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My Top 4 Christmas Movies

My Top 4 Christmas Moviesby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Mia Epsilon, author of When You Believe It’s December so of course everyone’s thoughts turn to Christmas in some way or another. When you need a break from the chaos and hustle bustle, or if you want a unique party idea, fix some tea or hot toddy, your favorite snacks and cozy […]

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National Month of Exquisite Pain

National Month of Exquisite Painby Guest Blogger

Hello all you fun and reading type people! I’m Mia Epsilon and I’m a writer. Don’t you just love saying that? I’m a writer. It’s the hardest job in the world (and I know, since I’m both a mom and a teacher). How many of you are participating in the National Month of Exquisite Pain? […]

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Exclusive Sneak Peak…

Exclusive Sneak Peak...by Guest Blogger

Hello, I’m Mia Epsilon and I write contemporary romance. I’m a southern USA girl blessed to live in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Next to my Hubby, I adore Doctor Who and chocolate. I have a blog at: miaepsilon.blogspot.com and would love to see your comments there. I’m often asked how I handle the dreaded Writer’s […]

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An Introduction to Author Mia Epsilon

An Introduction to Author Mia Epsilonby Guest Blogger

I’m so lousy with time zones I won’t say Good Morning or Good Evening (and besides that last one is too much like Dracula) so Hello and Welcome to today’s reading post. I’m Mia Epsilon and I write contemporary romance for Breathless Press. And this post will introduce you to *me*. I live here: Okay, […]

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Top 10 Doctor Who Romantic Moments

Top 10 Doctor Who Romantic Momentsby Guest Blogger

Hello, I’m Mia Epsilon, the author of WEDDING BELLE BLUES and a native of the great state of North Carolina. I’m also addicted to Doctor Who. Not a particularly Doctor; the show itself. So here’s my: TOP TEN DOCTOR WHO ROMANTIC MOMENTS: The Doctor (9th) to Rose in ‘The Parting of Ways‘: “I think you […]

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