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And Finally a Sequel!

And Finally a Sequel!by Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Heather Lin, author of Rosa’s Story I’m excited to be back at Love Romance Passion to discuss my latest release, Rosa’s Story. A few years ago, I was here promoting my contemporary romance novella, Westridge, and this—finally—Is one of two sequels I’d had planned from the start. You’re probably wondering why it […]

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Get into Bed with Deb Marlowe (Author Interview 3)

Get into Bed with Deb Marlowe (Author Interview 3)by Keira

Keira: What is the Harris List of Covent Garden Ladies? Deb Marlowe: The Harris List of Covent Garden Ladies was a real publication, an annual register of lightskirts (prostitutes) in London.  It was widely popular in the 18th century and had faded out of existence by the Regency.  It was written in a light tone, […]

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Self-publishing: Have a Game Plan

Self-publishing: Have a Game Planby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by K. Victoria Chase, author of Alejandro When I was ready to publish my fifth novel, I knew I had to do it myself. There are a host of reasons why authors should self-publish, but many still believe it’s an impossible undertaking. Let me make a molehill out of that mountain. As with […]

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Why I Chose to Self-Publish

Why I Chose to Self-Publishby Guest Blogger

Guest post by Michele Gorman, author of Single in the City You shouldn’t run with scissors. You should say please and thank you. Sometimes it makes sense to do what you’re told, so I rarely run with any sharp instrument and always mind my manners. Sometimes, though, what you’re told just doesn’t make sense. I’ve […]

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Small Press v. Self-Publishing

Small Press v. Self-Publishingby Guest Blogger

by Nadia Lee, guest blogger and author of Carnal Secrets After I walked from the deal on Carnal Secrets (if you want to read about that, please check out the following blog posts: “Read the Fine Print” [] and “Walking Away Can Be Hard” []), I decided to go it alone.  Doing it myself wasn’t […]

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From Concept to Print

From Concept to Printby Guest Blogger

by Carmen Shirkey, guest blogger and author of The List: Can Pefect Be Put On Paper? Greetings! As an author of a newly released romantic comedy book, The List, I’m often asked, “Wow! You had time to write a book? How’d you do it?” Let me just say that getting to the point where I […]

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