ranch and your hopes for a wife. I await your next message with expectation.

Yours ever,

Stay tuned for the next installment.