Tag: spanking

Review: Striking a Chord (Backstage Pass, Book 3) by Dani Wade

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes Synopsis: Sean changed his life for the better after ignoring his friend’s father who said he shouldn’t decide to make his mark as a…

Audio Review: Disciplining the Duchess by Annabel Joseph

Hero: The Duke of Courtland is known for his subversive bedroom behavior and his uncomfortable preferences. He’s also known for his rigid control and decorum… but that just…

Review: Pleasure Haven by Genevieve Ash

Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds This story has some light BDSM and some spanking is involved. Language is very explicit. Trish is seen picking up Josh from the airport….

Review: Making It Real by Victoria Blisse

Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds This is told in the first person. Mary is seen posting in a forum called ThirtySomething. She finds someone that intrigues her, William Blake….

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