Review: Kiss Across Chains (Kiss Across Time, Book 3) by Tracy Cooper-Posey

kiss across chainsSexy Synopsis: Four years doesn’t sound like a long time, but for Taylor and Brody their time living around humans has been fraught with trouble, and they have had to mingle with the ones who could hurt them the most, despite them being vampires and time jumpers. During the First Crusade, they nearly lost Veris, and had to control their time jumping in order to have what they can see as a normal life among the humans bringing up their daughter, Marit.

Queen Tira was her usual self in paying Brody back for defying her; it is almost as though she had in fact taken her wrath out on all three of them in turn. The result of her meddling makes them have to jump back to a time where they could get evidence that she had set Brody up previously, but even that comes with a price as this awakens Brody’s inner turmoil as they have jumped back to Fifth Century Constantinople. As this is all done to save their daughter, Marit, they endure the bitterness and torment that comes with living in a cruel and dangerous age. Brody ends up being a wretched slave, while Taylor plays the wife of a wealthy aristocrat, and searches to save him.

Sizzling bits:

  • The sensual scenes between the three of them is a real heart stopper!
  • Queen Tira’s demanding and dangerous nature.
  • The sensual build up with the three characters.
  • The relationship between Taylor, Brody and Veris.
  • Good character development and good storyline make this a great read.

Bad bits:

  • None at all – it’s an impressive third instalment of the series.

Review: While the first two novels seemed to set the scene for the third one, everything that has followed since has built up to these precious moments between Taylor, Brody and Veris. Book one focussed on Brody and Veris being together, while book two concentrated on Veris and his awful past.

One of the interesting parts of this novel is that Brody has once died in the Hippodrome, and thinks he might die again as he has become human, so as far as the plot is concerned, anything can happen to Veris. Starting to read this one book isn’t the best idea as there is a lot of past story that surrounds the three of them that you have to take in and bear in mind before you even get to this one, and plus which, you’ll miss out on all that burning sensuality between two bisexual men, and their female lover and you wouldn’t want to do that, would you.

This novel can be seen as being more about how Brody feels, and what happened to him in a previous Constantinople. Brody is a genuinely nice man who only wants the best for the four of them – and, as the book shows, he will go to any lengths to show his love for their daughter, and how far he and his partners would go to protect her. I liked the characters and thought they were well developed, especially Brody, as he seems to be the most emotional of the three, and you can’t blame him as he had suffered so much from his abusers in the past, and could do again. This isn’t the sort of novel series you would read to enjoy a normal menage romance novel, there is a lot of pain, and suffering in it that would make it not for the feint hearted. Then again, if you are familiar with Tracy Cooper Posey’s earlier novels, then you will relish this as one of the trio of novels and relish it just as much as I did.

Rating: ★★★★★

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Review: Red Leopard (Vistaria Affair, Book 1) by Tracy Cooper-Posey

red leopard poseyReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Callida “Calli” Munro is an American sitting in a Vistarian prison. Then he shows up to have her released. After that experience, Calli and her cousin Minverva “Minnie” Benning go to a party. Then she finds out that her savior’s name is Nicolas Escobedo.

Then in another scene, Minnie and Calli go to another party – it had me wishing that I had been invited. It also had me wishing that my e-reader came with sound. I would also love to see this translated into a movie or series. Nick seems to be the type of man that takes “no prisoners”. But he also shows a vulnerable side. I wonder how Tracy’s other heroes are portrayed in their stories.

This is a scorching hot read – although hot is just too mild a word. If you like your stories “spicy” than you have made the perfect choice. And if you liked it as much as I did, then you may want to continue the series. I don’t think Tracy will disappoint you.

I found that this story continues in book two titled Black Heart. And book three is titled Blue Knight. You will notice that Tracy has a color theme going on. It will be interesting to see how the color theme will be portrayed in each book.

Rating: ★★★★½

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Review: Vivian’s Return by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Vivian’s ReturnReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Vivien Galloway has returned to Geraldton. She’s a pilot and also a safety assessor. Paul Levissianos is also a pilot. However, he doesn’t appear happy to see her. He’s the owner of Batavia Coast Air Charter Company.

Paul has an incident when he is out with his helicopter. I thought this would have been the start of the suspense but nothing more came from this incident. I couldn’t tell that this thought was followed through. I think I may have missed something but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book.

I would, however, consider this more of an adventure than suspense. Unless you consider this a “will they or won’t they” tale. I felt that they complimented each other because they both like to take chances. Also they have their love of flying. If I wasn’t afraid of heights, they would even convince me to try my hand at taking flying lessons – but somehow I don’t think planes come with training wheels or wrapped in foam.

This book held my attention from beginning to end. If you like Tracy’s work, you will probably like this one as well. If you haven’t read her work before, this may pique your interest in wanting to read more of her work. Plus, make sure that you read all the way to the end because you get a treat of some excerpts from not one but three other books by Tracy.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Review: Blood Stone (Blood Knot, Book 2) by Tracy Cooper-Posey

bloodstoneReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Heartthrob Vamp 1: Roman:

He has a rich history going back to the sixteenth century Scottish highlands, but Kate knows him as Adrian, and he is already someone she thinks she knows very well, and seems to trust, though Adrian is also an effortless heartthrob type who doesn’t seem to have to try to get the woman of his dreams – he just can and it can infuriate some men…He
has a deep interest in her, and gives the impression he won’t allow Calum to get close to her…or will he?

Heartthrob Vamp 2: Calum Garrett

Calum is an industrial entrepreneur who is known worldwide for his efforts, but for Kate, he is the one man she can get close to who has an amazing animal magnetism that has allured her since she met him. He is a real man’s man, and loves to make her feel sensual and sexy, even though at first she doesn’t quite understand his intentions. If he wants her, he will have to go through Roman, and this is when the game of erotic cat and mouse begins.

Alluring Femme Fatale: Kate Lindenstream

Poor Kate doesn’t have a clue as to why Calum came to her studio; he is the one who mixes with top class celebrities and tycoons, but its love at first sight for her when she sets eyes on him. She knows full well who he is, and feels star struck in his presence. Kate isn’t what she seems though, and Nial and Calum soon start to question her intentions for helping them too.

Review: This is the second part of Cooper-Posey’s novel series, Blood Knot being the first received a lot of acclaim from reviewers and readers alike, and won many awards as a #1 bestseller, nominated Erotic Vampire Book of the Year, and received a CAPA Nomination for Best Paranormal Book of the Year by The Romance Studio. Cooper-Posey really heats up the story from the beginning of this novel with her trio of MMF sensuality.

Why did I like it? It’s racy, heated and deserves to be read at night before you go to bed – kick that hot b/f out of the room and have him make way for two hotter vamps and a woman who will find out what two men can really do for her!

You think you know menage romance – think again, Cooper-Posey’s novel is deliciously forbidden.

Rating: ★★★★★

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Review: Byzantine Heartbreak (Beloved Bloody Time, Book 2) by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Beloved Bloody TimeReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Powerful vampires are all the rage these days, take Nayara and Ryan, these are two of the most powerful there is, full of anger and warring ability, but they are on a mission that could mean life or death for their species and the humans. These are the leaders of the Chronometric Preservation Agency, though it has been a long time since vampires cohabited with humans, two hundred years spans the amount of time since he and Ryan went back in time and killed Salathiel, their former lover to stop a terrible catastrophe that was about to happen. World Assembly Member Cael Stelios wants to do the cruellest thing – making humans into vampires, making them his allies for one reason and one reason only – they will join him in the battle against the PSI, and Gabriel their insane leader.

Cael has his own problem to deal with though, he is a human and even though he is a sexy guy to look at and has all the charm a snake would be proud of, he can’t always get what he wants. He has his heart set on having Nayara and Ryan, whether for political reasons or sexual and he is the sort of man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants…even his darkest desires.

This is Tracy Cooper-Posey’s 41st novel, is book two in the Beloved Time series, with book one being Bannockburn Binding. As far as I can see it reads like a true heart-breaker in more ways than one. The cover image looks like it was taken straight off a Boris Vallejo painting, and seems as though it has plenty of tongue in cheek humour. It doesn’t, but what it does have are a lot of separate genres that meld into one whole novel, a part of a series that gives a great deal to the reader. Trying to mix the vampire genre is hard at best with erotica, paranormal and the possibility of gay romance and ménage.

Vampires in this universe are accepted members of society, the old vision of snarling bloodsuckers is gone, but there is someone who could shatter what Nayara and Ryan have been trying to accomplish for years. This is as erotic as it can get with the love making between the two sensual men in this story coming to the fore. I liked this futuristic setting and the characters in it, and it is the sort of story that would work perfectly as a movie. There is the deep space setting and the sensually realised characters as well as the antagonist that make it immersive.

Rating: ★★★★★

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Review: The Royal Talisman by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes

Stuart Sutherland-Bruce is an English diplomat who comes back to his home country after a spell in China. Bian is the one he meets who has all the exotic beauty China has bewitched him with before. He wants her, needs her in fact, and could be the woman who will ultimately destroy him.

Contrary to what he thinks, though, it was no accident that he met Bian, she has got her way into his bed by her womanly wiles alone to find out if he is capable of betraying his country, and sending information about the English to the Chinese. Even though she had her doubts about him, she finds he is not that kind of man – he is different in every way possible.

Soon enough Bian knows she has a problem to deal with – she cannot tell him who she is, and risk her mission, yet she can’t stand by and let him be thought of as a traitor to his country. This is where the fun begins though, and also where the excellent characterisation gets interesting.

Tracy’s story starts out with mention of the Opium wars in China, and other happenings of the day, and with that she brings into the scene, the lovely Bian into Stuarts life – she drifts in and enchants him like smoke from a pipe, and has him hooked just as quickly. Bian is everything he has ever wanted in a woman; she is desirable, lustful and knows what she wants in life. She enchants him in ways he can only imagine, yet she is also dangerous in other, more devious ways he can only discover later.

I thought Tracy’s introduction of Throwing Down the Gauntlet was a fascinating insight into what kind of period she likes to write in, and some of the history behind it, but also it tells the reader of her writing history, and credentials. It was interesting to read about her collaborations with Julia Templeton, and the results of them.

And as I think cover artists don’t get enough mentions, this cover art is by Dar Albert who has done a bang up job of creating the art that is supposed to reflect the work of the writer. She certainly does that, showing the handsome Stuart Sutherland-Bruce with the woman of his dreams, Bian behind him looking as alluring as she is described in the novel. And what Tracy says about the tiger in the foreground is astonishing.

It is a story of mystery and intrigue set in a Victorian backdrop that makes it all too desirable for the reader to get into. This is Tracy Cooper-Posey’s jewel of a novel that enchants as well as intrigues.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Review: Heart of Vengeance by Tracy Cooper-Posey

by Susan S., guest reviewer

High praise for Cooper-Posey’s Heart of Vengeance. A touching love story of two lovers willing to risk it all (titles, lands, imprisonment, torture, even death) just to be together.


Ah, Lady Helena of York, beautiful daughter of the late Earl of Wessex. Pretty Saxon maiden with the most beautiful blue eyes-you’ve ever seen. While she may look angelic, this is a knife carrying, strong heroine who can expertly yield a bow and arrow. She’s going to find her father’s killer come hell or high water! And when she does…well, you’ll have to read the novel to find out.

The plan: Helena (heroine) will pose as Lady Isobel of Brittany; a Norman. Lady Catherine and Sir Hubert Fitzwarren will be sponsoring her return to court. Nothing! Absolutely nothing, will stand in Helena’s way. She simply must find the man responsible for all her anguish. That the Fitzwarren’s plan to marry her off, well…she’ll cross that bridge when she gets there.

Who’s Stephen, Count of Dinan, Earl of Northumbria, often referred to as the Black Baron? Stephen, yes, he’s what I like to call, the law of unintended consequences. The one’s Helena didn’t foresee. When their paths cross, a continued acquaintance would be foolish, not to mention deadly. She’s posing as someone she’s not, and he’s seen as trouble to be avoided. A medieval bad boy, no wonder he appealed to me! Helena has a bit of a trilemma on her hands: 1. How to keep her real identity concealed/ avoid drawing the present king’s ire 2. Steer clear of marrying a repugnant man named Savaric/ circumvent the future king’s wrath, and the most troublesome of the three 3. Can she stay away from a noble knight who’s stolen all she had left…her heart?

Who said a woman’s life was easy?

Recommendations: Do you fancy stories with dashing knights, beautiful maidens, and forbidden love? Did the characters and power plays in The Lion in Winter appeal to you? In the movie Romeo & Juliet (the 1968 version, of course) did the clandestine meetings between lovers make you gush? If so, I recommend you pick up a copy. Same goes, if you read romances in “any” subgenre, but more specifically historicals, romantic suspense, and medieval love stories.

Historical Elements: I’d like to touch on a key point; accuracy. 1. King Richard’s use of kingdom’s resources to support his crusade (check). 2. King Richard married Berengaria (check). 3. As well as Richard’s use of Château Gaillard (check).

My Thoughts: Reading is subjective, yes. But, I’m convinced the author’s beautiful story, coupled with historical accuracies intertwined in such a way, you couldn’t possibly debate its winning outcome.

Complaints: Yes, I have them.

Number one, it’s a single title. I want a Vengeance Series! Can’t I get Marked by Vengeance? Where William of Worcester is the hero; all grown up. Secondly, Robert of Loxley (my goblet clashes against the table) I want him. Sorry, I forget myself, strikethrough. Replace the word him, with more. Or, more of him!?

Comedic Element: Stephen doesn’t know Isobel’s real identity, and she’s not telling, so he calls her not-Isobel.

Where shall I place this novel? In my re-read pile, of course!

Rating: 5 Stars

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eBook, 2010, Cerridwen Press
Medieval Historical Romantic Suspense, 227 pages.
ISBN# 978-141-992-4040

Review: Diana by the Moon by Tracy Cooper-Posey

by Susan S., guest reviewer

This novel drew me in so completely, so thoroughly, time just simply faded. Diana by the Moon is a work of written art. Tracy Cooper-Posey has penned a beautiful story; of one woman’s courageous journey of self discovery amidst turbulent times.

What I think appealed to me most, was how the author timed the dramatic elements in the plot. If you haven’t read Cooper-Posey’s books, I’m highly recommending this one. I’m familiar with several of her sub-genres, and her adaptability and range as a writer is impressive.

Alaric (hero) is a tall, dark haired, handsome Celtic warrior. As lieutenant in Arthur’s army, he shares his passion that one day there will be a united Britain. When Alaric is sent to the north, an area inhabited with Romans—he’ll have to practice something a soldier doesn’t often do when faced with an enemy; practice self control. Alaric has good reason for his deep-seated hatred for all Romans. His biggest challenge will be reigning in his contempt, and following Arthur’s peace orders.

Diana (heroine) is an ebony haired, blue-eyed Roman with a deep hatred for Saxons, and an equal dislike for Celts. So, it’s no surprise she’s anything but pleased when Alaric comes wanting her villa, the beacon, and to establish a cavalry outpost; with 30 of his men no less! When Diana adamantly refuses, he resorts to an underhanded approach to get his way. Diana and her younger sister Minna, share a dark secret which Alaric is determined to uncover throughout the novel.

Will Diana learn to set her prejudices aside to trust a Celt with her land, her secrets, her very heart, or will the Saxons attack rob her of the chance?

My thoughts:

I felt such empathy with the characters that when a key character dies, I was heartbroken. One of the factors I consider a must have in a great novel is believability, I couldn’t fault the author. It was a realistic event during the time period, under the given circumstances.

I loved Cooper-Posey’s unconventional meeting of the hero and heroine. How they went from that initial meeting to their interactions towards the end of the story, is quite amazing-really.

Will we meet Arthur, Merlin, or the Lady of the Lake? …Maybe.

Favorite scene: It’s hard to choose. There’s so many, but I guess I’d have to say: Alaric and his men are called away by Arthur. There’s an intensely emotional scene where Minna runs to Alaric; that tugged at my heart. All I can say in regards to that scene is, “Wow.”

Favorite character: Again, hard to choose. But, if I had to single out just one, I’d pick Diana. Her strength and leadership, despite her hidden pain are admirable.

Recommendations: This novel will appeal to romance readers, anyone who reads historicals, and those who like romantic suspense. If you enjoyed the (1998) movie Merlin with Sam Neill, or Sir Walter Scott’s book Ivanhoe. A must read if you enjoy myths, legends, and lore.

Originally released in 2004, Diana by the Moon is now released with a brand new cover, and a new publisher.

Rating: 5 Stars

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eBook publication, April 2010, Cerridwen Press, Historical Romantic Suspense, Pages 221. ISBN# 978 141 992 3791.