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Review: The Bad Baron’s Daughter by Laura London

Review: The Bad Baron's Daughter by Laura Londonby Keira

Heroine: Katie Kendricks’ father has disappeared. He’s done it a time or two before but has never been gone for so long. It wouldn’t be a problem, except his creditors are breathing down Katie’s neck and frightening her. Her plan to reach her friend’s bar, The Merry Maidenhead, in London is met with success… but […]

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Reader Highlight with Kati of Katidom

Reader Highlight with Kati of Katidomby Keira

Keira: You pick up the phone and on the other end is your all time favorite romance author offering to write you a story just the way you want it – setting, names, character types, time period, genre, etc. Which author is it and what are you going to have them write? Kati: Great question! […]

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