Review: In Bed with a Rogue (Rival Rogues, Book 2) by Samantha Grace

bed with a rogueHero: Baron Sebastian Thorne is the subject of ton gossip ever since he was jilted at the altar. It doesn’t help that his sister was also jilted. The ton wonders if there’s something wrong with them — because their father was mad — and if madness runs in the family. Sebastian vows to restore the family’s good name and help his sister.

Heroine: For widowed Lady Helena Prestwick’s proper appearances are deceiving. She is a woman of many secrets. Sold by her father to pay his gambling debts, she live many unhappy years in Scotland. Now independent she’s searching for her other sisters, planning to rescue them all. The two are brought together when Helena (the White Angel) rescues Sebastian from thugs in White Chapel.

Review: The opening sequence when the main characters meet each other is probably my favorite part. I liked the intrigue surrounding the White Angel, who brought relief to the slums through charity. Her man servant is searching brothels for her sister and she’s supposed to stay nearby to help coax her sister out if found. Instead she has an opportunity to save someone and takes it. I love that she takes the role usually reserved for the hero. The pacing of the story is where the novel didn’t work for me. It seemed to plod a long time before it picked up the pace.


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image001In Bed with a Rogue
By Samantha Grace
Soucebooks Casablanca
Historical Romance

He’s the Talk of the Town

The whole town is tittering about Baron Sebastian Thorne having been jilted at the altar. Every move he makes ends up in the gossip columns. Tired of being the butt of everyone’s jokes, Sebastian vows to restore his family’s reputation no matter what it takes.

She’s the Toast of the Ton

Feted by the crème of society, the beautiful widow Lady Prestwick is a vision of all that is proper. But Helena is no angel, and when Sebastian uncovers her dark secret, he’s quick to press his advantage. In order to keep her hard-won good name, Helen will have to make a deal with the devil. But she’s got some tricks up her sleeves to keep this notorious rogue on his toes…

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Historical romance author Samantha Grace discovered the appeal of a great love story when she was just a young girl, thanks to Disney’s Robin Hood. She didn’t care that Robin Hood and Maid Marian were cartoon animals. It was her first happily-ever-after experience and she didn’t want the warm fuzzies to end. Now Samantha enjoys creating her own happy-endings for characters that spring from her imagination. Publishers Weekly describes her stories as “fresh and romantic” with subtle humor and charm. Samantha describes romance writing as the best job ever.



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Review: Lady Vivian Defies a Duke (Beau Monde, Book 4) by Samantha Grace

lady vivian defies a dukeHeroine: Lady Vivian Worth refuses to be held to the standards of proper etiquette when nobody is around to witness her behavior. This lands her in hot water when a stranger finds her swimming in her chemise. Of course, it is not just any stranger but the right-hand man of her finance. She must now convince him she is a properly behaved bride-to-be and hope he will not tell the Duke of Foxhaven otherwise. Maybe if she can make him believe the stranger he met by the water wasn’t her! Yes, that sounds like a plan.

Hero: Luke Forest, the Duke of Foxhaven, is not supposed to be visiting his bride-to-be, but his steward. However, an attack of conscious bid him to come and explain to his fiancée that he can’t marry her… in person. The woman he meets at the water ends up being the woman his late father betrothed him to and she is a hoyden! His plans for his life rapidly take a turn toward the marriage mart, but he tries to set her up with another man despite his growing he-man inclinations to claim Vivian for himself. Eventually, he can’t imagine her marriage with anyone but him…

Review: This book is funny and cute with lots of mix-ups and outlandish behavior abound! I love how Luke defends Vivian to her hometown at the picnic and partners with her even when he is inclined to break their engagement. He can’t picture her wedded to any gentlemen but himself, because all others would seek to crush her spirit, a spirit he greatly admires. He struggles with the love he’s rapidly falling into and while the waters are tricky, they are worth it. Vivian knows this is her last chance, because of the position she was caught in before with a stableman. She sees Luke’s request as a challenge to change his mind and the more she gets to know him the more she wants this betrothal to stick. A series of mishaps and the machinations of a few characters almost break apart the romance, but luckily both characters know what their love is worth! No long drawn out misunderstanding here!


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Get into Bed with Samantha Grace (Author Interview 3)

defies a dukeKeira: You believe everyone has a story worth remembering. What is a story that has surprised and touched you from your work with aging adults?

Samantha Grace: Probably the most common thing I ask people is how they met their spouse. One couple I worked with met on a train to Chicago. Another met on a street corner the day the man returned from war. One lovely, devoted couple met while on a double date, only they each were out with another person. Then there was a story of a couple that fell in love through letters. She read an article he had written in a newspaper and wrote a heartfelt letter telling him how touched she was by his writing. They exchanged correspondence and love blossomed.

­My favorite stories came from a couple that met when they were musicians during the thirties. She was a singer and he was a band member, and they performed together at a fancy hotel. (This was the Big Band days, which already has an air of romance to me.) After only knowing him a few days, she marched up to him after rehearsal and said she was going to marry him. She was right, except she became much more than his wife. She was the love of his life. The gentleman also had great tales about run-ins with gangsters and playing in speakeasies. I could’ve listened to them tell stories all day. But the best part was how they told the stories together, as if their stories wouldn’t be complete without the other’s participation.

Keira: How does that translate into your writing?

Samantha: I never use these couples’ stories in my books, but they inspire me. I think I’m most drawn to the couples that met in a fun situation and developed a deep friendship over the years, in addition to being mates. Maybe that’s the reason I enjoy adding a little humor when my hero and heroine meet and building a friendship between them before they fall madly in love.

Keira: A gentleman from the Regency era looks for a wife who fits these qualities…

Samantha: Well, it depends who you ask in Lady Vivian Defies a Duke. Lady Vivian’s brother thinks a young lady who is obedient, docile, and domesticated makes a good wife. The Duke of Foxhaven thinks if he valued those characteristics, he could get a dog. Luke really isn’t looking for a wife, but he’s drawn to Vivian’s adventurous spirit, kindness, and freshening curiosity.

Keira: Haha! Love it! Some might say gentlemen from today look for this particular quality…

Samantha: I think modern men want a wife who will be a companion to share in the activities they enjoy. That might mean having an adventurous spirit. I’ve met a lot of women who started hunting, golfing, riding motorcycles, etc. because that’s what their husbands liked to do, and they’ve found they love those things too.

Keira: What is the weirdest (at least in terms of today’s mores) Regency rule you’ve encountered?

Samantha: I think it’s strange that it was considered scandalous to wear drawers when they first came on the scene. I believe the outrage came from the fact the trim was often visible beneath the skirts. It’s hilarious to me that a little frilly lace would send someone into the vapors, but going commando was perfectly fine. It does make writing love scenes easier for authors, though.

Keira: Why does Lady Vivian Worth flout the rules of her era?

Samantha: I wouldn’t say she actively sets out to break the rules. She just lives life at a full gallop. Sometimes she’s impulsive and that gets her into trouble. I loosely based her personality on my daughter who lives life fully and without reservations. I admire her bravery and determination. This characteristic leads to accidents for my daughter, whereas Vivian is more likely to wind up in trouble, but their responses are similar when they get hurt. They may shed a tear or two, but then they pick themselves up and try once again to tackle the world.

Keira: How did the Duke of Foxhaven get his name?

Samantha: I know Luke Forest is a stone cold fox, but that’s not how he got his name. LOL. I think of all the Forests as too clever for their own good, and they are a very close-knit, loyal family. Their parents created a safe haven for them all their lives, and they flourished in a happy home. Foxhaven just seemed to fit, and of course Luke inherited the title from his father.

Keira: Does he ever find that other man to fulfill the role of husband to Lady Vivian in Lady Vivian Defies a Duke? 😉

Samantha: Now, I can’t answer that without spoiling the story, but let’s just say she ends up with her perfect match.

Keira: What is your favorite moment in the book?

Samantha: It’s hard for me to pick a favorite moment. I really enjoyed the time I spent writing Luke’s and Vivian’s story. They were a fun couple, but I guess if I had to pick just one, I’d say the moment Luke opens up about his accident is my favorite. It’s sweet, tender, and deepens their connection. It’s no longer about physical attraction, but about trust and compassion. It’s not easy to admit to weaknesses, especially if the person is in a position where others look to him to be strong. To be able to open up to another person and have her listen without judgment is priceless.

I’d love to ask readers a question. When the heroine and hero meet for the first time, this is often called the meet-cute or cute meet. It’s an entertaining way the couple comes together for the first time, for example, when Edward is lost in Pretty Woman and stops to ask Vivian how to get to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, and she makes him pay for directions. What is one of your favorite cute meets from a movie or book?

samantha graceAuthor Bio: Samantha Grace is the author of several Regency romance novels. Lady Vivian Defies a Duke is the final installment of her Beau Monde Bachelor series. Publisher’s Weekly describes her stories as “fresh and romantic” with subtle humor and charm. She writes what she enjoys reading: romantic comedies about family, friendship, and flawed characters who learn how to love deeply.

Samantha is a part-time hospice social worker, moonlighting author, and full time wife and mom. She enjoys life in the Midwest with her husband, two witty kids, and a multitude of characters that spring from her imagination. To learn more about Samantha’s books, you can visit her website at:

To Connect with Samantha, you can find her at:

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Get into Bed with Samantha Grace (Author Interview 2)

little white lieKeira: What little white lie inspired Miss Lavigne’s Little White Lie?

Samantha Grace: The words “little white lie” in the title are meant a bit tongue-in-cheek. What seems like a small lie in the beginning—allowing Captain Daniel Hillary to believe she is a widow—places her future and that of her brother and cousin in jeopardy. But probably what is most damaging isn’t necessarily a lie. When the captain notices she seems desperate to leave New Orleans, he asks if she is in trouble. Is she a fugitive? She tells him no, but she is running from someone and this places everyone on ship in danger. Of course, Lisette couldn’t have predicted the danger, because it’s unreasonable that her fiancé would pursue her for her small dowry.

Keira: When is lying acceptable?

Samantha: Tough question. Sometimes what I might consider the “truth” is actually just my opinion. Giving my unvarnished opinion may cause more harm than good in some situations, such as when there is nothing the person can do about it. For example, you’re walking into a party and your friend asks if the dress she’s wearing makes her look fat. Maybe I think she should have chosen a black dress, because she’s still carrying some baby weight from her last pregnancy and it shows in the white dress. What would it accomplish by telling her what I think? Is she really going to run out and buy a new dress at the moment? No. She would go into the party feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious. Why would I steal her joy?

Another time it makes no sense to give a dissenting opinion is when it doesn’t really matter what I think. If my friend loves her new haircut and I think it looks hideous, it seems arrogant to think my opinion is more valuable than hers. I’ll keep my mouth closed.

On the other hand, I work closely with other writers and I’m asked to give feedback on something they’ve written. I always tell them “this is just my opinion”, but if I see a potential problem or have a negative reaction to a character, I feel a duty to respectfully tell them what I think. If I’m not honest, it may hurt their chances of making a sale, or they might receive criticism from readers. It’s their decision if they want to listen to my feedback.

I feel I have to weigh the potential harm against the good when deciding whether or not to tell the truth. The only time I would lie without hesitation is if the truth would place another person in danger.

Keira: Is it ever acceptable if the intentions were selfish?

Samantha: Wow. Another great question. Essentially, most intentions could be considered selfish, I suppose. If we lie to protect a friend’s feelings, it’s because we don’t want to lose the friendship, right? But if we are lying for self-gain, then no. I don’t think it’s ever acceptable.

Keira: Why does Captain Daniel Hillary not allow women on board his ship? Is it superstition?

Samantha: Daniel had a woman die on his ship, so he thinks sea travel is too dangerous for women. I can’t go into more detail without giving away an important part of the story. 🙂

Keira: Fill in the Blank: Quick weddings lead to _____________.

Samantha: interesting wedding nights.

I had fun writing Daniel and Lisette’s wedding night scene. It has a dose of humor along with a little sweetness and a bit of steaminess. I couldn’t write a sweeping love scene without it feeling generic. It really had to fit the characters.

Keira: What is your next project?

Samantha: I recently returned revisions for the last Beau Monde Bachelors story, Lady Vivian Defies a Duke, to my new editor, Leah Hultenschmidt. The book will be released May 1, 2013, and here is a basic overview of the story.

Luke Forest, the Duke of Foxhaven, inherited more than a title with his father’s untimely death; he has a fiancée he never knew existed. Luke isn’t any more suited to be a husband than he is to fill his father’s Hessians, so he pays a call to his betrothed, hoping he can convince her to break their agreement. When Lady Vivian refuses, he proposes to find her a replacement husband at his mother’s house party and she agrees. Little does he realize Lady Vivian intends to win his heart long before they reach their destination.

Samantha Grace Spring

Author Bio: Samantha Grace made her debut earlier this year with Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel. Her newest regency romance, Miss Lavigne’s Little White Lie, received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly, and she did a happy dance in her kitchen. Samantha lives with her husband, their two tenacious kids, and an endless parade of characters that inhabit her imagination. You can connect with Samantha at:

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