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Review: Sonora Sundown (Americana, Book 3) by Janet Dailey

Review: Sonora Sundown (Americana, Book 3) by Janet Daileyby Keira G

Hero: Jim Corbett is a famous movie star. His specialty is Westerns and he plays a fine cowboy on and off the silver screen. While filming he retreats to his ranch and on this particular night decided to camp out under the stars. Imagine his surprise and frustration when a young woman enters his camp. […]

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What is a May December Relationship?

What is a May December Relationship?by Keira G

In this video I am discussing the term May/December as it applies to romance novels. We will be touching on what it is, what genre you’ll most likely find it in, and some characteristics about May December romances. I also share some of my favorites in this category of romances. I invite you to share […]

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