Review: Lost in Starlight (Starlight Saga, Book 1) by Sherry Soule

Book_Cover_Lost_in_StarlightHeroine: You thought dating vampires was difficult? Try being a high school reporter and dating an alien. Yeah. That’s what I thought. I’m like Lois Lane and he’s like Superman, except he doesn’t have an alter ego and I’m not as dumb as Lois.

Summary: Sloane Masterson loves horror films and critiques them every chance she gets. She doesn’t approve of stupid females running toward bad guys and doing idiotic things that land them in hot water. She’s a tough cookie with a strong mind, no alien is going to tell her she’s seeing things. Sloane does not hallucinate thank you very much. And she’s no weak-willed female willing to just go along with the flow. So when she witnesses Hayden Lancaster bend forks, she knows she going to get the dirt on him.

Review: I love that Sloane is totally willing to own that she finds the Hayden attractive and that of all her options stalking him for a story is just one small reason why she wants to keep her eye on him at all times. And just what is Hayden’s secret? He’s an alien hybrid (on the book blurb, so this is not a spoiler) – part human, part alien. And he’s not alone. Dating a human girl is strictly off-limits and yet his and Sloane’s attraction to each other is supernova hot and undeniable. Sloane is a heroine I think you’re going to enjoy reading because she’s willing and able to save herself, and Hayden is… well… he is interstellar! I can’t wait for the next book.

Favorite Quote: “If I’d never met you, Sloane, I have the strangest feeling that I’d spend the rest of my life looking for someone like you…”


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Movie Review: Man of Steel

man of steel

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes

Man of Steel – Heart of Gold.

Remember the original Superman movies that had the late Christopher Reeve being sexy as well as super? Then you might like this better than the previous one with Brandon Routh in the starring role. In Man of Steel, Henry Cavill dons the outfit and cape (but not the tight trunks) to become a superhero for today’s generation to marvel at.

Some might remember Cavill from English drama The Tudors as Charles Brandon, the 1st Duke of Suffolk, but it is interesting to see that he has studied Reeve for the role, and also makes his character a stronger role than previously expected. It is easy to be daunted when a new actor comes along and plays a character everyone is familiar with, whether they have seen the other Reeve movies or been a fan of the comic books. Many people form a bond with the actor who plays the character and also form preferences, so prepare to be impressed. Once he is on the screen, he plays Superman like he was made for the role.

He acts out the characters two parts, Clark Kent and Kal el, though in this version Clark doesn’t start off working at the Daily Planet, or meet Lois Lane there either. Instead, Lois tracks him down after discovering he isn’t a normal man, but an alien who crash landed on Earth as a baby and grew up adopted by the Kent family who felt it only fair to let him believe he was human rather than telling him about the alien craft he came in which is now hidden away in the family barn like Dorian Gray’s painting.

While Clark grew up feeling the pain of being different to his classmates, coming to terms with the onset of alien puberty (this is where he discovers his powers) he tries to rise above the ridicule and grow into a tall, buff man who goes from place to place like David Banner, not wanting anyone to find out he has alien powers. Clark isn’t that forward thinking though as General Zod has followed him after his dubious descent into the phantom zone, after vowing to find Kal El to Clark’s original father Jor El’s face. Zod is vague about what he intends to do to Kal once he finds him, but judging from the look of his evil face, he doesn’t want him to be his best friend.

There is a warmth and instant chemistry between Clark and Lois. Clark shows he is more human than alien, and at times goes from mildly annoyed with others to seriously annoyed and able to destroy with a single look. He cares about the humans he lives among even if they do have their own flaws and a serious aversion to aliens. Lois, unlike in the original already knows that Clark and Superman are one and the same so there is not room for a reveal.

Most who have seen it have also mentioned that there’s no red trunks, no changing in fone booths and no juicy reveal, so why should we watch it? I watched it for the full cinema experience of seeing a man who looks like he has worked-out for months to get his uber fit body in shape so he can act like a believable hero. Cavill takes on the role like he was born to play Superman, and like the recent adaptation of Total Recall it is a completely different movie, so it is impossible to compare it with the previous ones.


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Top Ten Comic Book Romances

Guest blog by Sandra Scholes

Remember when comic books were just the geeky stuff young boys liked to read? That’s not the truth anymore, as girls as well as women like to watch the movie versions, and read new comic books that are aimed at a female audience. Take Wonder Woman for example, this comic book had a female lead character before female lead characters were popular.

1.) Superman:

Clark Kent’s alter-ego is one of the single most popular comic book heroes ever, and his squeeze is Lois Lane. She loves him, and she can’t ever know his true identity, yet she has intense feelings for Superman too, not knowing who he really is until later on. Luckily for our Lois he has the ability to help her out from time to time when he’s not at the office of the Daily Planet and she’s not dangling from a building!
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2.) The Incredible Hulk:

Betty Sue’s the light of Bruce Banner’s life, and she’s the only one who truly understands him. She would love to do anything to help him out of his unhappy phase, but he tries to keep everything in and be a real man about his problems. This is what gets him into trouble as we well know and makes him angry – the rest is history, as is his relationship with Betty once he becomes the Hulk. This comic counts as one of the sad ones as it isn’t Bruce’s fault he is what he is.
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3.) Wolverine:

Jean Grey as Phoenix is one of the most powerful characters in the X-Men series of comics, and Wolverine has to keep her in line as she is hell bent on destruction, and just as powerful if not more so than him, so he has to be careful around her. She is also on the rebound from Cyclops, so there is a lot of tension between him and Wolverine. He will do anything for her, even go to the ends of the earth just to bring her back and make her happy – how romantic!
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4.) Spiderman:

Peter Parker and Mary Jane, who can forget their romance with each other when he’s not the notorious web spinner donning his red and blue outfit, he is wooing her in the only way he knows – taking her out to dinner and clubs, yet there are other men around who want to date her, and he is well aware of that. He’s so in love with her that he doesn’t see that sometimes she is unhappy with her life, but he’s not likely to let anyone else take her from him.
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5.) Batman:

Non eccentric millionaire Bruce Wayne isn’t the sort of man you would associate with being on his own all the time, but that is pretty much how he lives. Not only does he live life on the edge, but he has no one to share it with other than his faithful butler. He is a stubborn man who only wants to do things his way – that is how he has stayed alive so long and maintained his secret identity. He does have a few women who like to get up close and personal with him, though, one is Poison Ivy, while the other, Cat Woman proves to be a worthy love interest as much as she is an adversary.
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6.) Green Lantern:

The hero of this comic book has a lot to do for his people after encountering an alien, but he does find solace in Soranic Natu, a member of the Green Lantern Corps who, from her photo looks like she could seriously kick some ass! Although she is the daughter of a major villain in the story, she rises above her roots, and becomes a great fighter in her own right and as a part of the Corps.
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7.) Mr Fantastic:

Reed Richards is part of the Fantastic Four team along with, The Thing, The Human Torch and Invisible Woman, formerly Invisible Girl. Invisible Woman is Reed’s main squeeze and later his wife. He has to go through a lot to keep her, as she has many suitors waiting to take her from him, but she knows what she wants and knows she wants Reed to be her man.
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8.) Captain America:

Sharon Carter also known as Agent 13, acts as a secret agent and former member of S.H.E.I.L.D. She is also Captain America’s sometime girlfriend when it suits her, but their romance is enough to fuel the fire of her romantic heart so that she keeps going back to him even though she might not want to.
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9.) Wonder Woman:

She’s fast at capturing her prey, and lassoing him or her with her whip, but isn’t short on love. The chisel-chinned blond-haired Steve Trevor is the man who managed to sweep her off her feet, and is rumoured to be getting married to him. Steve was originally an intelligence officer in the US army, and crashed on Paradise Island, Wonder Woman’s natural home, and dragged him out of the plane, and healed him. When he goes back to his normal life, it seems Wonder Woman is living several, on the one hand she is Wonder Woman and works alongside her, on the other she is also Diana Prince.
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10.) Spawn:

Al Simmons hasn’t had the best of lives. After being killed off in Botswana during one of his missions with the Secret Service, he is sent to hell due to him being an assassin, but makes a deal with the devil that he will serve as a Hellspawn if he can see his wife, Wanda. This is one of the most tragic tales in comic book history, and also is the sweetest. It shows how one man’s love can even last out death itself.
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