Review: Cinderella and the Sheikh by Teresa Morgan

cinderella sheikHero: Sheikh Rasyn (Ra-sin) Al Jabar has no interest in becoming the next ruler of his homeland, Abbas in North Africa. He decides a Western wife will surely raise the country’s hackles and get him out of the line for succession. When he spies Libby, he thinks he can fulfill his desire to leave the throne and get pleasure out of the arrangement too. He puts on his most charming face and goes in for the kill.

Heroine: Libby Fay is working as a waitress at Hotel Scheherazade in very posh upscale Manhattan. She earns big tips from the wealthy clientele. Waitressing for Libby allows her to wait on people who need a little tender loving care (TLC). She feels that she makes people’s days easier. Growing up, she and her mom would play restaurant, and that’s when she found her calling. This job is the best job she’s ever had and she’s not about to mess it up for a playboy sheikh… even if he’s devilishly handsome and charming to boot.

Review: Libby is no fool. She doesn’t feel Rasyn’s attentions are genuine. He’s only just met her – how can he be in love with her? When he proposes marriage on the first “date” she’s floored. She doesn’t love him, why would she marry him? She says “yes” to help him save face, but an inch given is a mile taken with Rasyn. Twice in the novel, Libby’s mom provides the push to allow Libby to open up to Rasyn. First, he looks at Libby like her father looked at her mother… and then later when her mom asks if she ever gave her heart a chance to love Rasyn. I liked Rasyn’s line about not marrying a man you love, but marrying a man who loves you. I thought that was great! I also like how his plan to bring in an uncultured Western woman backfires. She’s genuine and kind which draws people to her. So while she makes social gaffs like he expected, their results are anything but catastrophic. Poor Rasyn.


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Review: Deliver Me from Darkness by Tes Hilaire

Deliver Me from DarknessReviewed by Sharon S.

With a new twist on an old myth, action, suspense, romance, a sexy hero with just the right amount of alpha boiling underneath and a smart heroine. I knew I would love this story by the end of the first page.

“How most awesomest reviewer?” you ask. Well, let me tell you my little sycophants…. On the first page we meet our hero Roland and already we have insight into his personality as the world he has so carefully avoided comes crashing through his door. I immediately liked Roland and the writing voice of the author. He was once a mighty Paladin warrior; men who are descendant of angels and given powers to protect mankind from evil like demons, vampires and even Lucifer. 94 years ago all that was dear to Roland was taken away from him and he was turned by the powerful and brutal vampire Christos. His Paladin brothers turned their back and ordered him destroyed. Logan, his best friend and fellow Paladin, believed Roland still had good in him and helped him hide from the council.

I need a strong UF element to enjoy PNR, which means world building. Hilaire pulls this off beautifully. The world isn’t too complex and she has a great cast of evil and good guys, but even the good guys have a dark side. There is a dark edge to the story, but it is balanced with some humor and snark. Even though the characters face many obstacles they are willing to fight to survive. I did find it a little confusing trying to keep up with who is related to who and how at some points, but it all works out by the end.

This book focuses on the love story between Roland and Karissa, but the secondary characters are given quite a bit of depth too. The author did a great job of setting up the next book’s couple. I am already biting at the bit to read about Valin, the Paladin whose power lies in darkness; therefore he is always seeking light. It also helps that he is a bit arrogant and revels in his nakedness (hubba,hubba). Gabriella is a soul weary, yet feisty vampire. She was also turned by the vampire Christos like Roland.

If you like the whole fated mate and caveman protectiveness that comes with it, which I do, then you will enjoy this story. Roland is book boyfriend material. The heroine, Karissa, is smart about her choices considering she is thrown into a world she didn’t know existed. She also has the really cool power to teleport. There is a HEA for our main couple, but the big bad gets away. I mean really, who can kill Lucifer? And you get a great lead in for the next book in the series


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Review: One Real Thing by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox

by Sharon S., guest reviewer

Excuse me while I wipe my gooey self off the floor <G>. When it comes to m/f romances I can’t stand a co-dependent weepy female that needs her alpha to come and make it all better, BUT in my m/m romance I can’t get enough of it (go figure). In Manga there is a whole genre devoted to this type of story called Yaoi (boy love). Most m/m fans know about Yaoi (Google it and check some out). This story would make a great Manga.

This is the first story about a true dominant and submissive relationship I’ve read. It probably counts as an erotica too, which isn’t a genre I seek out. Nick Addison is the dominant. He has a driving need to take care of Hollister (Holly) Welles. Holly is only submissive with Nick. The relationship is based on love. There is nothing humiliating or demeaning in the way Holly submits to Nick. There is so much mushy, mushy, mushy goodness that happens between them <G>. The sex is a little explicit, but that is just me.

The writing isn’t grade A, but I don’t care. If you love erotic Yaoi (dominant/submissive) relationships then this is probably a 5 star book. I focused on the love story and it is full of the warm and fuzzies and that was good enough for me! 😛

[rating:4]  warm and fuzzies!!

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Review: Call Me Mrs. Miracle by Debbie Macomber

Call Me Mrs. Miracle is a light-hearted Christmas romance that features a young boy, his aunt, the son and heir to a department franchise, and an angel.

Emily Merkle is the angel in this story. A mix-up in human resources spells her name Mrs. Miracle on her name tag. At first glance, Jake Finley, thinks she’s too old to work the crazy atmosphere of the toy department during the holiday season, but she soon proves him wrong and becomes the top sales associate with her grandmotherly ways.

She also has a habit of knowing what people are thinking about or are worried over. Some of the things she says are uncanny too. But she seems a good sort and is a huge help in large ways and small ways. Some might even call her the best matchmaker in New York City. You should read all her snappy little advice that headlines each chapter. It’s too cute.

Our hero, Jake, is much like his father. The two find Christmas to be a hard time of year as memories of a tragedy that took place one Christmas Eve are never too far behind. They have a yearly tradition of getting out of the snowy white wonderland of New York and heading down to the Caribbean where sunshine and sandy beaches deduce the yuletide presence that’s felt everywhere. Things seem gloomier than ever to Jake when a toy he predicts to be the season’s hit doesn’t seem to leave the shelves. A run to the local Starbucks and suddenly a bleak Christmas begins to look a little shinier.

Holly Larson was never more embarrassed than when she found herself unable to pay for her latte, but when a handsome man picks up her tab she can’t help but smile. Four run-ins over the course of twenty-four hours can’t be a coincidence. Can Holly take a risk on romance this year while struggling to give her nephew, Gabe, a Christmas to remember?

Start your holiday reading off on the right foot and keep an eye out for later this month when Mrs. Miracle airs on the Hallmark Channel.


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