Review: The Stem of Time by Janeau L’voe

stem of timeReviewed by Book Glancer

The Stem of Time was a novella that I picked up on Amazon for only $0.99, but I’m really glad I found it.

The book is a fast fun read, with a little sizzle, and a whole of lot mind-bending time travelling.

Jillian, a dedicated scientist, is determined to cure cancer. She’s obsessed with curing cancer, so much so that she’s invented a time stem – a way to cheat time and get much more time out of the day that everyone else does.
Little does she know that messing with time is illegal in the year 2180.

When a time enforcement officer is sent to kill her, Jillian is caught off guard. But then, so is he.
Holden wasn’t expecting what he found when he was sent back in time to take care of the lawbreaker by the Council. He does a little rule bending himself in order to make things right.

But he wants something in return – and that something is Jillian as his wife.

I loved Holden! He was hot, hot, hot! And Jillian is smart and naive at the same time. They were wonderful characters and I feel like I now them and miss them after finishing The Stem of Time.


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