Review: Surrender (The Entwined Series, Volume III)

surrenderReview by Lynn Reynolds

This may be the type of book that you have not read before.  But I warn you; unless you have no feelings these stories are going to get your juices flowing – and possibly other things as well.  And even your partner may benefit.  You may want to read in bed, or other comfortable spots, but be careful whom you sit next to if you dare to read this in public.

Because this book is interactive you can decide which order you want to read the four stories.  You will be able to go back to the story at any time and change your path so you may never read it the same way twice.  Each journey is told by a different author.  If you want to be vanilla, you can read each tale in order but why not be adventurous and mix things up.

This book’s main character is Kate Sorentella and her fiancé; Barry doesn’t seem to excite her any more.  Then this tale gets interesting because you have a chance to go on four different adventures to find out what happens between them.  And they live next to a hunky neighbor, Jack – need I say more.

For me, I decided to be different and not start with the first author.  I decided that I was going to be adventurous and started with Down the Rabbit Hole by Lissa Trevor.  This is not a story for the shy type – it is erotic after all.  I found that I made the perfect choice for my first read.  And this is definitely not a story for when you are out in public – it is beyond hot!

Our author gives the reader a very interesting ending.  But the only disappointment is that it came too soon.  Depending on the amount of time you have to read during your day, you can certainly read more than one book.  Or if you want to take your time and tease your senses, you could read one adventure a day.

So once you get to Lissa’s ending, you can decide if you want to go to the very end of the book or go back to the Table of Contents and pick your next adventure.  I decided to pick another author.  I chose Watching Kate by Nik Flandrè.

One thing each story will have in common is the BDSM theme.  And also certain names will stay the same so that each story flows from the first chapter.  The sex scenes are hot as well as graphic but not disgustingly so.  Just enough to give you dream material for months to come.

Nik’s story made me glad that I was reading it during the winter – can you imagine my electric bill if it was the summertime?  This tale, in my opinion, was longer than Lissa’s but it is just as good.  Now you’ve finished your second story, what are you going to decide is your next step?  I hope that you will read all four stories before deciding that you have reached the end.

When you have finally come to that end, make sure to read the Acknowledgements from the authors, information on Coliloquy, and About the Author.  If you’ve never read these authors before why not find out more about them.  You may then decide that you want to see what else they may have written.  You may also decide that you want to check out more of what Coliloquy has to offer.  I hope you enjoy this third book in the Entwined Series as much as I did.  This is a book that you get your money’s worth.


Buy: Surrender, The Entwined Series: #3

Review: Once Upon a Threesome: An Erotic Anthology of Historical Ménage-à-Trois Edited by Lori Perkins

by Susan S., guest reviewer

Be forewarned, reading Once Upon a Threesome will leave you with a permanent afterglow. And the heat level’s equivalent to biting into a Ghost Chile pepper.

Warning: These are explicit and erotic short stories intended for the adult reader.

Story 1- “Barabbas, Give Me Back My Barabbas” by Jen Bluekissed

Summary: Grief stricken over the loss of her sons, and her husband’s upcoming crucifixion, Rivka finds solace in Shoshanah’s arms. When the Roman governor frees Rivka’s husband, Barabbas, the two women will join forces to give him a homecoming he’ll never forget.

Review: Sadly, I didn’t connect with this story. It was a dark read among 13 light-hearted stories. I couldn’t empathize with the hero, an imprisoned criminal. The wound descriptions distracted me from fully enjoying the plot. And it was difficult envisioning someone wounded to that degree, “isolating” their pain in order to find sexual satisfaction.

Rating: 2.5 Stars
Type: F/M/F

Story 2- “Untold Riches of the Holy Land” by Jay Hughes

Summary: On a crusade in search of the Holy Land, Geoffrey decides he’ll use some gold pieces at Assad’s bathhouse wagon. With three hours to burn, and two handsome blue-eyed Welshmen, what’s a man to do?

Review: Jay Hughes, I’m a fan! Exceptionally well-written, with wonderful descriptions. A scorching triple M Medieval ménage. You could literally feel the steam from the bathhouse as it lightly touches your skin.

Rating: 5 Stars
Type: M/M/M

Story 3- “Inamorata” by Kristabel Reed

Summary: Welcome to Italy’s Spring Festival! Antonio Tulon (Conte di Brindisi) is following Elisabeta through the streets of Venice. When he catches her, he’ll show Elisabeta some loving, Italian style. Against an alley wall. When he’s summoned away to meet with his future bride (Bianca d’Artusio) she’ll offer him a proposition he simply can’t deny. Of course, he’ll share Elisabeta! He’s an altruistic guy, lol.

Review: Ms. Reed serves up her erotica, piping hot!

Rating: 4.5 Stars
F/F/M, and M/F

Story 4- “Lord Barclay’s Seduction” by Em Brown

Summary: Jonathan Weston and his lovely wife Genevieve, have accepted an invitation to stay at the Dancaster’s country estate. All’s well until a gorgeous newcomer named Phineas Barclay arrives. One night, Jonathan wakes to find he’s in bed…alone! His search quickly leads him to Barclay’s room. And soon finds his wife isn’t the only one attracted to Phineas.

Review: Although this anthology is bursting with wonderful stories, there are two that blew me away; this was one of them. I love Brown’s setting descriptions, as well as the emotional range of the author’s characters. How’s the erotica? On fire! I’m familiar with the author’s writing voice; I’ve been a fan since I read “And Damian Makes Four” from the anthology Threesomes.

Rating: 5 Stars

Type: F/M/M

Story 5- “The Gentleman’s Loving Spy” by K.T. Grant

Summary: Abigail Barlow is the Vicar’s widowed daughter. She’s a British lady admired by Shobon’s society, but also a lady with a penchant for watching handsome men pleasuring each other. Gabe and Thom spot her spying, and the three become quickly acquainted. My Thom, what pointy teeth you have! Maybe, it’s all the better to pleasure them with. Or maybe, he’ll decide to make Barlow their immortal companion.

Review: Grant’s story was a fun read. The erotica built up at a nice pace, but what did I enjoy the most? The mystery element. The author lets you infer your own conclusions regarding Thom and Gabe’s real identities.

Rating: 5 Stars

Type: M/F/M and M/M, Some elements of voyeurism

Story 6- “ The Encore” by J. Schrade

Summary: Isabella Morgansten is an actress, and an unrepentant flirt. Unable to withstand the heat and the dust, she instructs Aubrey to stop the wagon-she wants a swim. Aubrey relents and joins her, but it isn’t until a cowboy named Buck joins them, when things really heat up.

Review: You’re going to get wet! O.k., so it’s a double entendre. Please forgive me, but it is erotica, and the characters “are” frolicking in the water.

Rating: 4 Stars

Type: M/M/F

Story 7- “Loving Homecoming” by Janet Post

Summary: Jean Anne and Carol are co-workers, friends, and lovers. Keeping men happy at Francine’s Sporting House’s what they do. So when a sexy, blue-eyed outlaw comes calling…Roy will be “very” happy. He walks in looking for a blond (Jean Anne), and gets a redhead (Coral) too.

Review: A “sweet” triple love story, really! Oh, very well…and the erotica’s hot. <g>

Rating: 5 Stars

Type: M/F/F

Story 8- “Three on Twelfth” by Gregory Norris writing as Jo Atkinson

Summary: Vincent’s a confident woman, and why shouldn’t she be? She’s a gifted poet, beautiful woman, and a fantastic lover. Her writing muse is the stuff of fantasies: gorgeous dark-haired man, with stunning green eyes. How lucky can one woman get? How `bout, sex with an editor and his assistant lucky. After finding satisfaction, Vincent may write-off her muse altogether.

Review: I really enjoyed the way Atkinson pens the mystery elements. Entertaining and hot!

Rating: 4 Stars

Type: M/F/M and M/M

Story 9- “Casting Couch” by Courtney Sheets

Summary: Roxanne wants to be a star! Hoping to seal the deal, she dresses the part for a Hollywood audition. Director Michael St. John and actor Duncan Peters ask her to audition for them…on the sofa. When she throws caution to the wind, Roxanne will have an unforgettable threesome, and get the part. Now, there’s a surprise, lol. Review: One word, first letter h. Hot!

Rating: 5 Stars

Type: M/F/M

Story 10- “French Kiss” by Cathleen Ross

Summary: Sophie’s an American working undercover in Paris. When she walks in on her cheating, treacherous boyfriend (Henri), she’s furious. But soon, Major Benoit and Major DuPres (two hot-as-hell soldiers) will show Henri, that revenge, is a dish best served cold. French translation sounds sultrier: La vengeance est un plat a le mieux servi le froid.

Review: Ross’ “French Kiss” was my favorite story within the anthology. When Major Benoit clears his desk to pleasure Sophie…that was pure, raw, testosterone! Triple-moan worthy!

Rating: 5 Stars

Type: M/F/M, Some voyeurism

Story 11- “Tea Time” by Rebecca Leigh

Summary: Carol and June are friends who meet once-a-week to catch up on the week’s gossip over tea. June reminds me of Bree from Desperate Housewives, btw. Keeps the house nice and tidy and everything’s in tip-top shape. Harriet’s the new girl in town, and Carol thinks it’d be nice if she joins them for tea. You know, do the nice neighborly thing, and welcome her to town. But, what these ladies do over tea will make you gasp. Scandalous!

Review: May cause uncontrollable urges to lick honey off your fingers. A hot read! I enjoyed how Ms. Leigh presents the ladies as “innocent” little housewives.

Rating: 4 Stars

Type: F/F/F

Story 12- “Purple Haze” by Melanie Thompson

Summary: Dan and Jan are old high school friends; now they’re an item. On a road trip to Woodstock they pick up a hitchhiker nickname Sissy. You’ll trip on acid, listen to Hendrix, and have a threesome.

Review: This story makes you wish you would’ve gone to Woodstock; and if you did go, makes you wish you’d remember it! Thompson’s story was hot and groovy! &#x262E

Rating 5 Stars

Type: M/F/F

Story 13- “Woodstock” by Garland

Summary: I’ve named Moon Flower as the #1 luckiest romance heroine of all time. Why? Four straight days of sex with two gorgeous hippies is why. Ronnie, Ariel, and Moon Flower hitchhike their way to Woodstock. They’ll be plenty of free love and music for all.

Review: I loved Grams incessant interruptions, what fun! Penciling in Garland’s name on my: Keep eyes peeled for this author “list.” Triple hot…now pass the doobie. &#x262E

Rating 5 Stars

Type: M/F/M and M/M/F

Story 14- “Snap Decision” by Elizabeth Coldwell

Summary: Morgan’s a professional photographer, and his model is late! When Joan (model name-Fawn) does show, she’s not alone. She brings along her manager, Anton, all 6 ft. of him. This photography session takes an unexpected turn for Morgan. A ménage-à-trois turn. But that’s cool…it’s the 60’s.

Review: Ms. Coldwell makes her characters sound so appealing. She expertly describes their physical characteristics. I can envision the author turning a knob clockwise, and setting the erotica level to extra scorching…then sitting down to write, or type- her stories. Works for me!

Rating: 5 Stars

Type: F/M/M

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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Ravenous Romance, eBook, Erotic, Historical Romance, Anthology, May 27, 2010.

ISBN# 978-160-777-3405

Review: Threesomes: An Erotic Anthology Edited by Lori Perkins

by Susan S., guest reviewer

Twelve authors have delivered twelve sinful fantasies to tempt, tease, and triple-please!

The anthologies I typically read have works written by three different authors. In a case such as this, what happens if you find two of the three not to your liking? Would you consider your money well spent? No, I didn’t think you would. What distinguishes this anthology from the others, is that here we have twelve short stories. More possibilities of finding great stories! As well as discovering new authors. Threesomes: An Anthology has mass appeal. It can be read by men, women, or couples who’d like to read the stories to each other. Regardless of sexual preference, or marital status…there’s something for everyone! I hadn’t expected to enjoy it as much as I did. If this anthology is any indication/reflection of the others also edited by Perkins then I’m adding several more to my list. Including: Hot Dads: The DILF Anthology and Once Upon a Threesome.

Warning: These are explicit and erotic short stories for adult readers.

Table of Contents:

“Center Part” by Hobart Glasse.
Type: f/f/f  This is a same-sex threesome.
Rating: 3.5 Stars

Natalie’s never forgotten her old lover, Safiya. How will she ever begin a new chapter in her life, without closing the last? During one of her usual visits to Her Secrets Salon, she never envisioned the beautiful hairdresser named Hillary- would be the balm to soothe her broken heart. Hillary suggests a massage may be just what the Dr. ordered. Natalie will get a massage she won’t soon forget. And when Safiya’s spirit joins in on the fun, things will take an unexpected thrilling turn!

My thoughts: This story was a good read. I felt it could’ve been better had the author played up the reality factor. For example, a patron walking in on them and deciding she too would’ve liked to join.

“Just Friends” by Cynthia Gentry.
Type: m/f/m
Rating: 5 Stars

This story has a steaming level equivalent to a tea kettle at its boiling point. Loved it! Meet Matt, a blond, blue-eyed tall drink of mouthwatering deliciousness. He remembers all too well his ex-lover’s sexual fantasy. Involving an escort named Rich joining them for some sexual healing. Not only does Matt remember “her” fantasy, he’s about to make it come true. Hey, what are friends for anyway?!

“When In Rome” by Mercy Loomis.
Type: f/f/f  This is a same-sex threesome.
Rating: 5 Stars

When couple Myriah and Suzi bring along their friend/roommate on vacation, things take an unexpected turn. Kimbra’s about to get to know her roommates a whole lot better. When in sin city…do as the sinners do!

“House of Treasures” by Laura Neilsen.
Type: m/f/f
Rating: 2 Stars

Savannah’s co-worker is new in town. All work and no play make her one very lonely gal. When Savannah drives them to a French-styled mansion, the new gal gets an exclusive voyeuristic tour of the grounds. A masked woman will lead the newbie to a Moroccan themed tent, for a real welcome to town. The gladiator standing guard will decide he too will do what he can for the visitor.

My thoughts: The elements of this short story felt disconnected. Almost like a dream which has too many scene changes. I wished the author would’ve developed the vampire in a cape angle, while Savannah either looked on, or joined.

“Vince and Vi’s Caribbean Adventure” by Reno Lark.
Type: m/f/m
Rating: 5 Stars

This was one of my favorite stories, and includes some elements similar to the movie 9 1/2 Weeks. Vince and his wife are taking-that much anticipated trip to the Caribbean. Their friends John and Julie are renting the apartment next door. And one night when Julie decides to retire early, Vince, Vi and John will have their own adventure. This story takes teasing to new heights, or better yet…depths.

My thoughts: Yow-zee! This author gets a thumbs up for original use of a baster. Does Reno Lark want more credit? O.k., let’s say I anticipate women will be buying more bananas and cucumbers. Oh! Let us not forget the ice-cream!

“And Damien Makes Four” by Em Brown.
Type: m/f, m/m
Rating: 4 Stars
Element: Voyeurism

Jeremy and Brad are together. Jeremy, Brad and Margaret have been together. And when a hot biker named Damien comes to visit-they’ll all be together, lol.

“Two Men and a Lady Prequel” by Brit M.
Type: f/m/m
Rating: 5 Stars

This story is volcano bursting hot…loved it! At a Rave Eve’s with Jason, but he’s dee-jaying at the club. What’s a girl to do if her man’s busy? Well… make the best of the situation, of course! Eve meets a hot guy. Hot guy’s name? Luke. Did I mention he has tattoos? Well, he does! Fast forward…great sex, greater sex, spectacular sex.

My thoughts: I wanted a few pick-up lines, standard or original, with a few sexual innuendos at the club scene. But, really, the story gets five glow sticks from me.

“Later, Day Saints” by Kilt Kilpatrick.
Type: f/m/m
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Side-splitting, coffee-spewing laughs. Sure, it’s an erotic story, but this heroine is so dang funny! It should be retitled as The Many Ways to Device a Seduction. Sabrina’s a 23 year old U.C. Berkeley student. Back from class, she hears her doorbell chiming. It’s two Mormons in their early 20’s. Cameron and Aidan want to preach, but Sabrina is about to give a preaching of a different kind. I loved Sabrina! With just the right amount of sinful and funny, this is one of my favorites from the bunch.

“Web Swingers” by Tony Wards.
Type: f/f/m
Rating: 4 Stars

Beth and her husband are invited to a Halloween party. Her husband’s online friend George is set to meet them there. When Catwoman hands you condoms, you know this isn’t your typical party. When they enter one of the party rooms, there’s one Spidey too many. Extra Spidey will give them a web-swinging time! I enjoyed the sign on the doors, nice touch!

“Bon Appetit” by Troy Seate.
Type: m/f/m
Rating: 3 Stars

Dillon wants to share a special night with Madeline. So, he’s asked his friend Marshall to prepare a special dinner for them. When Madeline suggests a course not on the menu, Marshall decides he’ll do his best to accommodate her.

My thoughts: This was a good storyline that with just a “dash” of fleshing-out had the potential to be a great story.

“The Fragile” by Amie Nogrady writing as Elizabeth Miette.
Type: m/f
Element: Voyeur male
Rating: 2 Stars

One woman can bring the souls of the dead back through a sexual ritual. Speaking of dead, her sexual experiences as of late have been pretty lifeless. Until one werewolf seeks her out! The moans he’ll elicit from her are enough to bring back the soul he seeks out, and then some.

My thoughts: This story felt underdeveloped. I would’ve enjoyed it more had the voyeuristic vampire participated, or let the reader know he was feeling some sort of enjoyment from the experience. It’s as if he was a non-entity.

“Searching for the Perfect Mate” by Trinity Blacio.
Type: m/f/m
Rating: 5 Stars

Elements: Werewolves, Telepathy, spanking

I’m going out on a limb here; this was my favorite from the twelve stories. It was well developed and had great characters. (There is nothing-I did not enjoy about this story!) Remi LeBlathe is an alpha searching for a mate; while Lance thinks he may have found his. When a beautiful redhead joins their pack, Remi and Lance are ready to howl!

Your room will feel like it’s on fire. Burn alert, check those smoke detectors! Love it when he tells Kellie to grab hold of the light fixture above her.

My only complaint? I wanted a full length novel!

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Buy: Threesomes: An Anthology

eBook, Ravenous Romance, Copyright 2009, Pages 174.

ISBN-13# 978-1-60777-299-X. Now also on paperback as of February 2010.

Paperback ISBN-13# 978-1-60 777-8677.

How to Tell if Your Boyfriend’s a Zombie


This Cosmo style quiz is presented for your enjoyment and in conjunction with the newest release by Ravenous Romance, Hungry for Your Love, the first ever zombie romance anthology. Now if you’re like me you’ve probably noticed some strange things about your boyfriend. You’re pretty certain he’s not a vampire or werewolf (some heroines just have all the luck), but is he part of the undead populace? Take this quiz to find out!

1)     On the first date, he makes a move on you and you notice:

  • His teeth are yellow, like he smokes a lot. There’s also some red stuff stuck in them.
  • His skin is cold, almost too cold. Perhaps deathly cold?
  • His cologne is kind of funky. It smells like rotting eggs. Phew.

2)      When you get naked for the first time:

  • He’s covered in discolorations. It’s weird but you figure he’s just been in a fight.
  • He doesn’t seem overly interested in your body. He just wants to pick your brain.
  • He’s not very talkative, but he does like to say repeatedly, “Mine.”

3)      A typical Saturday you can find him:

  • Doing household chores on autopilot so he can get out sooner to play a pick-up game.
  • Acting like a bum and doing what he always does, hang out with the guys.
  • On the couch. All he does is watch TV and mindlessly eat chips.

4)     If you’re really honest, your boyfriend dresses like:

  • A rock star; his clothes are better than yours.
  • A business man, because he knows you have this thing for ties.
  • A corpse; really you don’t think he even notices how tattered his shirt is.

5)      Your boyfriend’s sense of smell:

  • Is really keen. He can smell brains a mile away.
  • Is off, but it’s probably just that 24 hr virus everyone has. He’ll be fine.
  • He has none. You swear he can’t smell himself, but you can. Gross.

6)       How many hours a day does he spend watching TV?

  • Hardly ever, he spends his time doing other things.
  • Same as you do you as you like all the same shows.
  • Every waking minute, if it weren’t for commercials the house would never be silent.

7)      Does he notice when you dress up for him?

  • Yes, he comments on everything. Isn’t he the best?
  • Sometimes he notices if you wear something new.
  • Only when you show too much flesh.
  • I could wear a sack and he wouldn’t notice.

8)      Is he adventurous in his eating habits?

  • He’ll try anything once, especially if it’s raw.
  • Monkey brains are his favorite.
  • As long as it’s pizza/take out.
  • He thinks spaghetti and meatballs is gourmet food.

9)    How’s his conversation?

  • Fascinating. He’s always up to date about everything from politics to art.
  • In the middle. He’s not a sparkling conversationalist, but he’s not a dead bore either.
  • Yawn. There’s no life there. He tells the same stories over and over again.

10)    How’s your sex life together?

  • He wears me out on a nightly basis. Jealous?
  • Sometimes it’s great; sometimes not so much.
  • It’s bad and rotting at the core. Every night is like a dead repeat.

First answer = 1 points
Second answer = 2 points
Third answer = 3 points
Fourth answer = 3 points

  • 1-10: He’s a lively one, which means your boyfriend isn’t a zombie – good for you both!
  • 11-20: He might be zombie-like at times but your boyfriend’s not one of the undead.
  • 20+: Get away quick and wear a construction hat! Your boyfriend’s a zombie!

How did your boyfriend do? Is he a zombie?

Hungry For Your Love cover

Hungry for Your Love Synopsis:

Zombies are everywhere. You can’t escape. So you might as well fall in love.

In the pages of HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE, the very first zombie romance anthology ever, you’ll find romantic stories about loving a zombie, love stories between zombies and a tale of love and lust during the zombie Apocalypse. There are funny zombie stories, a zombie story that will make you cry, and even a few that might make you blush. We have zombie noir and zombie paranormal romance. You will be amazed at the scope of zombie lovin’. There’s something for everyone in this star-studded collection, including stories by New York Times best-selling authors John Skipp (writing as Gina McQueen) and Brian Keene.

Giveaway: One spooky commenter will win a copy of Hungry for Your Love. To enter share your zombie boyfriend story! Ends at the stroke of midnight US Pacific Time! 😉 Happy Halloween!

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