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Review: Two Friends and a Bartender by Harley Baker

Review: Two Friends and a Bartender by Harley Bakerby Sandra Scholes

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes Synopsis: Sarah Ford thinks Norman Tuttle loves her, but it seems she doesn’t love him in return. He comes from a good background, and her parents like him so there should be no problems, but little by little she finds that she wants more from her life than settling down to […]

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Review: If You Want Me by Tara Mills

Review: If You Want Me by Tara Millsby Cara Lynn

Reviewed by Cara Lynn This was a cute, satisfying short story. The sex is hot, but believable. Two years earlier Ryan was about to ask out Naomi, when his ‘friend’ beat him to it. The friend turned out to be bad news and Ryan landed one punch. Now they meet again at the wedding of […]

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Applauding the Romance Publishers

Applauding the Romance Publishersby Susan S.

by Susan Sigler, guest blogger I’d like to take a moment to applaud the following publishers. Not only do they publish the greatest books ever, but they offer wonderful discounts, sponsor contests, most keep up blogs, and many have Yahoo groups. It goes without saying, authors work extremely hard to bring us beautiful stories with […]

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