What I Look for in a Publisher

What I Look for in a Publisherby Guest Blogger

Hi, I’m Pippa Jay, author of scifi and the supernatural with a romantic soul. Die-hard Whovian, Scaper, and Sith-in-training, and mum to three redhaired little monsters. I’ve not been published three years yet, but I’ve learnt a lot in that time – some of it the hard way, lol. One thing I have is a […]

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Review: Romance Abroad by Annie Seaton

Review: Romance Abroad by Annie Seatonby Lynn Reynolds

Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds Please make sure to read the letter from the author. She reminds us that sometimes we forget that authors started out as readers just like us. She also reminds us how diverse other countries are – which is something I tend to forget. I also love to find out that I […]

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How to Write a Query Letter

How to Write a Query Letterby Guest Blogger

Guest Blog by Kara Leigh Miller, author of Death of a Waterfall (The Hayden Falls Saga) Ah, the dreaded query. It’s the bane of every author’s existence. A great query can grab the editors or agents attention and get them to ask you for your full manuscript. A bad query, however, can get you rejected […]

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Dealing With Rejection

Dealing With Rejectionby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Adrienne Giordano, author of Relentless Pursuit Rejection. It’s a nasty little word isn’t it? As writers, we face it. A lot. I personally have never gotten comfortable with it. Silly me, I thought once I’d found an agent and reached the ranks of published author, the rejections would somehow miraculously be easier […]

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From Aspiring Writer to Published Author

From Aspiring Writer to Published Authorby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Cher Green, author of Escape to Love Beginning my journey years ago, I have encountered many obstacles, close encounters, and deathly blows along the road to publication. When I decided to take my writing goals seriously, I went straight for a novel length project. Although the story never found completion, it was […]

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3 Steps to Get Through Manuscript Revisions

3 Steps to Get Through Manuscript Revisionsby Guest Blogger

by Rayka Mennen, guest blogger and author of Enchanted Destiny My new release Enchanted Destiny went through several revisions and I got to thinking about the editing process. My critique partner, Angela Foster, and I do what she calls ‘sweeps.’ So what’s a Sweep? Think of it as making an editing pass through your manuscript […]

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