Review: The Time Traveler’s Boyfriend by Annabelle Costa

time-travelers-boyfriend-by-annabelle-costaSummary: Claudia loves her boyfriend Adam and would love to marry him. Unfortunately, he’s not ready for the next step. He’s leery of commitment because he had been deeply hurt by a girl he met just after the accident that left him paralyzed. When Adam invents a time machine and asks Claudia to use it to save him from the accident, she’s not sure what to think. But then Claudia sees this as the perfect way to separate Adam from the emotional wounds of his past. If he never meets that girl then he’ll be emotionally ready for marriage in the present when she gets back… of course it’s not that simple and things go awry.

Review: This is a cute, fluffy romance that is quick to get into and quick to read. I loved Claudia’s and Adam’s interaction after her first foray into the past. Oh my! Not quite what either one were expecting. I liked how Claudia accidentally-but-eventually-purposefully influenced her younger self toward the career path she finds so rewarding. I like how young-Claudia and time-travel-Claudia butted heads about things. I love young-Adam and Adam-at-the-end-of-the-book. It’s hard to say what made this work for me without giving too much away. I hope though, if you’re in the mood for something lighthearted you’ll consider reading this book!


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Review: Reluctant Protector (Protectors Series, Book 1) by Nana Malone

Reluctant Protector Nana MaloneReviewed by Karin of Savvy Thinker

Cassie Reeser’s brother has engineered her to be a genetically altered person, and not only herself, but others also. She has been virtually kept prisoner, though she has tried to escape. This time, she makes it out in the trunk of a car belonging to Seth Adams, a former war correspondent. When she tells him her tale, he hardly believes her, but soon they are running for their lives, against the ruthlessness of her brother.

Cassie must protect Seth, because he has no idea what he is up against. And she has promised to free the others held by her brother. This is Cassie’s one chance to experience life outside of a laboratory. Cassie and Seth make a good pair – and the sex is hot. Moved a little fast for me, but on the other hand if the alternative is death, well, move fast indeed!

A solid read. Very enjoyable.


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Review: Enemy Within by Marcella Burnard

Any sci-fi fan would love Marcella Burnard’s futuristic romance Enemy Within. This novel is quick to throw you into wordbuilding that is both competent and exciting. It combines a badass hero with an equally badass heroine, but the heroine is more fragile than she appears.

Alexandra Rose Idylle (Ari for short) is super tough on the outside, but on the inside she feels like mush. Her history is a tragic one – having recently endured 3 months capture by the enemy bug-like aliens of the Armada. Upon her release, she’s stripped of her command as Captain because she can’t be trusted due to the fact that the Chekydran is known for reprogramming its prisoners. She can’t even trust herself… something is different. It’s a daily struggle to prove her humanity to herself and she does it in anyway she can… including saving the lives of the men who take over her ship!

“Space pirate” Cullin Seaghdh (Shaw) recognizes Ari immediately, even though he’s never spoken to her before in his life. Her story is legend, but he knew of her prior to her successful release from the Chekydran after being accused as a spy. Ari is of great importance for the successful completion of his mission – but the young Captain isn’t about to go down without a fight. It’s a challenge he can’t resist to play and though he constantly messes up during the course of his seduction, he’s willing to make things right over and over.

The romance between hero and heroine is very sweet and very intense. They trade sexy banter as fast as they wield their weapons. For the first time ever the hero cares… he’s no longer the second in command guy, he’s much more and he sees much more in her. He wants to heal her and hold her and take care of her. She has never really felt attraction before and thought she couldn’t ever feel again after her experience at the hands Chekydran.

There were parts out of my comfort zone, mainly the polytheism and torture Ari suffered and suffers. It was disquieting. She has PTSD flashbacks which when she’s in the thrall of make her very dangerous as she react violently to them. She can’t sleep because of the nightmares. She hates to be touched and flinches from contact. Cullin is gentle with her, but her fragility is heartrending. It’s a good thing Cullin is a master of the Art of the Blade, otherwise breaking down Ari’s barriers might have been impossible.


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