What’s a Good Way to Write?

What's a Good Way to Write?by Guest Blogger

Hi! I’m Crystal Perkins. My good friend, Tera Lynn Childs and I are taking over the blog today as part of our Sassy and Sexy Romance Tour! Tera is the “Sassy” part of our equation. Her City Chicks books feature behind closed door, or in the case of Trying Texas, behind closed bushes action. I’m […]

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Out of Your Reading “Comfort” Zone

Out of Your Reading “Comfort” Zoneby Keira

If you’re like me, you have a list of things that you like and hate to read. Sometimes though, you come across a book that you should dislike emphatically because it hits on one major dislike or several minor dislikes… and yet, despite the book containing things you dislike to read you find yourself irresistibly […]

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Three Pet Peeves That Get My Goat

Three Pet Peeves That Get My Goatby Keira

Many of us have pet peeves when it comes to our reading habits. There are certain things that when executed just about darn get our goat. For me, I have three pet peeves that really get my ire up; I wonder if you’ll agree. Contradictions – If a character has never roller-skated don’t make the […]

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Do You Listen to Music When You Read?

Do You Listen to Music When You Read?by Keira

I’m not a person generally inclined to play music while I read for pleasure. I find that it’s distracting and can pull me from the middle of a good book – either because I want to sing along or because commercials came on and are aggravating. Now when I do read for work or blogging, […]

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What Novels Do You Read on Holiday?

What Novels Do You Read on Holiday?by Sandra Scholes

Guest blog by Sandra Scholes When the holiday period comes upon us, it is a time of sharing and caring for loved ones, parents and other dear relatives as well as friends we haven’t seen for a long time. The holidays also have us remember what books we have read when we have had time, […]

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You Might Be a Reader If…

You Might Be a Reader If…by Keira

The idea for this post comes from Lynn Byer. Thanks for the inspiration! Here are some sure signs you are not a casual reader but an avid reader: You bought an ereader and now do a good portion of your reading on it. (True!) You remember to charge your ereader more than your phone. (Yes, […]

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Letting Your Mind Wander…

Letting Your Mind Wander…by Sharon S.

by Sharon S., guest blogger This post was inspired by Nancy Holzner (author of the Deadtown UF series). She did a post over at Dark Central Station called In praise of doing nothing. She talks about how doing “nothing” is something we all need to do more of, just like when we were kids. What […]

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The Author as a Reader

The Author as a Readerby Guest Blogger

by Myne Whitman, guest blogger and author of A Love Rekindled My first novel, A Heart to Mend, was published in 2009, and with the positive reviews came the interviewers. My second, A Love Rekindled, out in March 2011 has also started getting some attention, and one of the more common question remains, “When did […]

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