Get into Bed with Leanora Moore (Author Interview)

caress of a younger manSandra: You say in your biography that you always carry a notebook with you wherever you go. I know from personal experience that carrying one is great for when inspiration strikes – but when did you first use your notes for your novels?

Leanora Moore: As a teenager and as I grew up into adulthood, I was always writing and reading romance novels. Then after I started reading three to four novels a day, and my College English teacher suggested I try writing my own novel. So I started reading books on writing and I started my first draft for The Caress of a Younger Man using my notes from a story I wrote five years previously.

Sandra: You were 31 when you wrote your first novel, The Caress of a Younger Man. What made you decide to go into writing novels full-time?

Leanora: I decided to start writing full time, because not long after I released my first novel, I was diagnosed with lupus and chronic Asthma. After being hospitalized for eight months off and on, writing became my comfort. Then after being classified as disabled, I had to keep focused on something positive and writing became my outlet and my passion.

Sandra: In a world where being young and skinny seems to be fashionable, I love the Voluptuously Curvy and Loving It Series – was this the original sub title for the series, or was it something else?

Leanora: No, Voluptuously Curvy and Loving It Series was the original subtitle for the series, because it describes each of my heroines in my novels, and it describes every plus size woman in the world, myself included. If a woman has low self-esteem or is depressed, I want her to pick up my novel and be able to relate and envision herself as the heroine.

Sandra: Eboni James is a serious career woman and a lot older than her lover, what does she see in someone like Jeremy Adams?

Leanora: In The Caress of a Younger Man, As Eboni got to know Jeremy, she saw everything that was missing out of her life. Jeremy reminded Eboni that life is too short, and that she needed to live it to the fullest. He also brought out the sexiness and passion that she had buried so long ago.

Sandra: In your experience who are your favourite authors and why?

Danielle Steele was the first romance author that I had ever read, and the way that she pulled you into her stories was mesmerizing. Brenda Jackson was the first African American Author that I had read and she inspired me to keep trying no matter what anyone said. Plus her novels are amazing with vivid characters that keep you spellbound.

Sandra: Throughout your career as an author, what is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Leanora: The best piece of advise that I have received came from Brenda Jackson, herself in a conversation we had on Facebook, and that was to stay focused and dream big.

Sandra: Even though you have accomplished so much so far, what are your plans for other novels in the coming year?

Leanora: In the coming year I plan to continue the Voluptuously Curvy and Loving It Series, and I’m working on a new edition of The Caress of a Younger Man and then maybe a sequel.

Author Bio: As a little girl Leanora Moore always had a notebook with her, where she could write her dreams and fantasies down. Growing into adulthood, she would read other authors work and say to herself that she could do the same thing. At the age of 31, she decided to write her first novel titled THE CARESS OF A YOUNGER MAN.

Through out the whole process she has learned that to write a great novel you have to be willing to learn and apply the information. She thanks all the authors that offered her advise and knowledge.

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