Review: To Seduce an Earl (Seduction, Book 1) by Lori Brighton

to seduce an earlHero: When Alex Weston was young, he was blackmailed into working as a male prostitute in order to keep his family from London’s prisons. He has been thinking of escaping ever since, but the information that caught him then, is holding him captive today. With nothing much better to look forward, Alex decides to stay where he’s at until an intriguing costumer comes to his bed. Can he find the strength to break away from his world in order to keep her there?

Heroine: Grace Brisbane arrives at Lavender Hills quite by mistake. She’s tricked by her stepbrother and has no idea what she’s getting when Alex comes to the bedchamber. Clearly he is not an eccentric book collector. Horribly hurt by her stepbrother’s actions, Grace confronts him and learns the family’s finances are not good. Apparently her stepbrother wanted to help her catch the eye of the Earl of Rodrick, a man Grace has been infatuated with for a while. The Earl prefers experienced women over virgins. Can she gain enough experience to seduce an earl without complete ruination? One way to find out!

Review: I got tired of Alex’s never-ending pity party. The picture painted at Lavender Hills wasn’t ideal, but neither was it so foul that I felt Alex was truly trapped. (Is this a double standard? Yes, it is.) He was trapped mentally in his own apathy about his situation more than anything else. Sure, there are a couple of big brutes standing guard in the halls – it’s called a window. Alex won’t take that escape either because the blackmailing madam of the house would send said brutes to find him. For a man capable of wooing any virgin, he wasn’t as manly or ferocious in his sex appeal and I had hoped. Grace and Alex, when they are together, kept the story moving forward and kept my focus. It’s entertaining, quick, and good for passing time at the airport. I look forward to learning more about Gideon.


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To Capture a Rake

to seduce an earlGuest Blog by Lori Brighton, author of To Seduce an Earl

What is a rake? Well, if you’re a gardener it’s a tool used to gather things like grass and leaves. But to the romance reader, a rake is something far, far more interesting.

According to Wikipedia, “A rake, short for rakehell, is a historic term applied to a man who is habituated to immoral conduct, frequently a heartless womanizer.”

Immoral conduct?! Sign me up! For most romance readers, the rake is the ultimate hero, but of course only if he’s changed by the love of the perfect woman. Pick up a romance book, any romance, and most likely you’ll find a rake as the hero. A man who sleeps around with anyone; a man so gorgeous and charming, he can have any woman he wants, and often does. That’s right… they were manwhores and they were the inspiration for my newest historical romance with Amazon Montlake,  To Seduce an Earl.

I know what you’re thinking… my book sounds like every other romance out there. Well, not exactly. Sure, I could have written a book about the typical rake, but I decided to take it one step further and turn the rake into an actual prostitute. The heroes in my newest trilogy actually work in a brothel that caters to women.

Although it sort of started out as a joke, mocking your typical bed-jumping rake, I wanted to bring an element of reality to the situation and make this an emotional experience. You can imagine my relief when I received this review from the website, The Season, “Brighton perfectly captures the detachment sex workers develop to cope with their lives (yes, my day job as a social worker recognized this right away).”

The fact that a social worker appreciated the emotional depth I tried hard to convey, was quite the relief. So, if you have any interest in paid companions (and who doesn’t), or would just like an emotional read, I’m giving away two signed copies of To Seduce an Earl. Just leave a comment and a way to get into contact with you!

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Review: Stud (Cat Star Chronicles, Book 8) by Cheryl Brooks

StudReviewed by Sharon S.

This is the 8th book in a series about an alien race from the now destroyed planet Zetith. The surviving Zetithian men have a feline gene that makes them unbelievably good-looking, strong, and when it comes to sex they are unmatched by any other males in the universe (we will get to why in a bit). In true PNR fashion, each book is a stand-alone story about one couple. The author does a great job of catching the reader up on any world building so I never felt lost or like I might have missed something by not reading the previous books.

This story is about Tarq, a Zetithian, and a human named Lucy whose family lives on the planet Talus Five. This story could be called Sci-Fi, but in a very lose sense. It is a romance first and foremost and definitely leans in the erotic direction. The plot is a tried and true one in PNR. Our couple has come to a business agreement and both are using it as an excuse to be around the other… all the while pining over each other but thinking the other is just staying around because of their deal. Normally this type of PNR storyline does nothing for me, but Tarq and Lucy are just so darned likeable! They are both truly good people with real life vulnerabilities that are endearing and do the right thing despite how others treat them.

Tarq travels from world to world offering to impregnate women. Since his race was practically wiped out he is doing his part in helping re-establish it and he is very good at what he does. Unfortunately he thinks this is the only thing is good for because he has a learning disability and can’t read. He comes to Talus Five to look for willing women and instead finds his mate, but feels he is too stupid and “used” for her to ever love him.

Lucy works for her father in his restaurant. Her whole family is ungrateful and takes advantage of her, almost like Cinderella. She wishes nothing more than to run away and be on her own, but she lacks self-confidence and money. Because she has to work so hard she has never had a relationship with a man (yep, virgin alert!). These two had great chemistry and lots of sex! Some of the descriptions were a little over the top for me with lines like this,

“Thick and long, it curved toward her like a snake about to strike, the scalloped head aimed right at her, orgasmic syrup dripping like venom from the points. His meaty balls hung low against…”

You get the picture <G>. Also the use of the word snard to refer to his addictive and tasty semen was kind of odd. I think some of this was meant to be a little campy especially when you take into consideration some of the anatomical differences between a Zetithian male and others. All in all this was an enjoyable read and the thought of hearing a Tarq purr made up for any short comings. I would read more from this author.


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Review: Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas


By: Zarabeth, guest reviewer

This is a fantastic spinster story set in 1836 England. Our heroine, Amanda, is a 30-yr old spinster supporting herself as a novelist who has decided to do something for herself, for once in her life. As we well know a never-married 30 yr old woman is quite on the shelf, but this does not prevent her from having the same sexual needs as any other woman. So our heroine, and my heroine for this, hires a male prostitute for her 30th birthday completely disregarding social conventions of virginity and premarital sex.

On her birthday a suitable man with an association to the escort service does appear on her doorstep and we assume that this is her prostitute. As the reader we are mortified to learn that this man is not a prostitute despite his sexual actions with our heroine. Later in the book Amanda and the not-prostitute Jack meet at a social/publishing event.

The story as a whole involves Jack doing everything he can to get Amanda back in bed and eventually convinces her to have an affair with him. I very much enjoyed the affair and the experiences of our main characters in public and in private (rating: 5). Once Amanda decides that the affair must end, things get pretty complicated and despair ensues. Months into this unfortunate depression we discover that Amanda is pregnant. Again, our never-married 30 yr old woman has just discovered that she is pregnant- this is a problem. Our Amanda must now decide whether to move to the continent or marry below her standards and whether or not to tell Jack about his child (rating: 4).

I call this a solid 4.5. There are 2 reasons that this review is not a full 5: there is some rear-entry stuff (gags and feels uncomfortable) and there is a bit too much time spent on inner-turmoil instead acts based on inner turmoil.

Rating: 4.5

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