Review: Color of Loneliness by Madeleine Beckett

Color of LonelinessReviewed by Sandra Scholes

The Story: A young copy editor, Myra has to make a life changing decision to move to Oregon as she has no remaining family where she is after a recent death. Her hope is to find comfort around others, and make herself feel better after this soul searching period in her life. She also has no need to stay where she is anyway, as it isn’t as though her ex-boyfriend, Trent is any good for her when she hears gossip about him having cheated on her.

Myra Sommers: As the title suggests, Myra’s moving to a new location means she has little or no contact with others in her neighbourhood, and that is what makes her feel so lonely, and isolated, and through the story that grows, which makes it a bit depressing. Her lonely life is about to be lifted though when she has to get a man around to do work on her house, and that is when she meets Dylan.

Dylan Lawson: He’s not happy about all the women in the town lavishing him with unwanted attention. He acts like a man who doesn’t like to talk to others, and has a bad attitude that he uses to put the women off of him immediately, but that doesn’t seem to happen to Myra.

Is It Any Good? Madeleine makes the readers wait until the main characters get into a romantic clinch, but there is nothing wrong with that when the story fills in most of the characters traits. As I mentioned before, it is in some ways depressing, but that is the writer showing how her character is coping with a move that could cause her more problems in the long run.


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