Review: Maid for Love (The McCarthys of Gansett Island, Book 1) by Marie Force

Marie ForceHeroine: Maddie is a single mother, scraping to get by as a maid at the McCarthy’s hotel. She’s given all the crap jobs because of her reputation as a slut. The reputation is totally unearned. The one time she had sex she got pregnant. It’s all because of her endowments in certain areas. Boys in high school were cruel and the girls were jealous. Small town life and gossip sucks a big one, but what is a girl to do? She can’t save enough to leave.

Hero: The McCarthy golden boys are rich, sexy, athletic, and excel at all they touch. Mac is so successful he is stressing out and over-committing himself to his business interests. When his girlfriend dumps him, and his doctor tells him to take a vacation, Mac packs up and heads back to Gansett Island and his family’s hotel. Along the way he literally runs into the heroine and knocks her off her bike. As a gentleman he has to help, but she doesn’t want it! Why is she so stubborn?

Review: Love small town romances? Pick up this book! Wraps up happily into a HEA! A few negatives though… you’ll want to bitch-slap the hero’s mother. She can’t take a hint and is very small minded and petty. Also a negative is Maddie’s overreaction to Mac’s attempts to fix her reputation. He did well with that, I feel. Mac is a perfect hero. He rates very high!


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