Review: This Wicked Magic by Michele Hauf

This Wicked MagicReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Certainly Jones is a man trying to get back his life, but when the demons from his last quest are trying to stop him, he can think of nothing else than a female distraction. He has stolen from Daemonia, and has no doubt there will be consequences for what trouble he has caused.

Viktorie St Charles, or Vika as she’s known is a hunter of demons, weres and vampires, and having nearly had a one-night stand with a werewolf who got staked by a jealous vampire, she wonders if there are any good men out there.

Review: As Vika had exorcised one of his demons, he needs her help. This is the mysterious world of Nocturne Mills & Boon romance. It is a darker fantasy where two worlds collide, the past and present, human and supernatural. Vika and her sister make sure no one human knows about the creatures that haunt the land. Jones is a very strong magic user but he has a sensitive side and he needs them to help him rid his body of inner demons. He has done wrong to others, but you get the idea he doesn’t deserve the pain he is experiencing.

Good bits:

  • Vika kneeing a vampire in the groin
  • Reichardt making his charming entrance and stripping Vika
  • The annual Witches Bazaar Spellcast and Cook-Off – you’ll want to hear more about that!

Bad bits:

  • None – I can see myself reading more from this author

Review: It is the setting and rich characters that make this such a fun novel, Libertie,or Libbie as she likes to be known is Vika’s sister who helps her with cleaning up the demons etc in the neighbourhood, Reichardt is a psychopomp, or soul bringer who takes demons from their body to purify them, and Cinder is Jones’s fire demon, a computer whizz who makes his life easier. A white magic user and a dark magic user are brought together but others get in her way. Michelle Hauf weaves a beautiful dark and memorable love story of a man who survived the horrors of Daemonia. This is one of my favourite books of the year and is going on my keeper shelf.


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Review: Forever Vampire by Michele Hauf

by Sharon S., guest reviewer
I had no idea how much I would enjoy this story! Hauf’s voice is a breath of fresh air for me. I would describe this book as an enchanting dark fairy tale (with real faeries <G>). The author has built an Urban Fantasy world that is unique and vivid consisting of Vampires, Werewolves and Faeries. She does a great job of introducing you to this world without making you feel like you are being spoon fed information. There is great pacing to the story and a twist at the end.
I was totally enchanted by our lovers, Valliant and Lyric, even their names are fairy tale like <G>. Vail (swoon) is a vampire that grew up in Faery, but recently got thrown out. Now this is where is gets complicated <G>. He wants to kill his birth father, has never met his birth mother Viviane (she is insane from being raped by Vail’s birth father) who is married to a Were/Vampire hybrid, Rhys (and they have a son, his half brother, Trystan), and his faery step mother made him believe vampires were filth. He has issues <G>.

Lyric, is a member of a lying, thieving vampire mob family. She grew up wanting the fairy tale life, complete with a prince to love her forever. She gave up on that dream because in her vampire world, everything and everyone has a price, you use and get used all the time. She is loved by her mother and brother, but there is a hole in her heart.
Faeries and Vampires hate each other. So when these two meet, there are sparks, and where there are sparks…there is erotic sex <G>. I love watching these two flirt and play like two horny teenagers. While trying to figure out who they are and how to live in a world where they don’t fit in, they realize where they belong is together and that is all that matters. Made my heart sing.
Read about the other books in Hauf’s Beautiful Creatures World.
Author’s Website:
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Reader Highlight- Who’s the Mystery Reader?

Mystery Reader

We have a mystery reader with us today, hi there! Welcome to Love Romance Passion. Whoosh! Zoom! Uh! I’m sorry; our reader is flying around the room. Let’s just begin without her, for now. This reader throws potion bottles when entering contests, and flies around on a besom while blogging. Some authors refer to her as WW.

She drinks way too much coffee, and wonders why Folgers hasn’t officially named her the largest consumer in the world. The library is her second home, her haven if you will. This woman considers herself an (EOR) Equal Opportunity Reader. Nothing “offends” her. In fact, certain subject matter which cause hypertensive meds to work triple-time in certain individuals, simply have no effect on her sensibilities.

Our reader has a bookshelf which contains classics, young adults, historicals, regency, eroticas, paranormals, time travels, romantic suspense, and a few others crushed beneath the above aforementioned. Her categories are hidden strategically in key areas of her SUV.

This blogger/reader/reviewer may remind you of Batman’s character Two-Face. When flipping a coin to tales, she decides to read paranormal romance. Here are just a few of her favorite paranormal romance authors: Michele Hauf, Emma Holly, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lynsay Sands, Gena Showalter, and Donna Lea Simpson.

If fate decrees the coin should land on heads, this mystery reader will read romantic suspense. Some of her favorite romantic suspense authors are: Nina Bruhns, P.C.Cast, Delores Fossen, Susan Kearney, Sheryl Lynn, Leigh Riker, and Darlene Scalera.

This lady loves Nancy Drew PC games, James Bond movies, and Mystery Dinner shows.

Keira hears the radio blaring from our reader’s flying besom. Here’s an announcement from Ms. Unknown.

Hi, LRP readers! For my fellow sleuths out there, look for these upcoming 2010 releases. They’re sure to satisfy your romantic suspense sweet tooths, and give you a romance to boot. Criminal Deception by Marilyn Pappano, Dead Again and Dead Double by Tracy Cooper-Posey, and Black Magic by Cherry Adair.

Cherry Adair deserves special mention, you should really see this author’s website. It is the “best” website ever for suspense fans. I really feel like an agent when I visit.

Keira, I love visiting your blog site! There’s so much to see and read. Sorry I missed most of my own reader highlight, but you don’t have any parking for witch brooms. I did want to mention, that I consider myself to be a paranormal suspense witch…er, queen, sorry.

Any guesses, as to who our mystery person is? Scroll down to find out.


No, sorry, just a little lower.

Answer: Susan S., a.k.a. Witchy Woman, and our very own Paranormal/Suspense Queen!