Review: Waking Up Immortal (Universal Security, Book 1) by Rachel Carrington

Waking Up ImmortalHero: Kier is part-man-part-machine and is the head warden for the most dangerous prison in the galaxy. One particular inmate is a huge problem and despite all efforts to isolate the man and contain his powers, the inmate keeps progressing forward a master scheme to get revenge and gain his freedom. So when the inmate’s daughter starts looking for her father, Kier gets a little edgy.

Heroine: Chloe nearly dies and learns from her mother that she’s an alien. Apparently dying triggers some immortality gene and she’ll be young and pretty forever. Chloe has no desire to live that way and decides to find her absentee father and get the goods on reversing this little tick. Along the way she finds out her father was tortured and then imprisoned by two different parties and hopes he’s not as bad as everyone says he is… A handsome Terminator-like fellow tries to persuade her otherwise, but Chloe is going to get answers!

Review: The world-building for Waking Up Immortal is too vague. You can catch the general picture of the setup but the nuances are missing to really solidify the how the aliens/humans on earth interact and what exactly is their purpose/mission. Chloe goes back and forth quite a bit on wanting to meet her dad, and when she finally meets her dad he tries to kill her / turn her over to the people who tortured him and everything gets a bit muddled. She disobeys Kier when she should listen to him in a very (too-stupid-to-live) TSTL kind of way– I mean really, the girl just realized she’s an alien and has no clue what is really going on and instead of listening thinks she knows best? The dad is a very interesting villain and the head-case drama he can pull is creepy. Kier by far is my favorite character.


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Review: Extreme Measures by Rachel Carrington

extreme measuresReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Stuart O’Malley and Arlin Murphy are found in a cell located at Attica Prison and are planning their escape. Matt Giles’ duty is to try to recapture them. Rachel also lets us know that he has a personal connection to the case.

Erin Prescott is a waitress/owner of a coffee shop. One day at work she sees her ex-husband. There is one scene where Rachel has the couple spending time together and you can just about feel the tension between the two of them.

Rachel does a great job of showing how “nasty” Stuart and Arlin are. She also knows how to build the suspense and that will have you holding your breath. It will also have you wanting to turn the page so that you can find out how everything ends. It goes to show how desperate some people can become and how it can affect the people around them. I also have to wonder the amount of research that needed to be done in order to get all the facts and situations to sound believable.

This is a book with mystery, action, and suspense that starts right from the beginning. If you’re looking for a book that has lots of romance in it, you won’t find it here. But if you want a book that has lots of suspense and then ends with the romance this book is for you. If you have read other books by Rachel this is also a book that you will want to add to that list. I also felt that this is one of those stories that would be great as a movie.


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Get into Bed with Rachel Carrington (Author Interview)

the first spellLynn Reynolds: Are you a person that loves to fly as a passenger or would you like to be the pilot?

Rachel Carrington: Just as a passenger. I’ve never even thought about taking pilot lessons because my eyesight isn’t 20/20 even with glasses. So I wouldn’t want to be up in the air squinting and trying to figure out if a really big bird or the blimp was coming at us.

Lynn: If you had any special powers, like some of your characters, what would it be and why?

Rachel: Wow. Good question. I’d love to be able to just think about one place and be there in a split second. Talk about saving time on travel! I could visit the rest of the states in a matter of days! I wouldn’t mind being able to just float up into the sky, either. That would be a cool way to relax.

Lynn: Do any of your favorite shows influence your writing?

Rachel: No, not really. I do picture some of my characters as the characters on screen, but I don’t use their personalities. And since I watch so few shows, there really isn’t a lot to influence me. I mean, I love, love, love Bones, but I couldn’t ever match what the writers of that show do. And I think trying to use some of the characterization would just be me doing the characters a disservice.

Lynn: Having been a paralegal, do you ever email the crime shows letting them know what they got wrong? Would you ever consider writing an episode for one of those shows?

Rachel: I don’t even though I’ve wanted to many, many times, especially when I see a lawyer yelling at a judge or the paralegal flitting around gossiping while the lawyer is in court. A good portion of the time, I would attend the trial with the lawyers as do most paralegals I know.

I would definitely consider writing an episode for a crime show. I think it’d be intensive work, but to see your work come alive on the screen would be incredible.

Lynn: Who are your favorite authors and what book can you not wait to read?

Rachel: Christine Feehan is one of my favorite authors as is Sarra Cannon. Right now, I’m waiting for the final book in her Peachville High Series. Impatiently waiting, I might add.

Lynn: Since you love to sing, if you could be a backup singer for anyone who would it be and what song would it be?

Rachel: What a great question! I’ve never thought about this before, but now that I have, it would have to be Carrie Underwood and/or Reba McEntire because I have a lot of country in my voice from living in the South all my life.

Lynn: On your web site you mention that you have visited 14 of our 50 states. Which state have you liked the best so far? What made it your favorite?

Rachel: That would be hard for me to choose because there was something I loved in each state. I’m actually now up to fifteen states as I just visited Pennsylvania in August. Each place I’ve been has given me a memory that I’ll treasure.

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Review: The First Spell (Hot Magic, Book 0.5) by Rachel Carrington

the first spellReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Something has happened to Charlie. Jensen and his brother, Remy, find her in the woods. Charlie asks Jensen “Is he always so cross?” I loved his answer to her question, “Only on days that end in y”. I know a few people who could join Remy.

Charlie seems to be the unwitting pawn in some kind of war. And Jensen seems to be her “knight in shining armor”. Remy appears to be the total opposite. It will be interesting to see if Rachel has given Remy his own story.

The title of the book gives you a hint as to what type of supernatural being they are. It may have you thinking about “Harry Potter” but this is so much more. There is no comparison that can be made between the two. It also states that it is a prequel but it can stand alone. This is a good way to see if you might like to check out the other books in the series.

According to Rachel’s web site, she has three books in this series already out (besides this one). The other books already out are Indigo Spell, Unchained Spell, and Breaking the Spell. If you loved Rachel’s vampire series, you may enjoy this series as well. The YouTube spot for this book is


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Why I Love Writing About Vampires

vampire cursedGuest Blog by Rachel Carrington, author of Vampire Cursed

We all have our different takes on vampires. Some of us still adhere to the beliefs that vampires should burst into flames in the sun, be repelled by garlic, and frightened by a cross like Spike and Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Newer takes on vampires, Edward Cullen and the The Twilight Saga vamps, have them as being virtually indestructible. Even a stake to the heart won’t quite do it, but the sun makes them glitter like diamonds.

Oh, and let’s not forget Mick from the television show that only lasted one season, Moonlight. He couldn’t be killed by stakes, only paralyzed. And he could walk out in the sun, but he quickly became dehydrated.

Christine Feehan writes vampires as foul creatures who need to be destroyed while other authors portray them as sexy, tormented beings who are only looking for love.

There are myriads of readers who adamantly swear one type of vampire is the only way. Whether it’s the Buffyverse, the Twi-Hards, or whatever other groups exist, they want vampires to remain the way they’ve known them, possibly the way they’ve seen them first.

Now you know why I like writing about vampires. There is no one way to define them, and the challenge of creating the undead is something that never fails to excite me. Whether I’m giving him a new take on the old mythology or sticking with the tried and true, I prefer to inject a little something different into each one I write. Whether it’s a curse that made him that way or a vampire who undergoes an excruciatingly painful procedure to keep from killing humans, they all have something that set them apart from different vampires.

But a few things do remain the same. They are always sexy. Always handsome. And always out for blood.

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