Review: The Bad Baron’s Daughter by Laura London

bad baron's daughterHeroine: Katie Kendricks’ father has disappeared. He’s done it a time or two before but has never been gone for so long. It wouldn’t be a problem, except his creditors are breathing down Katie’s neck and frightening her. Her plan to reach her friend’s bar, The Merry Maidenhead, in London is met with success… but her plans to stay do not when she upsets a regular brute in the bar who wants to show her a lesson or two.

Hero: Lord Linden is a rake of the first order. He goes from one amusement to the next as the mood strikes him. He is easily bored with the London life, but what gentleman isn’t? Having once worked for the War Office, he recognizes on second look that the barboy is in fact a bargirl and is moved to rescue her from the lowlife attempting to teach her a lesson in the middle of the bar. When the owner of the Merry Maidenhead pimps her out, he’s disgusted at the man but pays him fifty pounds to save the girl from the other brute lined up… the more he learns about the girl, the more he’s certain he’s not good for her, but clearly someone needs to watch out for her as someone wants her dead.

Review: The hero, Lesley Byrne, Lord Linden, has made his way onto my favorite heroes list. He reminds me of Justin Alastair from These Old Shades, who is also one of my favorite heroes. There’s a striking contrast between his elegant ennui and his sincere desire to protect the heroine… even from himself. He wants her desperately, but can’t bring himself to debauch her and take her innocence. He’s frustrated and irritated by these new feelings and can come across cruel, violent, or forgetful, but he’s the opposite underneath his outward shell. That dichotomy is what makes it work for me.

The writing is nearly flawless. There was a time or two when a character would make an observation mentally and another character would also expound on it mentally as if in agreement. I had to reread those passages to see if I had missed something. Overall this was a delightful Regency romp that I wish I had known about sooner! It is well worth getting a hold of this book because I believe you will want to keep it on your favorite’s shelf and revisit often. I know that is what I will be doing.


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Reader Highlight with Kati of Katidom

Keira: You pick up the phone and on the other end is your all time favorite romance author offering to write you a story just the way you want it – setting, names, character types, time period, genre, etc. Which author is it and what are you going to have them write?

Kati: Great question! It would be Lisa Kleypas, and she would be writing another contemporary. In my dream world, it would be Joe Travis’s story from her Texas set contemporary series. But this time, she’d give us both view points, and not just the heroines. Lisa’s contemps have been my top reads for the last three years. She’s an absolute sure thing for me.

Keira: As someone who works for NASA you’ll love this next question – they’re sending you up to the space station and providing you with all the books you could desire, but there’s just one catch – only one subgenre of romance is allowed. Which subgenre do you pick to be free and why?

Kati: This is tough because I read contemporary, paranormal and historical. But I’d say paranormal, because they can have both contemporary and historical settings, thus feeding all my needs! ;o)

Keira: You’ve been blogging at Katidom since 2007. What are some of your favorite posts that haven’t gotten as much loving as you feel they deserve?

Kati: My favorite posts are the ones that deal with pop culture. I know, I know, it should be the ones about romance. But my post on which fictional TV or movie character would be your boyfriend, or my secret inappropriate crush are probably my two favorite posts. Mostly because even non-romance readers have opinions about that. Also, I have a not-so-secret love of meme’s.

Keira: What are your top 5 favorite romances and if you could rename them what would their titles be?

Kati: God, I’m terrible at this. I’m about the least creative or imaginative person you can think of. My favorite romances are:

  • The Windflower by Tom and Sharon Curtis. The new title would have something to do with Merry’s Evolution from Weak Heroine to Stronger Heroine
  • Sea Swept by Nora Roberts uh, the title would be Cameron Quinn is Sex on a Stick
  • Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas uh, the title would be Jack Travis is Sex on a Stick (do you see a theme here?!)
  • Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh, um, Lucas Hunter is a Bad Ass Alpha and ALSO Sex on a Stick
  • Archangel’s Kiss by Nalini Singh uh, Raphael is Hot?

See? Unoriginal, but there’s a theme.

Keira: Who is your favorite Nora Roberts hero? You can pick two if you give one from her J.D. Robb books also!

Kati: Easy! Roarke (who doesn’t freaking LOVE Roarke?) and Cameron Quinn, who I love because he’s a race car driver/daredevil guy who gives it all up to become a stay at home dad.

Keira: Your favorite clinch cover is:

Kati: Oooh! Love Only Once. Reggie and Nicholas, yummy! God I loved that book!

Keira: Name 3-5 romance authors you haven’t had a chance to read yet, but want to read:


  • Ilona Andrews
  • Sarah Mayberry
  • Simone Eckels

Keira: What are some of your favorite/least favorite character types, plots, and literary devices?

Kati: I absolutely loathe the “love by deceit” trope. Any book where the hero lies to the heroine or where they deceive each other by impersonating someone else is an immediate DNF for me.

Keira: Do you prefer Old School romances or New School romances and why?

Kati: I started reading romance in 1983, so I’m a definite Old School reader, which I think makes me more forgiving of super dominant heroes. I am someone who definitely isn’t horrified by the whole forced seduction scenario or a heroine who is “silly”. That being said, I love how smart new school romances are. How the plots seem so much more complicated and the settings are really exotic. So, I’m an Old/New School reader. I read them all and enjoy most of them.

Keira: Is there anything else you’d like to talk about or share?

Kati: I can’t think of anything. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Keira!