Jen Bradlee Loves Bad Boys

A Cat Without A Grin 200x300Jen Bradlee can get away with murder, metaphorically speaking of course. She’s a sensual woman who enjoys people watching, belly dancing, and taking walks in the rain. Give her a man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and plays hard. The ones with rough edges and a little scruff are the best. She finds cathartic release when she pours all her fantasies and desires into her writing. Her stories stretch from the present day all the way back to the medieval era. She’s always on the prowl for new inspiration and isn’t afraid to try anything, twice.

Villains and anti-heroes are her men of choice. So if you want to read about smoldering bad boys, then her stories are sure to bring you pleasure. Jen is a raging fangirl for Loki and Khan. If she ever gets to San Diego Comic Con, heaven help the men attending that convention. Tom and Benedict may be in for a real treat if they run into her there because she’s more than willing to make a fool of herself to get their attention.

Some call Jen a Domme, but she prefers to think of herself as an enlightened vixen who likes to be in control. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a Domme…she’s just hesititant to take on such a prestigious title. If she finds the right man, it may be next on her list. She’s a naughty girl and likes it that way. Comes with a warning label. “Too hot to handle.”

There’s nothing better than a sexy bad boy to take your mind off the stress of reality. So sit back and enjoy her tales of wicked delight. You can find her at her blog,, on Facebook,, and on Twitter: @jenbradlee.

Here are a few photos from her recent photo shoot showing her inner vixen. Enjoy and stay wicked. *wink*





A Cat without a Grin Book Blurb:

Working for a rival brothel, Chez never expects to find his most valued treasure in the hands of his former employer.

One never turns down an invitation to a party hosted by the infamous Topper. After working for the psychedelic brothel owner for years, Chez is unfazed by the man and his eccentric ways.

Topper’s party features an auction of a new acquisition, a lovely teacup, as he calls the whores in his establishment. Chez’s worst nightmare is realized when he sees the woman in the cage under the black light. He has no choice but to buy her for himself. Only one problem remains…Topper.

A Cat without a Grin Excerpt:

As he approached the eclectic gothic style mansion, Chez glanced at the fa├žade. The gables illuminated with black lights, casting the building into an eerie blue glow against the night sky. He squared his shoulders and entered the house.

“Chez, back so soon?” Topper leaned against the doorway to the ballroom where the stage stood, the music pounding behind him, lights flickering and glowing. He glimpsed the gilded cage over Topper’s shoulder.

Chez nodded. “I’ve come to put my bid in.”

“Did my little teacup intrigue you?” A smile broke across his face. “I knew she would.”

“I want the whole night…alone.” Chez kept his voice steady and stern.

Topper pressed a hand to his chest, over the plaid vest and starch white shirt where his heart should be. Chez was no fool. He knew about the two way mirrors and peepholes. The walls definitely had ears and eyes. “You wound me.” Topper smirked. “How much blunt are you offering?”

Slipping his hand into his pocket, he pulled out the bag of coins and dropped it in Topper’s outstretched hand. He hadn’t even bothered to see how much was in there, but he trusted Madame Red, more than he trusted Topper.

Opening the bag, Topper pushed around the coins and let out a long low whistle. “She’s all yours, Chez.” He tucked the coin purse into the pocket inside his jacket. “Take my chambers for the night.” He handed Chez a small skeleton key. “Don’t break her.” With a wink, Topper disappeared into the crowd mingling with his guests.

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