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Hot Ticket

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  4. Enjoy Hot Ticket when you receive it in February!

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And as a bonus Olivia has decided to run a contest of her own. Here are the details:

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Get into Bed with Olivia Cunning (Author Interview)

double time by olivia cunningKeira: What are your top 3 rock songs? Why do you love them?

Olivia Cunning: This is a tough question for me to answer. I’d have a hard time coming up with fewer than 300 favorite rock songs. My top three favorites change day-by-day and hour by hour depending on my mood.

So at the moment, I’m going to go with “Bat Country” by Avenged Sevenfold. It has my favorite guitar solo of all time. And that solo just so happens to be my ring tone. Though I think maybe tonight I like their song “Buried Alive” better.

My second choice is “Psychosocial” by Slipknot. There is just something amazing about how such totally different elements can come together to form a perfect song—hard and edgy, yet smooth. The screaming blended with the singing. I love that. Few vocalists can pull that off with that level of skill. And the drums in that song pack a serious punch.

And for my third song choice tonight, I’ll go with “The Bleeding” by Five Finger Death. Mostly because I had a crappy day at work today and feel the way he sounds. The song is powerful. Not just the lyrics. The music. I feel it on an emotional level.

So those are my top three today, but who knows what my top three favorites will be tomorrow. Maybe I’ll be in an energetic mood and want to listen to Emphatic or Static X. Or angsty and need some Three Days Grace. Or sexy and want some My Darkest Days. Do you see my dilemma? Last week I was on an Aerosmith kick. I must have listed to “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” fifty times. So yes, this is a tough question.

Keira: It’s hard enough juggling one person’s emotions with your own in a relationship, let alone two. How do the characters find a balance in Double Time?

Olivia: They make an effort to ensure everyone’s needs are met—physically and emotionally. Eventually the three develop a strong trust, but that doesn’t come easy, especially since Ethan has broken Reagan’s trust in the past. Even so, I think that because two of them—Ethan and Reagan—have had a past relationship and a continuing friendship, they had a bit of a head start in understanding each other.

Plus, Trey is a pretty easy going person. He’s a bit mixed up at the beginning of the relationship, because he’s denying a big part of who he is and what he needs, but once he figures out how to be happy and how to go about getting what he, he’ll make it work. Trey has an uncanny ability to get anything he wants. Well, almost anything.

The three of them definitely have to communicate with each other. When they don’t, that’s when one of them will start to feel left out, or guilty about paying more attention to one partner compared to another. No one said it was going to be easy! But they genuinely want to work things out, so when things go awry, they set them straight quickly.

Keira: What do you think is the most important part of any relationship?

Olivia: Communication. No one is a mind reader. Problems don’t fix themselves. You have to talk. And half of communication is listening, so that’s just as important.

Keira: If you had to choose: backstage at mid-favorite band’s concert or nosebleed at your favorite band’s concert?

Olivia: Backstage, because it’s beyond the usual experience. And I still dream of marrying a rock star. How’s he supposed to fall madly in love with me if I’m the nosebleed section? Ha!

Keira: What’s up for you after this?

Olivia: The next Sinners on Tour book, Hot Ticket, will be released in February. It’s a deep, dark, emotional read. I definitely listened to a lot of Three Days Grace with that book!

Thanks for having me on your blog today.

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Review: Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning

Reviewed by Aggie S.

“An ultimatum can break your heart… if your not willing to break all the rules…”

Wanting to go back to school to become a lawyer, Jessica gets accepted by the school of her choice and wants to celebrate; but her live-in boyfriend, tells her he can’t afford to send her to law school so she can just forget about it. You see, her boyfriend is a man who needs to control everything.

He tells her that he forbids her to go to school or she won’t become his wife. She tells him then she won’t marry him and that she is leaving. It goes on back and forth for a while until he finally tells her she isn’t strong enough to leave him. Well, Jessica does have a backbone and stands up to him and leaves.

Seth’s band finally starts hitting the good times and is making lots of money. Groupies follow them everywhere and he gets all the sex he wants, but feels that something is missing. Jessica in the mean time finishes the first round of school and finds out that she gets an “F” on a paper that she clearly thinks was a lot better. The teacher is considered to be an “Ice Queen” at school, and for some reason has it out not to pass Jessica. Jessica goes to the Dean for help and he will help her for sex. Not gonna happen according to Jessica.

A failing grade means Jessica will lose her scholarship and needs to raise money to finish. One of the bands members’ girlfriend offers her a summer job to make the money, but it means traveling with the Seth again. Jessica thinks she can do it without getting involved with him again. But can she and does she really want to stay away?

Review: The sex is great and the descriptions make you feel like you are right there. Read this story for some very graphic descriptions and find out if a controlling male can be changed. Do you think he can be?


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Rock Star Weddings

by Olivia Cunning, guest blogger and author of Rock Hard

With the royal wedding being celebrated later this week, I started thinking about rock star weddings. My latest erotic romance novel, Rock Hard, has a wedding scene. It’s not too out there, as far as rock star weddings go. Here’s a short excerpt:

How was it possible for two people to look that happy getting married by an Elvis impersonator in a drive-through? Brian had pulled into the first chapel they’d found. There wasn’t time for a long ceremony. They all had to be on stage in a couple of hours.

Sed grinned as Myrna and Brian recited their vows and exchanged rings. The size of Myrna’s rock put Jessica’s cheap piece of crap to shame, but Sed was very conscious of the discarded ring’s weight in his hip pocket as Brian slid a platinum band on Myrna’s finger.

They’d put the top down on Myrna’s pink, convertible, ’57 Thunderbird coupe. Brian sat on the back of the front seat with Myrna on his lap. Trey, the best man, sat in the middle beside the happy couple. Sed sat on the passenger side as their second witness. He supposed that made him the maid of honor. Always a bride’s maid…

“I now pronounce you husband and uh wife,” the Elvis, justice of the peace, said. “I say uh you may kiss your beautiful bride.”

Brian kissed Myrna deeply. She clung to his shoulders, the Vegas sunshine making her auburn hair glow like fire. She looked absolutely stunning in her white gown. Sed wondered if they’d even make it back to the tour bus before Brian had it off her.

Eric, who sat behind Jace on the motorcycle next to the car, cheered.

“Congratulations.” Sed reached behind Trey to pat Brian on the shoulder.

The couple continued to kiss. And kiss. And kiss. Tug at each other’s clothes. Kiss some more.

“You guys,” Trey protested. “You’re making Jace blush.”

The newlyweds drew apart and stared into each other’s eyes, both of Brian’s surrounded by dark purple bruises. “God, I love you,” Brian murmured. He kissed her again, before drawing away to stare at her with the stupidest grin on his face. She smiled just as stupidly, love shining in her eyes.

Sed had had that. Once.

But no longer.

Stupid Jessica. Sed crossed his arms over his chest, trying his darnedest to be happy for Brian, no matter how miserable the occasion made him feel.

“Are we going to sit here all day?” Trey asked.

“You act like we’re ordering burgers and fries,” Brian said, glaring at Trey.

“Well, what do you expect? We are in a drive-through. Hey, Elvis!” Trey called at the window. “Can we get ketchup with that?’

“One marriage license is all you shall receive from The King. Move along, folks,” Elvis said, his accent evaporating. “We’ve got a line today.”

They slid down into the white leather bench seat and Myrna shifted to sit on Trey’s lap so Brian could drive back to the tour bus.


As you can see, the hero of the book, vocalist Sed Lionheart, isn’t getting married here. His friend Brian, the lead guitarist of Sinners, is the lucky guy. So how do real life rock stars celebrated love and commitment? Stop sniggering. I realize most of the couples I mention below have split up. Most rock stars have traditional weddings. Don’t Motley Crue’s drummer, Tommy Lee, and Heather Locklear look happy together? Sigh. So sweet.

There are those rockers who celebrate a little differently, however.

When Jane’s Addiction’s guitarist, Dave Navarro, married Carmen Electra, they chose a traditional ceremony and attire. Dave’s black nail polish matches his tux perfectly!

Their wedding invitation was anything but traditional.

That has to be the wildest wedding invitation I’ve ever seen. I hear the bachelor party was a bit wild, too. Unfortunately, I wasn’t invited to either. Brian’s bachelor party in Rock Hard got a little out of hand, too. Those rock stars know how to party!

Some rock stars go for shock value when they wed. When singer, Marilyn Manson married Dita Von Teese, they chose a ceremony to reflect their unique personalities. I love how they made the day their own. And they look like they’re having a great time.

Pam Andersen has married more than one rock star, the lucky woman. She married Kid Rock in a bikini on a yacht. Actually, I think she might have worn a dress during the actual ceremony, but it didn’t stay on for long. If I had her body, I’d live in a bikini. I think these two are ready for the honeymoon!

And then you have the rock stars who couldn’t care less what you think of them—my favorite type of rock star. The singer of Nirvana, Curt Cobain, married Courtney Love in his green flannel pajamas. He couldn’t be bothered with a tux. When you’re a musical genius, you can get away with that!

(If you don’t know your rock stars, that’s drummer Dave Grohl standing between the recently married couple.)

I’m a total sap when it comes to weddings. I always, always cry.

What’s your favorite wedding memory? Do you prefer a traditional wedding or something a bit more unique? Will you be watching the royal wedding?

GIVEAWAY: I have two copies of of Rock Hard. Open to US and Canadian readers only. Enter by answering Olivia’s question(s). 1 entry per relevant comment; multiple entries allowed. Last Day to Enter: May 6, 2011.

Review: Backstage Pass: Sinners on Tour by Olivia Cunning

by Mandy Dougherty, guest reviewer

There is something unmistakably genius about the music that flows from Brian Sinclair’s fingers.  As lead songwriter and guitarist of one of the most popular bands on the planet, The Sinners, the rifts he creates have both guys and girls longing for his attention offstage, but living his life as rockstar Master Sinclair is quickly becoming more than Brian can handle.  It has been months since his pen scored a killer tune and mere minutes since he was left heartbroken.  Romanticism and rockstar aren’t exactly synonyms in Brian’s world and more than a handful of female’s have left him wanting more than life on the road and sex with random groupies has to offer.  He never knew just how much more until he met her…

In the area of human sexuality she is an expert, but in the area of love psychologist Myrna Evans is a novice.  Her life is her work and mixing her love of rock-n-roll into her lectures as a professor makes her not only smart, but amazingly sexy.  While speaking at a stuffy academic conference in Chicago, Myrna literally falls into the lap of her favorite band, The Sinners.  Attempting to play coy and not act like a ‘fan girl’, the intellectual sexpot focuses on one member of the group in particular, Master Sinclair.

Thrown into the whirlwind life of a rock band on tour Myrna is having the time of her life…and the nonstop sex with Brian Sinclair isn’t too bad either.  Myrna is shocked when the ghosts from her past that have left her emotionally and physically scarred seem to fade into the background as feelings she has never experienced before take center stage.  She knows that she is not the only female that lusts after the guitarist with the ‘magic fingers’ and that Brian Sinclair has more talent in those hands then most of these groupies know.  Coming to the realization that she doesn’t want to leave Brian or his bandmates just yet, Myrna applies for a grant to research the bands groupies and the lengths they will go to get backstage with the band.

When she is given funding for her research assignment Myrna is both ecstatic and apprehensive.  Will Brian always look at her with lust-filled eyes? Will she be enough to satisfy not only the legend that he portrays onstage, but also the real Brian that lies underneath?   Can the lust that they share turn to love?

Olivia Cunning’s erotic romance debut is phenomenal.  The chemistry between Myrna and Brian is palpable and their sexual encounters page searing.  Backstage Pass: Sinners on Tour is 378 pages of romance laced with sexual experimentation, voyeurism, threesomes and rock-n-roll.  Cunning does a fantastic job at making such a ‘fairytale’ storyline seem plausible and realistic.  Though the book centers on the relationship forged between Brian and Myrna, Cunning intertwines the other members of the band into the story seamlessly.  Cunning has me hooked on The Sinners and I cannot wait to follow their journey with the next book, Rock Hard, in the Spring of 2011.  I can safely say that I will never listen to a rock song the same.

[rating: 5]

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