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Why Jacob Black and Bella Swan Would Never Work as a Romantic Couple

Why Jacob Black and Bella Swan Would Never Work as a Romantic Coupleby Keira

The whole idea of Teams is ridiculous. Readers of the series know how it ends and the folly of picking Teams is apparent. There was never any question Bella would wind up with Edward. Sure, you could pick Team Jacob for his hot body and delicious muscles, but picking Team Jacob because he and Bella […]

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Become Smitten with Twilight’s Biting Appeal

Become Smitten with Twilight's Biting Appealby Keira

I am very upset with Associated Press Movie Critic Christy Lemire’s review of Twilight. She gave the film 1.5 Stars and wrote a very unappealing look at the book’s film adaptation. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and I think the review was written to be controversial rather than an adequate depiction of the movie. I […]

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10 Second Eclipse Sneak Peak

10 Second Eclipse Sneak Peakby Keira

Gut reaction: gah! I want more than 10 seconds! Where’s the bonus 20%? I could use 2 more seconds. Give me Robert Pattinson. Seriously, that boy is sex on a stick. As I said on Twitter who ever delivers him to my door for Christmas will have my eternal gratitude. Kristen Stewart looked very Bella-esque. […]

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Eclipse Party Game Ideas

Eclipse Party Game Ideasby Keira

The official countdown for June 30th has begun. That means it’s time to get ready for your Eclipse party. Every Twilight themed party needs games. Below are some of the games you can entertain your party with while waiting in line or at home before/after the movie. (EDIT: Eclipse is being re-released for Bella’s Birthday […]

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