Review: The Stem of Time by Janeau L’voe

stem of timeReviewed by Book Glancer

The Stem of Time was a novella that I picked up on Amazon for only $0.99, but I’m really glad I found it.

The book is a fast fun read, with a little sizzle, and a whole of lot mind-bending time travelling.

Jillian, a dedicated scientist, is determined to cure cancer. She’s obsessed with curing cancer, so much so that she’s invented a time stem – a way to cheat time and get much more time out of the day that everyone else does.
Little does she know that messing with time is illegal in the year 2180.

When a time enforcement officer is sent to kill her, Jillian is caught off guard. But then, so is he.
Holden wasn’t expecting what he found when he was sent back in time to take care of the lawbreaker by the Council. He does a little rule bending himself in order to make things right.

But he wants something in return – and that something is Jillian as his wife.

I loved Holden! He was hot, hot, hot! And Jillian is smart and naive at the same time. They were wonderful characters and I feel like I now them and miss them after finishing The Stem of Time.

Rating: ★★★★★

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Review: The French Maid by Sabrina Jeffries

The French MaidHeroine: Lady Eleanor Langston doesn’t know how to get her husband to notice her. He’s always busy with politics and while their live is steady and on the surface both seem content, it lacks passion Eleanor truly craves.

Hero: Henry Langston needed a good hostess when he wedded Eleanor. They make love once a week and he’s never cheated. He is unaware of his wife and her discontent. It’s not until Babette, Eleanor’s maid, gets involved that Henry starts to view his wife in a new light.

Review: The love story fairly unique with a couple already married at the start of the story. On one hand, I didn’t like that the heroine needed to transform to gain her husband’s notice – sexually and companionably. On the other hand, I did like that both parties had to work a little harder and/or differently to turn their marriage from one that was basically roommates sharing their lives to lovers sharing their hearts. I did not like Babette, because it’s a little too convenient to have someone instantly get what was going on between the married couple and fix it. She sort of stood in as a fairy godmother/therapist.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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Review: The Twelve Days to Christmas by Michele Gorman

The Twelve Days to Christmas gormanReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Yuletide Synopsis: Some women say yes to getting married, they think about the dress, the jewellery, the big event – and of course their lover, but young Hannah thinks in a different way – she isn’t so sure about getting wed to her lover Sam. They are only just getting over a bad part in their relationship that she blames on him, so she has a lot of soul searching inside her before any wedding plans can go ahead. There is only so much time left to the big day though, so she has to get her soul searching done in time, or the wedding might be off – for good.

Elf No.1: Hannah is excited to finally meet her lover again after a while, even though she has doubts about their relationship – she still has butterflies in her stomach when she sees him, so that at least is a good sign. Her real problem is Brent, he’s a friend now, one of her best, but they have a history together, and she can’t get him out of her head. Hannah sounds like a giving kind of gal, she moved to where her lover had his job, and sacrificed time with her friends and family in order to make them both happy.

Elf No. 2: Sam has secrets, but not the sort that he would keep from her, but it doesn’t make the situation they are in any better – his soon to be wife has to know what he had done in his past, or their future will never work out. When he meets her again, he’s as pleased as punch, and doesn’t even realize there is something underlying all of this, he’s had another woman.

Review: This is a short novel coming in at about sixty pages long, but it gets enough information in it to make it a gripping read. It is a lot of fun to get into, and really feel the characters and their personalities – readers will be surprised at Hannah though, but in a good way!

Last Minute Thoughts: I liked reading this and the fact Michelle has put little excerpts of The Twelve Days to Christmas carol into the beginning of the chapters. This is a nice touch that sets the reader up for a very interesting Yuletide read.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Review: Reluctant Protector (Protectors Series, Book 1) by Nana Malone

Reluctant Protector Nana MaloneReviewed by Karin of Savvy Thinker

Cassie Reeser’s brother has engineered her to be a genetically altered person, and not only herself, but others also. She has been virtually kept prisoner, though she has tried to escape. This time, she makes it out in the trunk of a car belonging to Seth Adams, a former war correspondent. When she tells him her tale, he hardly believes her, but soon they are running for their lives, against the ruthlessness of her brother.

Cassie must protect Seth, because he has no idea what he is up against. And she has promised to free the others held by her brother. This is Cassie’s one chance to experience life outside of a laboratory. Cassie and Seth make a good pair – and the sex is hot. Moved a little fast for me, but on the other hand if the alternative is death, well, move fast indeed!

A solid read. Very enjoyable.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Review: Night Watch by Alice Gaines

Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Janice Morgan loves to watch porn. How many of you can admit the same? But it sounds like she’s getting bored by them. They don’t seem to satisfy her like they used to.

Janice has a new neighbor that lives across the way. His name is Sam Windsor. Janice has a great vantage point to watch a great show that’s going on over at Sam’s place. Alice lets us see that Sam “swings both ways”. You also get a chance to see the differences in the way that men and women interact during sex.

Janice doesn’t realize it at the time but Sam knows what’s going on. Interesting thing is that Sam doesn’t seem to mind. He actually seems to like the idea. This brings a different level to their relationship. They seem to have an instant connection and set out to explore where it will take them.

It’s nice to see an author that makes a character that is so considerate of their partner – making sure that the partner comes first. Sam gives Janice the ride of her life. In order to add some spice to their relationship

Alice, what are you doing to us? She leaves us hanging at the end. This is where your imagination will have to take over (unless she gives us a series). If you only have a little time to read and need something to get your engines going, “Night Watch is the story for you. It may also give you some ideas to spice things up in your relationship with your partner.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Review: Blank by Sommer Marsden

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes

Think you can take the heat of the next sizzling novel by this best-selling author? Think again…

Kyle is one of those guys who denies everything to himself, the sort who lives in total denial of what or who he is in favor of lying his way in and out of situations he doesn’t like, and in some cases, even those he does.

His real reason for being this way comes out in Chapter three when he remembers all the times he was beaten-up in prison for the foolish thing he did before. He has taken all the heartache he felt and all the pain and hid it all away where it can’t affect anyone else but him – most of all he misses Jason, his former lover and the man he left behind when he got taken away to jail.

When he is with someone he doesn’t take much notice of them – it’s not in his nature to care about the other person. After all, they are just another face to him, someone he can have sex with, and after that they have no other meaning – faces tend to blend in with this guy, and he hasn’t had a real relationship with a guy since.

Kyle tries to put his past of doing time in jail, drugs and fucking behind him and goes to Montana in search of a new life, and with it comes a new job where none of the workers there, or the boss will take his kind of attitude if he shows it, so once he’s talked to the boss, he finds he must change his attitude, and start as he means to go on.

It is Tad that is set to change his life, and he doesn’t know it until it hits him. Tad doesn’t take any of the trouble he brings to other guys, he makes sure Kyle knows where he stands with him, and as a reader you can’t blame him. He doesn’t like the way he sleeps with any guy he meets, and he thinks he won’t burden him with it either, and sets him straight on a number of things he thinks he might have trouble with if he’s around him for too long.

He thinks that other straight guys around might not accept a gay guy whoring around as he does. Then he kisses him. It’s so unexpected that it amazes even him. That Tad would shout at him, then kiss him is beyond him, but he accepts it and says he’ll be good. After that something strange happens; whereas before in bed at night when he sees the men he sleeps with, he doesn’t see their faces, when he romanticizes about Tad, he sees his face for the first time, and enjoys the experience. Here is a guy who won’t back down, who won’t take any bother from him – if anything it will be Kyle who submits to him and his needs.

Even when his interest has switched from Jason to Tad, he is still in denial, but what he doesn’t realize above all else is that he’s in love with him, the man who brings him to his knees, the man who makes him tremble when he comes near. There is a lovely end to this novella, and readers will enjoy the happy ending it brings after all Kyle has been through.

Rating: ★★★★½

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Review: For the Love of Mollie by KT Grant

by Susan S., guest reviewer

World Class Gym

Owners: Conner Bean/Seth Bean

Personal Trainer: Becky

Co-Ed Gym

Step Classes

  • State of the Art Equipment

To join contact Conner at Email: CB@WCGYM.ORG (fictitious email)

Mention this ad and receive free gym bag. (While supplies last).

This novella deals with the struggles of weight loss, and low self-esteem. I recommend it to all women, and those who enjoy contemporary romances and chick lit.

Summary: Mollie McGree (heroine) is a new member at World Class Gym. She joined in the hopes of losing weight. If she succeeds, maybe JC will be interested in more than just her friendship. Mollie’s a bit on the heavy side. Her self-esteem is so low as to be considered non-existent, and her confidence turned tail and ran. (Probably in search of food).

While exercising one day, a gorgeous man named Conner Bean (hero) strikes up a conversation. Turns out, he’s a trainer and one of the owners of the gym. He’s hot and millionaire-rich sans the arrogance. Right off the bat, Mollie knows she has a snowball’s chance in hell with this guy. He’s too perfect; she’s too…well, heavy. Conner belongs with one of those women that look as if they materialized right out of a skin mag.

Ms. McGree soon realizes two truths. Her friend JC is interested in someone else, and Conner appears interested in her. Will Mollie have the confidence to let a sexy trainer into her life? Or, will she drop him like a heavy set of dumbbells?

Review: It was refreshing to read about a relatable heroine. One that doesn’t have a perfect physique and that deals with issues many women face today. I enjoyed the secondary characters, as much as the main ones. Especially Suzy, Conner’s cousin and Mollie’s best friend, respectively.

Favorite Scene: There’s a massage session where Conner’s sexually multi-tasking. Getting in touch with his manhood and pleasuring Mollie. Holy massage session, Batman!

Favorite Character: Conner. Why? He’s amiable, good looking, successful, and family oriented without arrogance, or womanizing tendencies. A really nice hero. (I may have to change my stance on rogues. Maybe.)

Comedic Element: There’s a scene where Mollie wants Conner to bite her. This is where we learn she’s always had a vampire fantasy. I laughed because I was thinking to myself, who doesn’t?

Cute story.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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eBook, Contemporary Romance, Novella, 110 Pages, 2010.

Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC

ISBN# 978-1-936394-03-6

Review: Spice ‘n’ Solace by K.C. Burn

by Sharon S., guest reviewer

When it comes to m/m I am very forgiving of the plot device used as long as I love the characters and connect to them. Funny, how this doesn’t hold true for my m/f reads, damn double standards <G>.

I would classify this novella as an erotic read, which means it was a little more detailed than I like and some of the word choices could have been classier, but that is just me. That being said, I loved the main characters, Kaz and Jathan. I eat up tender sub/dom stories like this.

The story is a Sci-Fi and takes place on a futuristic planet where gay men are not respected. The plot device had promise, but it was never explored to the extent that would have made me enjoy the world building, but this is a novella, so only so much can be done.

The chemistry between the Kaz and Jathan and the sub/dom play make this story worth reading. I give them 4 stars. I give the rest of the book 3 stars.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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