Review: Love Potions (Warlocks MacGregor Series, Book 3) by Michelle M. Pillow

love potionsReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Lydia Barratt is walking through town but something doesn’t feel right. During her walk she meets Erik MacGregor – and it’s an interesting first meeting. You will see that they have a connection almost from the minute they meet. Erik is moving into the area and that is what’s going to make this an interesting read. Our author does not waste any time in fueling the fire between these two. You will get so lost in this book that you will lose track of time. It’s a book that you will not want to put down.

And who wouldn’t love to have a sexy highlander living next door – me, me, me (I don’t even have one in the neighborhood). Mine would most certainly wear a kilt and have nice smooth skin. And when he speaks he’d have that signature burr. How about you? This author certainly knows how to stimulate the reader’s imagination.

Erik has a scene with his brother Euann that will leave you chuckling and also give you some nice visuals. Lydia also has a great friend Charlotte that will keep you in stitches. I look forward to seeing if our secondary characters make another appearance. This is another reason that this is a great book – we want to know more about the other characters and not just the main ones.

It’s a great romance that has a little paranormal suspense and has an ending that will leave you smiling. And that ending will leave you wanting more and this is what makes a great author. She knows her readers very well.

During this time of year, we spend our time outdoors and on vacation. Why not take this book with you? If you’ve never read this author before, this story may give you the incentive to change that. Michelle has plenty of other books you can check out over at her web site,


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Pride and Prejudice: The Wild and Wanton Edition by Michelle M. Pillow

Genre: Classic retelling, erotica romance.

Ahead there be Spoilers…

Summary: The sexual tension in the original P&P has readers begging for Darcy to pull Lizzy into his embrace and ravish her senses with his kiss to *rip her bodice* and that’s what this book promises to deliver. P&P all sexed up and ready to be consumed. It’s actually pretty tame though considering the wildness and wantonness I was expecting from other reviewers.

Review: The style really reminded me of what I heard about P&P&Z and other classic retellings where the second author really just tacked a paragraph here and there into the original plot. I haven’t read those retellings so I can’t compare the truth of those perceptions. While reading P&P Wild and Wanton I enjoyed myself quite a bit, because I was reading it at a time when the story and idea really appealed, but overall the impression was that the new stuff was very minimal (and clearly delineated in the Kindle version I read which bolded or italicized new passages) and didn’t really involve Darcy/Lizzy or Charles/Jane until the very end. It was more focused on Lydia being a slut with the officers (married or not) and Collins getting hand jobs by Charlotte (shudder!)


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