Review: Love Potions (Warlocks MacGregor Series, Book 3) by Michelle M. Pillow

love potionsReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Lydia Barratt is walking through town but something doesn’t feel right. During her walk she meets Erik MacGregor – and it’s an interesting first meeting. You will see that they have a connection almost from the minute they meet. Erik is moving into the area and that is what’s going to make this an interesting read. Our author does not waste any time in fueling the fire between these two. You will get so lost in this book that you will lose track of time. It’s a book that you will not want to put down.

And who wouldn’t love to have a sexy highlander living next door – me, me, me (I don’t even have one in the neighborhood). Mine would most certainly wear a kilt and have nice smooth skin. And when he speaks he’d have that signature burr. How about you? This author certainly knows how to stimulate the reader’s imagination.

Erik has a scene with his brother Euann that will leave you chuckling and also give you some nice visuals. Lydia also has a great friend Charlotte that will keep you in stitches. I look forward to seeing if our secondary characters make another appearance. This is another reason that this is a great book – we want to know more about the other characters and not just the main ones.

It’s a great romance that has a little paranormal suspense and has an ending that will leave you smiling. And that ending will leave you wanting more and this is what makes a great author. She knows her readers very well.

During this time of year, we spend our time outdoors and on vacation. Why not take this book with you? If you’ve never read this author before, this story may give you the incentive to change that. Michelle has plenty of other books you can check out over at her web site,


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Can a Stay-at-Home Moms Talk Dirty?

by Renee Field, guest blogger and author of Be My Warlock Tonight

Okay, I’m talking about your dirty laundry here. I’m talking about the dual lives many stay-at-home moms live. I can vividly remember participating in a play group with a bunch of other moms, watching our children while we dished the dirt on our men, and our sex lives (or lack thereof). I don’t go around shouting out that I’m an erotic writer but once I get to know the “ladies” I have no problem mentioning what genres I write. What floored me was how many of these moms wanted to read my erotic writings. Of course they asked me how I could write porn…and I of course informed them politely it’s not porn. I write stories, build worlds, create compelling plot lines and add sizzling passion to my characters’ lives. Yes, I create a fantasy but more importantly the moms who read my stories wanted more. There were a few who politely exited the conversation because talking about erotic writing is not for everyone.

Telling the women I use words like cock, cunt, pussy, penis, shaft and well you get the picture is not for the faint of heart, but it’s also liberating. I’m not the type of person who likes to beat around the bush and reading a book that uses lots of pretty prose to avoid writing the sweet spot name, well for me it gets frustrating. I think the nicest compliment I received from one of the moms was how reading one of my books added that spark to her sex life. She confessed to laughing out loud at one of the sex scenes I wrote, probably one of my shifter scenes, and her hubby asked what she was laughing at so she read the scene to him. He promptly joined her in the bed, read a few more scenes and instead of turning out the lights that night they left them on for a change and went wild. She promptly told me she’s added some of my “naughty” words to her foreplay which has heated things even more for them. I say hats off to them.

So yes ladies – there is power in them there words –lol.

Be My Warlock Tonight by Renee Field – Excerpt

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Knowing Cindy was a witch and she possessed a wild side was a bonus. He was the perfect Darklander warlock for her and was bound and determined to show her that both traits co-existed within her.

Lance shook his head. When did I start down that poetic road? Startled with his own references, Lance knew Cindy Frost had to be your typical human witch. She looked like his Goddess but he’d listened to her butcher his own last name, Papadopoulos, enough times to know she wasn’t from his world. She probably didn’t have a speck of human Greek heritage running through her veins, because for the life of her she couldn’t pronounce his last name without stumbling.

“Turn over,” he demanded.

More than anything Lance wanted to see Cindy’s bare ass. She always wore tight business skirts, either black or blue in color and while they looked somewhat demure coming to rest at her knees, he’d eyed her rump every time she’d bent over. It had provided him with a remarkable view. But this view will be much better. Lance couldn’t wait to eye the plump curves of her ass cheeks.

He watched her awkwardly move her body from her back to her belly. It wasn’t easy to do with her wrists tied together but as much as he wanted to help he couldn’t as it would ruin her fantasy.

“On your knees.”


He gave a hard smack to her ass. “I didn’t tell you to speak.”

Fire sparked to life in her blue eyes when she turned her head to observe him. He gave her the span of ten seconds, knowing she fought with herself. Wanting it but worried she might be getting in over her head, which of course she was. Lance grinned. Her seconds were up.

“Knees. Now,” he demanded, moving his body.

This time she complied. She balanced her weight on her knees by spreading her legs because her wrists were tied together. Still though Lance knew the position was awkward for her.

“What are you going to do?”

Lance noted her tone had become breathless and erratic. He untied the silky scarves without speaking. She immediately balanced herself on the palms of her hands on the bed.

Good girl. “Obey and enjoy.” He followed his words with a second hard smack on her ass. Lance took great delight in seeing the red outline from his hand on her cheek. He loved her gasp of feigned outrage. Behind that outrage was passion and he planned to bring her over her limit, so much so she’d be sore tomorrow. Sexually satisfied, tired and happy, he wanted to imprint every part of her lush body to ensure she didn’t forget him.

He wanted to ram his cock into her pussy, over and over again. After all that had been his fantasy the minute he’d met the cool, level-headed woman who had made it clear to him that she thought she was better than him. Well, after tonight she could think that all she wanted. He was her fantasy lover for one night and if that was all he got from Cindy then he wasn’t about to waste one minute of it.

“I’m going to fuck you hard because you didn’t obey me.” And because you turned me down twice and pissed off one mighty warlock!

Author Bio:

Published author Renee Field lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada with her soul-mate and four children. She writes sensual paranormal, mythological and contemporary erotica, and dark paranormal romances. Her debut sensual paranormal romance, Rapture, published with Cerridwen Press, won the 2008 EPPIE award for best paranormal/fantasy romance and her mythological erotica, Love Me Wild, published with Ellora’s Cave was nominated for a 2008 EPPIE in the best erotica paranormal/fantasy category.

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