Movie Review: Walk in the Clouds Starring Keanu Reeves and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón

Walk in the Clouds is one of the sweetest love stories I have ever seen on the silver screen. I’ve fallen in love with the cast and characters as surely as I have fallen in love with Pride and Prejudice. The grandfather (Anthony Quinn) is by far my favorite; he’s got eyes in the back of his head. The man turns up every time poor Paul (Keanu Reeves) tries to run off and follow the plan he and Victoria (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón) hatched before arriving to her family’s vineyard. Who doesn’t love Anthony Quinn? Really? I want him to adopt me so I can be his granddaughter.

Walk in the Clouds is the name of the vineyard the Aragóns have cultivated and inhabited for generations. They are a proud set of Mexican descendants who have recipes that were in their family cookbook before Americans created their Constitution. Something Papa Aragón loves to rub Paul Sutton’s face in. Papa doesn’t believe this drifter is or could ever be the right man for his daughter, Victoria and tries to scare him off.


Leaving is exactly what Paul needs to do. His plans were to help Victoria by posing as her husband. They met on the train, and then on the bus, and then alongside the road to her family’s home. She tells Paul that her father is going to kill her – and he just might, for Victoria has a secret… she’s pregnant and the father deserted her when he found out.

The unfolding of love and devotion throughout Walk in the Clouds between the gorgeous Victoria and honest Paul will pull at your heartstrings. There are some decidedly sensual moments throughout the movie – when Victoria teaches Paul how to fan the grapes and when they’re both covered in grape juice from the harvest. Whew! If you have never seen Walk in the Clouds – you must! If you have reestablish your connection with this tremendously wonderful tale set around the end of World War Two.

Rating: 5 Stars

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My Top 10 Favorite Romance Movies


Everyone has movies that they tend to watch over and over and over again. We watch them because they make us happy, because we love the acting and the story. Yesterday I saw for the first time a movie that came out in 2007. It was stunning and has without a moment’s hesitancy, entered my favorites list. That movie was Arranged. Look out for a formal review as I will be writing one.

My Top Ten Favorite Romance Movies

(In order by release date.)

  1. Beauty and the Beast (1991) It’s easy to see that this is most girls’ first introduction into paranormal romance. The Beast and castle are clearly enchanted through magic. The castle itself is very Gothic, and our poor hero is as shaggy as any werewolf, though he certainly cleans up nice!
  2. Walk in the Clouds (1995) This lovely postwar romance follows a young soldier as he attempts to sell chocolates and winds up rescuing a damsel in distress. The grandfather makes this movie and the scene in the vineyard during a frost warning is breathtaking.
  3. Ever After (1998) I am surprised I haven’t worn the finish off this DVD. I used to watch it every day or two many many years ago. Prince Henri is a charming rascal in desperate need of a love match to stop his father’s political matchmaking.
  4. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001) Colin Firth as Marc Darcy. Clearly this is an awesome romance. Very strong language warning, but other than that it’s very delightful. If you haven’t seen it, you’re going to love the fight scene. Sigh!
  5. North and South (2004) Four hours is not nearly enough Mr. Thornton or Richard Armitage. I would like more please. Is there an unedited eight hour version hiding somewhere? No? Drat! I guess I will have to settle for one, “Look back at me!”
  6. Pride and Prejudice (2005) My favorite version of Jane Austen’s classic. I know I said Colin Firth and Marc Darcy and it’s true. Colin is great as Darcy, but this version with Keira and Matthew and Donald really yanks at my heart. The scenery is gorgeous too.
  7. Outsourced (2006) This movie is a call center and technical support romance between one yuppy American male and one spunky Indian female. Culture shock to say the very least and wickedly entertaining.
  8. Arranged (2007) One Orthodox Jewish girl and one Muslim girl are getting matched. They know each other from their teaching positions at the same school and as they go through the process of meeting men under watchful family eyes they become fast friends. Very satisfying ending!
  9. Enchanted (2007) I just love the songs in this film, especially “How does she know that you love her?” Patrick Dempsey is devilishly handsome and a treat to watch as he struggles against falling for a loopy girl who thinks she’s in love with a prince. Amy Adams is perfection.
  10. Lost in Austen (2008) Be honest, who hasn’t wanted Mr. Darcy to herself? One English miss from today’s world manages to get stuck in Jane Austen’s ‘fictional’ Georgian England at the start of the story and the rest as they say is history!

So there’s my list. What movies are on yours?

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