Review: Screwing the System by Josephine Myles

Screwing the System by Josephine MylesReview by Lynn Reynolds

Cosmo Rawlins has an interview with Alasdair Grant. During the interview he lets Alasdair know about his sexual preference. Cosmo also has a musical background and it might help set the mood by putting on some of your favorite music.

There’s a lot of graphic descriptions so don’t be shy. But once you get to know Alasdair and Cosmo, you couldn’t expect anything less. Also, there may be some words that you may not understand – British euphemisms. Don’t be afraid of them. Some of them you can figure out what they are by how they are used. Others, you may have to look them up – that’s what I did.

In one scene, Cosmo goes to a pub and has an interesting drink – you may just want to give it a try. At one point, Cosmo goes to Alasdair’s for a meal and it sounded so good I wished that my e-reader came with smell-a-vision. Or in the future maybe we will have something like the Jetson’s had and we can actually get to taste what we read about in our stories.

Josephine shows her readers why some people enjoy the BDSM lifestyle. She makes me wonder about all the research that must have been involved in having to write the scenes. If you have ever wondered about that lifestyle, this book may just give you some ideas of what you can try – try it, you’ll like it.

One thing that did kind of put me off was the amount of time spent on reminding me that Alasdair has money. When I watch (or try to watch) a romance and they keep bringing that up, for some reason it just seems to turn me off. On the whole though, I did enjoy the book. If you like reading the M/M romances with some BDSM thrown in, you might enjoy this as well.


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Review: Lion of Darkness by Melinda Cross


Lion of Darkness by Melinda Cross was the first romance novel that I read where one of the lovers was handicapped. The story is absolutely beautiful, filled with domineering masculinity and the helpless unyielding fall into love. It is far too short a tale in my opinion and could use another two hundred pages easily. Perhaps then I’ll be satisfied.

Cassandra Winters was blinded in the car accident that killed her mother. The doctors told her it was hysterical blindness and that she should receive her sight within a few days of the trauma, but it has been eighteen years and Cassie knows one thing for sure; they were wrong.

In the two weeks after her father’s death Cassie has had to face some hard truths. The first is that her wealthy lifestyle is going to change drastically. Her father had lived beyond his means and the only money left after the estate was settled was the small trust her mother set up for her. If she was going to have a future she would have to cope with being blind and learn useful skills that could win her a job, so she enrolls at Windrow, a school for the blind and the best of its kind.

Dr. Wyatt Field is a cynical, stoic man who is so reviled by his patients it’s a wonder that his success rate is so high. The moment he sees Cassie, he has her pegged as a pampered, spoiled, brat. Never mind that her looks are as pale and as beautiful as her last name implies. Never mind that when she touches him his blood pounds, his muscles tense, and that he can’t seem to tear his eyes from her. He is helpless before her and he doesn’t like it. Not one bit. But he’s determined to succeed, to help her see again. He won’t lose this case even if it means loses her love.

Rating: 4.5 – 5 Stars

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