Review: White Trash Damaged (White Trash Trilogy, Book 2) by Teresa Mummert

white trash damagedReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Cass Daniels is telling the reader her story (first person) – this is the second part. After reading the Prologue, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a series that must be read in order. It’s the appetizer and the rest of the book is the main course.

Tucker White seems to be Cass’s white knight or is he? Teresa gives her readers characters that aren’t anywhere near perfect. Readers can identify with them better when they aren’t so picture perfect. We seem to always root for the underdog – and most of us aren’t perfect either.

With Tucker’s profession, I found that I wanted to listen to some of his music. If you go to our author’s website, and scroll down about half way, you will find a playlist. Before you start reading this book, make note of the music so you can listen while you read. Teresa must have done a lot of research in how a band functions while on the road or at the very least what they’re like at a concert. Either that or she has a great imagination.

One reason I know for sure that this trilogy must be read in order is because of the twins. If you haven’t read book one either, and like me want to know more about the twins, we’ll want to read White Trash Beautiful and see if we can get some information. I’d be interested to know what Teresa has in store for them in book three.

I found this a hard book to put down. Cass is a woman that you can relate to – her life has not been easy. Our author doesn’t glamorize the life of an up and coming band traveling around doing concerts either. It’s a tough life for all concerned. As fans, you only see what the people want you to see. Some things are kept private. But our author shows that they’re human just like you and me. We also never think about their manager – all a fan wants to hear about is the group’s music. And then there are times when we get too much information – think of what’s been happening in the media lately.

This is a story about real life. Books can’t all be about a couple being lovey-dovey and have sex on almost every page. If it were, you wouldn’t want to read it. We want something that is going to hold our attention from beginning to end and something that will tug at the heart.

Once you get to the ending, you will find that it sets you up for the final book in this trilogy – titled White Trash Love Song. It’s scheduled to come out in April 2014. I like to read in both e-book and paperback but I personally enjoyed this in the paperback format. You will also be happy to know that this book is available as an audiobook. So if you don’t have time to read, you can at least listen. And I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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What Makes a Hero Sexy?

black knight“The hero is sexy,” or some variation, I see a lot when reading reviews. I’m guilty of the same. It got me thinking. What makes a hero sexy? It’s really hard to pigeon-hole as there are many characteristics that can make a hero sexy. Here’s a list of what I came up with:

The White Knight – He’s brave. He’s strong. He’s good. He rescues damsels, even if it’s at an inconvenience to himself. He’s true to his ideals. He wears uniforms — whether it is chainmail or fire resistant or camouflaged, etc. — and he’s proud of the uniform he wears.

The Black Knight – He’s not a polar opposite to the white knight — like he and others think — but he doesn’t hesitate to work outside the law if it suits him. He doesn’t stand for incompetence, rudeness, or laziness. He gets the job done and doesn’t complain. He prefers to be alone and to work alone and can be easily irritated by the interference of others (read, heroine) but melts like butter with the right girl.

The Alpha – He’s confident. He’s popular with his buddies, the ladies, the elderly, kids, and dogs. He’s got solid work ethics, strong morals, and treats his mother well. He can cut loose with the best of them, sweet talk a girl out of her undies in under a minute, and generally oozes sex appeal.

The Beta – He’s quiet. He’s secure in every way from his masculinity to his ideals to his career and in his lot in life. He’s going to hold your hand in public, bring you to the weekly family barbecue, unabashedly carry your very girly purse, doesn’t mind your hot-pink lipstick on his face, and will squire you about town in genuine delight. He’s friend and lover all in one.

There are many more types, of course. The list is not definitive. Several of the qualities can easily describe each of the four hero types. But they are all sexy. What else makes a hero sexy in your book?

Review: Knight’s Fork by Rowena Cherry


Today I am reviewing Knight’s Fork by Rowena Cherry. This is my first ARC (advance review copy; official book release is September 30, 2008) and I eagerly read the whole novel in two days! Knight’s Fork is just one novel in the futuristic set series about the Great Djinn race. Knight’s Fork contains all the right stuff from a stowaway princess to a knight’s quest and the threat of death licking at their heels. This book and series would be great for any lover of alien paranormal romance or paranormal romance in general.

Watch out for the ‘Dj’ names! There’s quite a few to remember and follow! The romance novel is filled to overflowing with political intrigue and the key players are trying to play everybody else all at the same time to get their way. The main characters have to watch out for who their enemies are and who their allies are.

Cherry titles her novels after chess moves, and yes the characters do play chess and the move in question is used several times throughout the novel. Knight’s Fork in particular is about a choice between two evils – you’re going to lose something and the decision becomes which loss is acceptable?

This choice is ‘Rhett’s, a Saurian Knight, and it is between power and a female. Saurian is another alien race, but don’t let this fool you about this white knight. Back to the point – how can power or a female be a bad choice whichever you choose? A grab for power will set other leaders in a tizzy and the female is another male’s mate that’s how!

The rival male is King of another alien race, the Volnoth, and taking Electra could start a war on par with the ancient Greek war over Helen of Troy. It’s too bad for ‘Rhett that he’s tempted by Electra and not by the power offered. Far more tempting is that she wants him… for his sperm. What’s a knight to do?

This novel and series isn’t for the fainthearted that likes their romances to be mild and sweet. Urban colloquialisms for sex and emissions abound, the Great Djinn even regularly swear by Carnality! However for those who crave the contemporary slang and straightforward nature to the approach of sex Knight’s Fork is deliciously racy and erotic. The whole novel revolves around sex!

You could compare Cherry’s novel to Laurell K. Hamilton’s Meredith Gentry series about fairies because the Princess Electra seeks to get pregnant just like Meredith does. Or you could compare the novel to the Twilight Saga with ‘Rhett being a virgin, sworn to a vow of chastity, similar to Edward’s chase behavior. Whatever parallels you draw, Cherry spins a great story.

Rating: 3.5-4 Stars

Review: Fire Me by Libby Malin


Anne’s found another job three thousand miles away from her current one and she couldn’t be happier. Life for her has stalled, and she’s eager for it to start again. On the day she goes into work to tell Mitch that she resigns, no quits, that he plans to fire one of his communications team members. Mitch decides to make a game of the experience and won’t tell them who he’s going to fire, instead he’ll make them work to keep their jobs. The loser voted off the island as it were could easily turn out to be the winner in this farce, because the loser will be sent home with six weeks of severance pay for every year worked. For Anne that’s two years worth of salary. Immediately her plans change, she won’t tell Mitch she’s quitting, she’ll get him to fire her!

Fire Me is the direct opposite of The Devil Wears Prada. Instead of vying for approval from the boss that can’t be pleased, our heroine is trying to attract his attention and disapproval. The book takes place in a single day and I devoured it in the same time frame. For hijinxs and crazy shenanigans that’ll leave you chuckling to the bewilderment of those around you, I highly suggest this book.

Along her trip to the land of pink slips, Anne finally notices Ken. She struggles to keep her secret and gets both irritated at sweet Ken’s helpfulness to sooth over all her over the top schemes and falling just a little bit in love with the white knight routine. Ken is the new graphic design manager for the communications team. He’s only been working for six months and finds Mitch to be a charlatan and takes great pleasure in mentally dissecting the man. He also has a thing for Anne, whose face he’s been trying to capture in the moment right before her smile takes off and lights her up.

It’s hard to work romance into a single day but Libby manages to do it. There are stolen kisses in the elevator, a lunch date, and some lovely emotional concern for the other by both parties. Ken thinks Anne is taking the news and pressure badly, not realizing what she’s up too and Anne works to keep Ken’s name away from Mitch’s axe. While the heroine and hero are not officially together at the end of this story the possibility is there. They meet up the next morning after the ridiculous day before and the promise is wonderfully uplifting.

Rating: 4 Stars

Buy: Fire Me

PS – this would make a great movie!

Movie Review: Alice starring Caterina Scorsone, Tim Curry, and Kathy Bates

I saw this in the library the other day and snagged it from the new releases shelves. It’s a 2009 television miniseries inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The show is two episodes spans 240 minutes (4 hours). Everything you know will be turned on its head.

Twenty something Alice (Caterina Scorsone) lives at home with her mom. She has a black belt in karate, a missing father, and a new guy in her life. He’s pretty dreamy. On the night Jack Chase (Philip Winchester) proposes and is rejected he is also kidnapped.

Determined to rescue him, Alice chases after the bad guys. Interjection here—what girl would do this black belt or not? Maybe Buffy, where odds no matter how they’re stacked against her count for squat. Anyway… Alice runs into a glass mirror and wakes up in Wonderland.

There she finds out just how creepy Wonderland has gotten since the children’s book was written. Wonderland is a totalitarian state ruled by the Red Queen. To Alice’s annoyance she is repeatedly called an Oyster by the inhabitants of Wonderland. (An Oyster is a human from the Real World whose emotions will be harvested to make Tea. This Tea is how the Red Queen controls her subjects. It’s all about instant gratification.)

The 411:

  • The Red Queen wants the magic ring that will open up the mirror between Wonderland and the Real World because without it the mirror shuts down and she’s without a way to harvest humans and control the world economy.
  • Jack Chase is not what and who he seems but then again he is. The whole is he, isn’t he is done very well.
  • Hatter (Andrew Lee Potts) is adorable and not insane in this version. He and Alice form a romantic attachment to one another over the course of the mini-series which starts and stops as Hatter fights against his selfish nature. I was very pleased with the ending to this show. It made me happy.
  • The White Knight (Matt Frewer) is a bit overmuch. I really couldn’t stand him… or maybe his beard. His performance was a cliché on that particular character type.
  • Dodo (Tim Curry) is hardly in this at all. I honestly don’t know why his name is even listed on the top of the DVD.
  • Duchess (Charlotte Sullivan) is another character whose motives are hard to grasp. I can’t decide if she’s meant to play the role of the Chesire Cat or not.

The Costumes: A lot of time and effort went into creating the costumes. I especially loved casino girls’ and suits’ outfits. Very go-go girl and James Bond.

The CGI: Was pretty excellent in my opinion. I loved the city on the water with all the fog. Very pretty.

The Sets: My goodness — who would think falling apart cities could be pretty? Well of course they can be pretty when set high up in the air. I loved the city especially when first introduced to it because it looked like Roman aqueducts meet Venice canals ran through the whole city.


Buy: Alice (2009 Miniseries)

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