Get into Bed with Tawny Weber (Author Interview)

Get into Bed with Tawny Weber (Author Interview)by Keira G

Keira: What does it take to be fearless? Tawny Weber: Hmm, I’d say a really good drink. I have a recipe for a FEARLESS Martini on my website that, after two, should remove all fear. All feeling from one’s toes, too. Okay, just kidding, although many of my most fearless moments have included a good […]

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Get into Bed with Susannah Scott (Author Interview)

Get into Bed with Susannah Scott (Author Interview)by Keira G

Keira: I love watching Leverage, so learning Luck of the Dragon had a grifter (very rare in romance) made me super excited. How does your character feel about being a grifter, and is she any good? Susannah Scott: Oh yes, Lucy is a very good thief, but she is conflicted. She gave up grifting to […]

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Risky Expectations

Risky Expectationsby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Marina Maddix, author of Vegas Knights Expectations are a part of our every day lives. We expect our cars to start in the morning. We expect our paycheck to arrive on time. We expect the barista to get our double tall half-caff skinny sugar-free mochaccino order right. We expect these things to […]

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Review: Yes by R. J. Lawrence

Review: Yes by R. J. Lawrenceby Lynn Reynolds

Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds Hannah is waiting for Ronnie to come in. Ronnie appears to be a very self-centered man. He also seems to be totally clueless where Hannah is concerned. Courtney is Hannah’s sister and they’re in Las Vegas together. Hannah goes to work with her sister and that’s where she meets Dominic Montero. […]

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Review: The Officer Says “I Do” by Jeanette Murray

Review: The Officer Says "I Do" by Jeanette Murrayby Keira G

Hero: Structure. Duty. Routine. Soldier. Captain Timothy O’Shay unwinds more than he plans to while on pre-deployment in Vegas. When a gorgeous woman eyes him across a dealer’s table he cashes out and asks her to marry him. The only question remains will he remember it in the morning? Heroine: Chaos. Heart. Fate. Free-spirit. Skye […]

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Top Ten Reasons Why I Love a Good Military Romance

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love a Good Military Romanceby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Jeanette Murray, author of The Officer Says “I Do” My first paperback, The Officer Says “I Do” released on July 3rd. And I couldn’t be more excited. One of the comments I get most though is people mentioning the hottie on the front cover…and asking if I know him! (I do not.) […]

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A Vegas Wedding of Convenience

A Vegas Wedding of Convenienceby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Carolyn Brown, author of One Hot Cowboy Wedding Thank you so much for inviting me back to Love Romance Passion to talk about my new book, One Hot Cowboy Wedding. It’s the fourth book in the Spikes and Spurs series and is Ace and Jasmine’s story. Best friends for the past year […]

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Review: Paris A to Z by Marie Sexton

Review: Paris A to Z by Marie Sextonby Carla F.

by Carla F., guest reviewer Summary: In this 5th book of the Coda series, Cole and Jonathan (Strawberries for Dessert) are getting married in Paris. They invite their Coda friends Jared and Matt (Promises) and Zach and Angelo (A to Z). Even though it will be an all-expenses paid trip by Cole there are two […]

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