Excerpt: A SEAL’s Salvation by Tawny Weber

A SEAL's Salvation cover_1Subject: Navy SEAL Petty OfficerBrody Lane
Current Status: On leave

Obstacle: The one girl who was off-limits…

Where Navy SEAL “Bad Ass” Brody Lane goes, trouble follows. Being run out of his hometown years ago for misbehaving with Genna Reilly—the sheriff’s daughter—was one thing. Now Brody is about to step into real danger. Not the suggestive letters he’s been exchanging with Genna, but the kind of trouble that can send a soldier home injured and broken inside…

Genna’s entire life has been orchestrated by her family.
 The right job. The right friends. Enough! Brody’s return offers the promise of lust-filled pleasures. Of flesh teased and tasted. She’s not expecting to find a soldier with distant eyes who has secluded himself from the world. But this good girl knows exactly how to bring a bad boy back to life….

Uniformly Hot! The Few. The Proud. The Sexy as Hell.

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She was so damned cute when she got feisty. Brody couldn’t help but smile a little. Actually, she was so damned cute all the time, feisty or not. And sexy. Fascinating, entertaining, fun.

His smile fell away.

Maybe that was part of the problem.

He’d thought they could be friends. He hadn’t been able to resist spending time with her, and had thought he could control the intense attraction he felt for her. That he could channel it into making up for some of the lousy deal she’d gotten after he’d left.

But he felt as if he’d signed up for a torture project. Days spent talking and joking. Watching her bake, listening to her dreams. Nights spent hard and horny, diving into dreams so hot he thought the bed was on fire. He was a man used to pushing through the pain, well trained to overcome his body’s weaknesses. Except, apparently, the ones Genna inspired.

“Look,” he said, taking a deep breath and hoping for some semblance of tact and diplomacy. “This friendship thing, it was a mistake.”

Her eyes widened, surprise and hurt flashing. Then, with a sweep of her lashes, her expression changed. Intensified. It sent an itch down Brody’s spine.

“We’re not going to be friends anymore?” she asked in a calm, friendly tone. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was saying the right words, he’d have figured she hadn’t understood him.

As soon as he nodded, she gave him a brilliant smile and tossed off her coat. It hit the floor with a swoosh just as she reached behind her back. The move was quickly accompanied by the sound of a zipper. And Brody’s hiss.

“What, exactly, do you think you’re doing?” he asked, hoping like hell it wasn’t what he thought she was doing.

“Seducing you.”


That’s what he’d been afraid of.

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Tawny Weber Author Photo croppedBio & Links

USA TODAY Bestselling author of over twenty hot books, Tawny Weber has been writing sassy, sexy romances since her first Harlequin Blaze hit the shelves in 2007. A fan of Johnny Depp, cupcakes and color coordination, she spends a lot of her time shopping for cute shoes, scrapbooking and hanging out on Facebook.

Readers can check out Tawny’s books at her website, www.tawnyweber.com, or join her Red Hot Readers Club for goodies like free reads, complete first chapter excerpts, recipes, insider story info and much more.

You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

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Review: A SEAL Wolf Christmas (Heart of the Wolf, Book 12) by Terry Spear

seal wolf christmasReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Bjornolf Jorgenson is in the Amazon jungle singing “Jingle Bells” – that makes for an interesting picture. He’s there — along with Anna Johnson — to help rescue a family. She’s a woman that knows how to take care of herself as well as help lead her group through the jungle. Bjornolf and Anna are a very interesting couple. Once the job in the Amazon is complete, they are given a very interesting job.

If you consider yourself a romantic, you’ll love the job they have been given. It comes at the perfect time since Christmas is almost upon them. One thing I love about Terry’s wolf series is the sense of community and family amongst the packs – and what better time than around this special holiday.

You will find that our author doesn’t shortchange her readers once the main characters start getting hot and heavy. You’ll need to open the window to let the cool air in or at the very least turn the air conditioning on – as my mother used to say “Hubba, Hubba, Hubba!” And it doesn’t take away from the main purpose of their job.

With all the paranormal/fantasy shows on TV this year, it would be really nice to see this as a television series. The only thing is, I would hope that they stay true to what was written in order to do the books justice. I would hope that they not put it on one of the movie channels just because not everyone subscribes to all of the paid channels.

Besides the music, you can tell that this is a Christmas story because of the snow, the Christmas tree, and all the trappings. What a great way to get you into the holiday mood and a hunky SEAL ain’t bad either – I wouldn’t mind if he was under my tree this year. If you decide to wait and read this around the holiday, why not put on some of your favorite holiday music – while you cuddle up by a fire (if you have a fireplace), with your favorite blanket, and your favorite hot drink.

But if you don’t want to wait, that’s ok because this is a book that I feel that can be read at any time of the year. Yes, it’s about the spirit of the holiday but I feel that it’s more about their shifter ability and the job they must complete. Terry leaves you wishing that you had some shifter ability. But would we use or abuse what most others would be jealous about? Since there’s no way that I will ever be able to switch from human to wolf, I’ll just have to keep reading The Heart of the Wolf series. Don’t worry if you haven’t read any of her other wolf books yet, this can be read as a stand-alone. But I would hope that it would also leave you wanting to read the other 11 books that have come before.

Rating: ★★★★½

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Review: A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing by Terry Spear

Reviewed by Susan S.

This novel will burn you with sexual fire then douse you with its humor. It’s funny, yet sexy, and everything you’d hope for in a paranormal romance. With a little something extra!

Summary: Werewolf Series, Book 9

Note: To learn more about the heroine and her brother you can read To Tempt the Wolf. This novel stands on its own, but thought I’d mention it in case you wanted more.

Meara Greymere’s alpha brother is away and she’s what’s the word? Relieved. Liberated from being under his toe pads. Meara has only two weeks to find a mate without her obstinate brother (Hunter) running off would-be possible mates. It seems that no one’s ever good enough for his sister. And if we’re talking about Hunter’s very single, ex-Navy SEAL brothers, then the answer is an even more emphatic, “No-way-in-hell!”

Finn Emerson (hero) knows the ground rules: His best friend’s sister is off-limits. And even though some lines shouldn’t be crossed, Finn has no choice! He’s the only one qualified to keep Meara safe. There’s an assassin or two or three that’s after the SEAL team, and it won’t be long before their loved ones are targeted. Since Hunter’s gone for an entire two weeks, anything can happen (can’t tell you where Hunter, is that’s a first-class spoiler if you haven’t read book three).

Can Finn protect a sexy alpha she-wolf from the bad guys? Of. Course! He’s an alpha and an ex-Navy SEAL. But can he protect her while abiding by the do-not-touch-my-sister rule Hunter’s enforcing? Most importantly, can Emerson deny Meara’s screaming/pleading pheromones? Umm…that’s going to be ALOT harder than fighting off assassins.

Review: This novel was suspenseful, yes. Hot? Oh-I’ll get to that! But it was also funny. Clearly, no one’s ever told Meara that one capful of bubble bath solution is “enough” to create bubbles. The notes regarding possible mates in her notebook made me laugh. It comes off like a lady’s version of a man’s black book. And then there’s the heroine falling asleep while reading. What was she reading? Heart of the Highland Wolf. Gee, wonder who wrote that? Too cute.

Now, let’s talk heat level. It’s over-the-limit! In case you’re wondering, that’s a good thing. There’s the scene where Finn’s checking the clothes on Meara’s body for electronic bugs. Loved that part! The S’mores kisses are yummy, too. And then comes one of many pant worthy scenes. This one contains (I believe the technical term is) frottage, but I like to refer to it as…dry humping.

There’s only one thing I was expecting which didn’t occur. When Hunter finds out that Finn’s putting the moves on his sister, I thought punches would fly, bones would break, and there’d be an explosion of expletives. Actually, Hunter’s reaction was completely unexpected. Maybe those dark paranormals are making me blood-thirsty; I wanted a fight! Lol.

Recommendations: If you enjoy the forbidden love tropes, then I highly recommend this novel. Now, if you’re a reader who can’t get enough of virile alphas-you’ll love Finn. His snout is “always” in the gutter! Also for paranormal romance and romantic suspense lovers.

Favorite Character: Finn He’s my #2 on my favorite alphas list in Terry’s Werewolf Series. I was going to leave it at that, but I know how curious minds work. So I’ll tell you where to find my #1, he’s inside book five.

Others in the Series:

Disclaimer: I received this novel free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

Review-O-Meter Rating: ★★★★★

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Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc., Copyright 2012, Paranormal Romance, Print Pages 326, ISBN-13# 978-1-4022-5890-9.

Review: White Heat by Brenda Novak

by Susan S., guest reviewer

Case Number ISBN-13# 978- 0-7783-2795-0

Organization Name: Department 6

Specializations: Undercover assignments

Female Agent: Rachel Jessop, heroine.

New Identity: Mrs. Rachel Mott

Male Agent: Nate Ferrentino, hero.

New Identity: Mr. Nate Mott

Assignment: 1. Discover any illegal activity within commune. 2. Find missing girl, Courtney Sinclair. 3. Infiltrate religious cult named Church of the Covenant.

Cult Leader: Ethan Wycliff a.k.a the Holy One.

Then: Six months ago, Rachel dipped her pen in company ink; once. And ever since, her boss Nate has kept the company ink under lock and key. She’s humiliated enough, but Rachel’s got a job to do and innocents to save. This mission will have her working closely with Nate. She’ll have to like it or lump it. Looks like, she’ll be lumping it.

Now: They’ll have to endure a ten hour car drive from L.A. to Paradise, Arizona…with no A/C. She can ignore him, sleep with him…again, or throttle him. What’s a girl to do with an ex-Navy SEAL, who’s over 6’ tall, has green eyes, and 210 lbs. of delicious muscle? I mean, what would you do?

Possible Outcomes: This assignment has the potential for disaster written all over it.

Plan B: There is no plan B, lives are at stake!

Underlying Theme: Betrayal. This novel draws to mind a Latin phrase from a Shakespearean tragedy. When Julius Caesar utters, “Et tu, Brute?” A key player will commit…the ultimate betrayal.

Content warning: m/f and some m/m elements. Not for the faint-of-heart! Contains a ritualistic rape scene I found disturbing. Mind you, Novak only implies what happens. Had she actually detailed the occurrence, I’d feel even more perturbed.

Further commentary: I’d’ve used only one Charles Manson reference.

Well written: Has nail biting suspense! Bravo on the dialogue challenges between hero/heroine and Abby, a young deaf girl. Novak expertly conveys the desperation Nate and Rachel feel when trying to decipher Abby’s signing; which hold vital clues regarding the life within the commune. You’ll fear for Rachel’s safety, and feel how the suspense crescendoed- once Rachel is initiated as a Covenanter.

White Heat is the first installment from Brenda Novak’s Department 6 Trilogy.

Recommendations: Pick up a copy if you generally read romantic suspense, or suspense/thrillers. You won’t be disappointed, if you grab novels hoping to find one with a happily-ever-after. White Heat has one.

Rating: 4 Badges

MIRA, 2010, Contemporary Romantic Suspense, eBook pages 442.
Case Number ISBN-13# 978-0-7783-2795-0.

Next Assignment: If your jonesing for another suspense fix, Body Heat, Novak’s second Department 6 book is coming soon. Should release within the next month.

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Review: SEALed with a Kiss by Mary Margret Daughtridge

The first SEALed is Hot! Hot! Hot! Daughtridge knows how to write about delicious Navy SEALs. Jax Graham is one hunky sex-on-a-stick hero.

I consumed this book in great big heaving gulps. Get it? *wink* I just couldn’t put it down and frankly didn’t I want to either.

What makes Jax so hot? He’s a super confident and cocky male who is disarmed completely when it comes to his four year old son, Tyler. It’s ridiculously adorable. (Probably because he wants to be a good dad but doesn’t know how to do that.) Jax hasn’t been able to bond with Tyler because of his career as a Navy SEAL, which keeps him out of the country more days than he is in it and also because of the divorce and custody arrangements with the now late Diana. He’s frustrated and disappointed with his lack of progress, which makes him think that he should sign papers making his mother-in-law Tyler’s legal guardian.

When Pickett Sessoms spies the pair on the beach, she assesses the situation quickly and knows exactly how to fix it. She’s a family and marriage therapist, working on multiple base related projects. Experiences with her family and with a few jerks resulted in a low self-image and some self-esteem issues (mostly just when it comes to the opposite sex). Determined to keep her soft heart safe, Pickett struggles with her undeniable attraction and growing feelings for Jax and Tyler. After all who knows better than she that romances with (and marriages to) Navy SEALs are a bad idea?

Favorite Jax Gets a Clue moment: When Pickett reveals the reason behind her picky eating habits.

Favorite Scene: Sex on the swing! Yowza!

Favorite Pet: Hobo the three legged dog.

I loved every minute spent reading this book and I highly recommend it – and any of Daughtridge’s SEALed books.

Rating: 5 Stars

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Darth Vader?

by Mary Margret Daughtridge, guest blogger and author of SEALed Forever

I’m a true pantser. I don’t think of a plot and then design a character to fit it.  A character in a certain quandary just appears. The first thing I knew about Garth was that his men called him Darth Vader behind his back.  It bothered him. Darth Vader might be a great warrior, but he was not a good man.

Garth accepts the dark side of what SEALs are sometimes called upon to do. SEALs have a saying: never fight fair. He wonders if his men believe he has like, Darth Vader, gone over to the Dark Side. And when he thinks of some of the things he’s done, he wonders too.

Since I wrote my first romance, I’ve thought a lot about what makes a man an alpha male, and how being in the military changes a man. For SEALed Forever, I did a lot of thinking about what makes a military man a good man.

I didn’t grow up in a military family but I grew up in an era when the draft was in force, and a stint in the military was a fact of life.  All three of my brothers served. Two first cousins were career military.

None of these men are models for my heroes, per se, but they are all good men.  I often ask myself, “What would this one or that one think is important in my hero’s situation?”

Because I have known them all before, during, and after, I have a sense of what being a military man for a few years or a lifetime did for them.

Okay, this is obvious, but it needs to be said. Military men are fit, and no doubt about it, a look of health and vigor makes any man sexier. But military men didn’t get that way in an air conditioned gym. Their physical training happens in the rain, the mud, the heat, and takes them far past exhaustion. They are physically ready to meet danger.

Such fitness in itself imparts a new level of confidence.  And nothing is more sexy than that.  But there’s more to it. Having done things no one is his right mind expects to receive pleasure from, they have found a deeper motivation—one that depends on sheer strength of will.  And the fact that physical feats that would strain a man in average shape are to them just not that hard, gives them a subtly different but pervasive outlook on everything.

They don’t whine, they don’t complain, and they don’t expect accolades. One is often struck by their modest, no big deal response to praise and gratitude. To them, it really is no big deal, and they aren’t doing anything special.

Take everything about a military man, multiply it by a thousand, and you have a SEAL.

The SEALs have lots of sayings, but one of their favorites is, “You don’t have to like it. You just have to do it.” Another is “If it don’t suck, we don’t do it.”

In an early scene in SEALed Forever, Garth is confronted with a baby whose diaper is way past nasty. An unmarried man encountering a dirty diaper is a stock comedy scene with lots of wincing, cringing, his face twisted with repulsion.

Garth just deals with it.

I love that.

Another thing I love about military men is that they have been taught to work to a standard. “Anything goes” is not a military expression. Bouncing a quarter off a bunk, or measuring the distance between hangers, seems petty, and maybe it is, but the concept of not just doing something but doing it to a standard, even in personal areas of one’s life, is something successful people must learn.

Garth recognizes that his first diapering effort is less than stellar. He insists on doing it again, and this time, getting it right.

A quality present in any good man, but trained for in the military is protectiveness and caretaking. A leader looks after his men. As I read SEAL memoirs, particularly of officers, who are in the same place as their men, experiencing the same conditions, I often see “My men were cold” not I was cold. “My men needed hot food and a shower,” not I wanted hot food and a shower. Always being aware of the needs of those who depend on them promotes a largeness of vision and a degree of altruism.

Garth moves further down the slope to the Dark Side when he takes a temporary assignment to a black ops outfit. Garth has always looked after his men, but his protectiveness comes into full conflict with his mission directives when he finds the abandoned baby aboard a spy plane.

Now I want to talk about a SEAL attribute which most military men don’t share. SEALs are rule-breakers. To operate far outside the boundaries, they have to be able to decide for themselves when and how to pursue a mission and when to call it off without waiting for orders.

They are independent thinkers and you never know what they will do next. Also, they don’t respect authority. They respect competence. If they think an order is wrong, they will risk subordination. In the regular navy, SEALs are respected for the superior warriors they are, but most non-SEALs find them a pain in the ass.

I gotta admit always pushing the boundaries is what I like best about them. Maybe because I’m a rule breaker too. But even more, if the situation calls for it, my SEALs do and say the most outrageous things.

I wish I could tell you more, but I don’t want to give away too much. In Garth’s case, we have hidden baby, hidden cameras, the possibility of a ghost, and now he running a completely off the books operation.


He’s got a living, breathing dilemma…

In the midst of running an undercover CIA mission, Navy SEAL Lt. Garth Vale finds an abandoned baby, and his superiors sure don’t want to know about it. The only person who can help him is the beautiful new doctor in town, but she’s got another surprise for him…

She’s got a solution…at a price…

Dr. Bronwyn Whitescarver has left the frantic pace of big city ER medicine for a small town medical practice. Her bags aren’t even unpacked yet when gorgeous, intense Garth Vale shows up on her doorstep in the middle of the night with a sick baby…

But his story somehow doesn’t add up, and Bronwyn isn’t quite sure who she’s saving—the baby, or the man…

Buy: SEALed Forever


Mary Margret Daughtridge has been a grade school teacher, speech therapist, family educator, biofeedback therapist, and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. She is a member of the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, Romance Writers of America, and Romancing the Military Soul, and is a sought-after judge in writing contests. She resides in Greensboro, North Carolina. For more information, please visit www.marymargretdaughtridge.com and www.sourcebookscasablanca.com.

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Review: SEALed Forever by Mary Margret Daughtridge

by Susan S., guest reviewer

Operation Book Review

Orders: Read the review, purchase SEALed Forever, and “forget” reviewer’s name. Hide the evidence! Feed the receipt to your paper shredder and memorize LRP’s link. This review must not leave a trail from your favorites file!

Book 4 in Daughtridge’s Navy SEAL novels. It’s a stand-alone; I haven’t read the others…yet.

Summary: Ever since his platoon was ambushed in Afghanistan, the Navy has refused to reassign Navy SEAL Lt. Garth Vale (hero). While he awaits for new orders, Garth is working at Coastal Air (front for C.I.A.). His job now is to help spies into and out of the country.

While taxi-ing a spy plane to the hanger he finds a baby girl hidden inside a box. Vale understands that with black ops sometimes things go awry. But someone screwed-up BIG, and now Garth “Darth Vader” has no choice but carry the can. Well in this case, the baby. No. I’m not going to tell you why they call him Darth Vader. I know…I’m evil that way.

Baby Julia appears sedated and dehydrated. Lt. Vale has no choice but to seek out the new doctor in town, Dr. Bronwyn Whitescarver (heroine).

For Bronwyn: He’ll have to break the SEAL’s code of silence.

For Garth: She’ll risk her heart.

And for baby Julia: They’ll risk it all!

Review: It struck me as odd that baby Julia which was at the center of the plot, didn’t “appear” in the story’s conclusion. I wanted her to! As a rule, I tend to avoid romance novels with babies. But I kept an open mind and was glad I did. It really was an enjoyable read. (Blushes). O.k., perhaps the Navy SEAL added an element of enjoyment, but the rest was good too!

Things I enjoyed:

  • When Garth goes abso-freaking-nuts buying baby stuff at Walmart.
  • Bronwyn and JJ’s spa day. (JJ’s her BFF).
  • The phone call. When Bronwyn asks David and J.J. if Garth can be trusted while Garth is standing near enough to hear her side of the conversation.
  • The steamy intimate scenes on the deck, the breakfast table, and the red canoe. Ooo-hoo!

This was my first time reading a Daughtridge novel, but certainly not my last. Guess I now have to purchase the first three in the series plus the ones to follow. Luckily I have B&N on speed dial!

Rating: ★★★★★

Buy: SEALed Forever

Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. Copyright May 2011, Contemporary Romance, Mass Market Paperback, Print Pages 374. ISBN# 978-1-4022-4619-7.

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Review: SEALed with a Promise by Mary Margret Daughtridge


J.C Roat and Rick Bremseth, both former SEALs who helped with the research for SEALed with a Promise, might tease Daughtridge about writing mush, but it is mush I definitely like. SEALed is very hero-centric. I closed this book with an urge to call up my best friend to get her dad to find me my very own Do-Lord. In the immortal words of LolCat “I can haz SEAL?” or maybe it was cheezburger, I tend to forget. This book is definitely recommended for the Save the Contemporary project Dear Authors and Smart Bitches are hosting together.

Dry-witted Emmie was a blast. She was smart, intelligent, analytical, observant, goal oriented and true to character. A professor of ecology, Emmie is well read and knowledgeable in many areas. She’s the definition of an avid scholar. She dresses down to hide herself and makes it an art form to remain unnoticed, which is why it’s so disconcerting that Navy SEAL Caleb “Do-Lord” Delaude does. Emmie is here to support her best friend Pickett in her upcoming nuptials – she is not here looking for a brawny jock, especially the brawny jock who’s the best man.

Caleb Delaude is extremely smart. He’s down played his intelligence to fit in better amongst his peers. Able to retain facts after reading or glancing at print, he also has an uncanny ability to see things others can’t. He’s great at picturing layouts from a map, knowing where to place people in any situation and sometimes he gets strange moments of déjà vu where the present and near-future collide. Caleb finds himself fiercely attracted to Emmie and before he knows it he’s worming his way into her life… but only because he needs her connections for a revenge plot… right? Strange how the operative changes all because of a slip of a thing!

Rating: ★★★★½

Buy: SEALed with a Promise

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