Audio Review: The Husband Hunt (Madison Sisters, Book 3) by Lynsay Sands

husband huntHeroine: Lisa Madison wants to get married and she wants to be married to Robert Langley, her best friend’s older brother. However he’s clueless. He does not see her as a woman. She’s about to get his attention!

Hero: Robert Langley rescues Lisa from near ruination at a madam’s establishment. Somebody wants to compromise her beyond repair – and the madam says the fellow is a gentlemen. This villain is possibly one of the many suitors surrounding Lisa. He’s going to have to keep an eye on her. No telling what trouble she’ll land herself in if he doesn’t.

Review: Lisa is a TSTL heroine. She can be a real featherbrain and does stupid things in the name of stubbornness and naiveté. She needs a lot of people to explain to her how things work and why she shouldn’t do certain things. Was she asleep in the schoolroom the entire time? Seriously. However, as someone who generally doesn’t like to read the unrequited-I’m-in-love-with-my-friend’s-brother (or brother’s friend) it read well to me. Robert is slowly dragged out of his shell and into the full light of his feelings. I liked that aspect a lot.

Narrator: Jaime Birch was a great narrator. I enjoyed listening very much and would listen to another by her.


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Review: Charity Girl by Georgette Heyer


Charity Girl by Georgette Heyer is one scrumptious romp of trouble after the next. It all begins when Miss Charity Steane was found wandering the hillside, luggage in one hand and very sore feet. She is picked up by Viscount Ashley Desford and whisked away in his curricle as blasé as anything you please. He knows he can’t convince her to return to her miserably wretched aunt and so must take it upon himself to see that she is taken care of.

Cherry (Charity) is of course pleased beyond measure that he is not putting her through a lecture and more than willing enough to carry her the rest of the way to London. She has high hopes of running down her grandfather and begging him to take her up. Even if she has to resort to another menial position like the one she held at her aunt’s inside his home.

But the pickle of it becomes when Cherry and Desford find out that her grandfather is not in town. The neighbors do not know his direction, and the sole man inside the home refuses to speak about his master. Desford immediately sets about getting Cherry off his hands and into some more respectable ones. He doesn’t want to damage her reputation and as a single bachelor he can’t feasible continue to keep her in his care. So he settles her at Lady and Miss Silverdale’s home.

Miss Henrietta Silverdale and Desford were once a long time ago thought by their fathers to be an excellent match. They of course both knew better. Now Henrietta is entertaining new suitors and Desford seems to have his eye on Cherry. He is certainly gong well above and beyond the call of duty to locate her grandfather and find her a respectable situation.

What will happen when Desford confronts her grandfather with the charge of his granddaughter? Will Cherry remain in the good graces of Lady Silverdale? Will Henrietta’s brother, Charles, whisk Cherry off to call his own? What will Henrietta’s suitor think of the whole affair? Full of messes as well as larks, Charity Girl will have you alternately tutting like an old hen and giggling like a schoolgirl over all the crazy shenanigans.


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Review: Arabella by Georgette Heyer


I found Arabella to be wickedly entertaining; a superb comedy of manners! It is a little slow getting started. A good fifty pages are devoted to simply getting ready to go to London – the hero isn’t even introduced! When you get past that portion the story really picks up and is very exciting.

Arabella Tallant is very cheeky and clever. She has a temper that gets her into trouble and a mouth that often runs away with her. She and her family are impoverished. Her father’s a parson and it is by the ingenuity of her mother that Arabella is able to go to London to have a season. It is very important she makes an excellent match so she can help her family.

Robert Beaumaris is sick and tired of young ladies and their mothers throwing themselves at his feet in hopes he’ll trip over them and into marriage. He is defined repeatedly as a Nonpareil, which means he has no equal and is peerless. Men imitate him in fashion. Persons, male and female, strive for his approval. A glance or comment from Robert can make or break someone socially.

Reading parts of the story from his point of view opens lots of wonderful insight to what’s going on and how’s he’s thinking of things. This novel seemed very modern to me because of the amount of head switching.

When Arabella overhears a flippant remark by Robert to Charles Fleetwood, she’s angered and in a fit of spontaneity affects superior airs and claims to be an heiress. On a whim Robert chooses to put weight behind her story and instantly Arabella is thrust to the top of society. Mamas want their sons to marry her, gentlemen want to woo her, and several fortune hunters start sniffing around her most eagerly.

In too deep, Arabella doesn’t see a way out. She can’t marry any of her suitors; they think she’s wealthy. She can’t tell the truth; it would socially ruin her. Then her brother, Bertram Tallant, shows up in London and makes matters worse by gambling far and above his means. The love of her life could also become her salvation, but how can one tell a man you just married you’re not an heiress and in fact in desperate need of funds?


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