Review: Striking a Chord (Backstage Pass, Book 3) by Dani Wade

Striking a ChordReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Sean changed his life for the better after ignoring his friend’s father who said he shouldn’t decide to make his mark as a musician – as he has got this far as a US rock star, he only needs to find the woman of his dreams, but Meghan is the sort of woman he can’t ever have – or can he?

Review: The tattooed lover boy on the front says it all – a career in music is all sex, drugs and rock and roll, but the fact that it looks like she’s two steps away from giving him full fellatio tells us all we need to know. Meghan is a stunner, even if he has only spent months on the phone with her that have ended with him getting a hard-on, he’s yet to meet her and he’s anticipating seeing her. Whether it’s good or bad, he doesn’t know, but his need to see her, to bed her comes before anything else. Sean only knows a few facts about her, she’s mid-twenties, divorced and has an upper level degree in education, but this is as much as he knows. Meghan has issues about whether he will like the look of her once they meet, and whether she will be the rock chick he is used to seeing everywhere he goes. She isn’t the size 8 that she might have wanted to be, but that doesn’t matter to Sean as she has a hourglass figure he’d like to get his hands on. Hearing her on the phone every night for three months seems like a form of harsh, teasing foreplay for Sean, and once he meets her, he wants her no matter what.

As his assistant, Meghan is used to opening Sean’s mail and when one letter is from Sean’s brother Kieran, she has to bring him to see Sean as there is something he needs to know – his father is dying of liver disease and wants his family around him before he meets his maker. When he sees Kieran, all his childhood memories flood back. He was hoping for the time of his life – he would be finally meeting the woman of his dreams, the woman who made him wet just from talking to her, but to bring his brother along too is a taboo even he didn’t think she would make. It doesn’t take her long to find out that Sean has a dark past and a dark secret his brother knows, and she realises she might have made a mistake coming to see him.

Good Bits:

  • The cover – it rocks!
  • I wonder why she’s called Meghan the Mouth?
  • Sean’s brother Kieran

Summary: Dani Wade is the author of several novels, Finding Her Rhythm (Backstage Pass #1), His by Design, Snow Bound, Maximo Placer and A Bride’s Tangled Vows and knows what her readers want to discover. One of the first things I will say about this is that l liked it being about a plus size woman rather than the usual slender maiden in contemporary romance novels. Meghan is a big girl and once she has got with her new boss, Sean and he loves it. So much so he can’t resist spanking that desirable behind of hers – especially when she’s been very naughty and I would say bringing over his brother was naughty, wouldn’t you? Her bringing over Kieran is the conflict in the story we are looking for and if she is as irresistible as he thought, then he could be in for a very interesting relationship. The characters from the first two in the Backstage Pass series are connected while this one takes an intriguing turn as different and being set in Ireland. Judging by this one alone, I would like to read more from Dani Wade. Who knows who her characters will be spanking next!


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Audio Review: Disciplining the Duchess by Annabel Joseph

Disciplining the DuchessHero: The Duke of Courtland is known for his subversive bedroom behavior and his uncomfortable preferences. He’s also known for his rigid control and decorum… but that just confirms these “uncomfortable habits.” He’s a dom and is into spanking – the news reaches his father-in-law and fiancée and suddenly he’s jilted while the bride runs off with another. Determined to leave it behind, Court goes to a house party and comes across a most intriguing creature.

Heroine: Miss Harmony Barrett is a spinster in the making. She’s been on the marriage mart for five seasons and is still unmarried. She’s very good at repelling gentlemen of consequence away – but who wouldn’t repel a greasy overblown aristocrat, decades older than yourself? She’s not even allowed to waltz since the debacle at Almacks. A genuine bluestocking, Harmony prefers her books on Mongol hordes over idle chitchat with girls her own age. When it comes to the hero and Mongols, she’s a bit of an airhead.

Review: Harmony is a heroine determined to land herself in the suds. She wants to see a Roman wall so badly she runs off without telling anyone. Lucky for her the Duke was interested in her safety to the point of willingly leg-shackling himself to her in order to fulfill her stubborn desire. (Heroine believes for as long as possible there will be no consequences to her misadventure.) The story is definitely erotica and for the most part works really well and comes across sexy. But as with most BDSM set-ups the hero is unaware of when he takes it too far and it causes emotional and physical strife for the heroine. That’s always difficult for me especially when the reasoning behind the “big punishment” is so stupid. Court wants Harmony to be a society duchess, but he’s oblivious to her own desires and the fact that she’s apparently incapable of proper behavior in front of company. He tries to mold her into something she’s not and that there is the “uncomfortable habits” for me. I quite liked the heroine just as she was – earnest, eager, and ditzy. The heroine pulls off a “perfect submission” as an innocent punishment for the hero (she’s really trying to be exactly what he wants.) It becomes very clear to Court that the perfect sub and featureless woman is not what he truly desires… and then comes the groveling. Epilogue was meh for me. Overall, why it works so well is how much it reads like a “normal” Regency romance novel with a little extra added.

Narrator: Emma Kent is great. She makes the heroine sound young and airy (and occasionally earnestly ditzy). She handled the bedroom scenes very well and in a way that pulled you further into the story. In my opinion she was integral in how the novel read to listeners. I can’t think of another narrator that would have fit as perfectly as she did.

Length: 11 hrs and 56 mins


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Review: Pleasure Haven by Genevieve Ash

Pleasure Haven Genevieve AshReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

This story has some light BDSM and some spanking is involved. Language is very explicit.

Trish is seen picking up Josh from the airport. In order to please him, she isn’t wearing any panties. The action starts right after they leave the pick-up zone. Trish is trying to drive while he’s playing with her. She surprises him by taking him to a cabin for their time together.

When they get to the cabin, someone gets very impatient. They appear to be writers that collaborate together. This is something I wish I had seen something of. We’re told that that is what they do but we see nothing in action.

We have lovers that are several miles away from each other – Trish is from the States and Josh lives in Wales. Will their long distance relationship last? Is that what makes it so exciting? I don’t really see much love between our lovers other than that is what Genevieve tells me. Maybe I’m being too impatient.

Then we get a hint as to why Trish seems to be holding back. And then we get to see why Josh is holding back. It makes them both seem more human than just two characters on the page. Because this is a short story, we don’t get to see much of what they are like as a couple outside the bedroom. I’m hoping that Genevieve will continue their story in another book. If she doesn’t then we will just have to use our imagination to create a world for them.

If you have a short amount of time in which you want to read an erotic story, you may want to give this a try. This is a story that you will not want to put down until you have read the whole thing. I would absolutely read another of her books. Overall, I was very impressed with her writing style.


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Review: Making It Real by Victoria Blisse

Making It RealReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

This is told in the first person.

Mary is seen posting in a forum called ThirtySomething. She finds someone that intrigues her, William Blake. We see that Mary is part of the wait staff at a local café and William is a young successful businessman. She’s also trying to write a novel.

While trying to write, and post to the forum, Mary has a fantasy about William – it’s very hot and sexy. We find that their “relationship” is long distance – she from England and him from America. They’ve been corresponding for a while and then she talks him into having some cyber-sex – don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. Victoria writes one very hot scene there. It gets your own imagination going. She also surprised me in how she ended the scene.

There are a couple of sentences in the story where Mary talks about being an author. I almost think that this is actually Victoria talking. As a reader, we always wonder about the author that we’re reading.

There is a spanking scene within the story. If spanking is not your scene, don’t let that stop you from reading this story. It is very tastefully done. It will not offend. In any story that I have read of Victoria’s, her sex scenes are never over the top and don’t leave you wondering if that is even possible.

You will be surprised by a lot of the cyber-sex scenes by William and Mary’s alter egos. They will feed your romantic and hidden erotic side. It’s also interesting to see a little role reversal – you’ll understand as you read exactly what I mean.

Victoria writes in a scene where Mary and William have a picnic on a bed. It’s a very decadent scene. What a way to have a romantic interlude. It also may enrich your love life. This is also something I love about Victoria’s work; she certainly knows how to feed her reader’s imaginations.

She’s a great storyteller. Most of her female characters are Rubenesque but they are written for the women that are currently out there. They are not the thin model types that none of us can aspire to. We all have to love our curves.

Even though this is a story set around Christmas time, you could definitely change the setting to Valentine’s Day. It’s a story that you could read at any time of the year. Victoria also gives us a very surprising ending – totally unexpected. You will definitely want to read this story.


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