Review: Burning At Last by Crystal Rister

Review: Burning At Last by Crystal Risterby Guest Blogger

Reviewed by Fleur, of A Daily Romance I expect ‘True Blood’ fans will enjoy the author Crystal’s world of heartless, rough cut vampires, one sexy, smooth shape shifter and an independent gal who may have met her match. The story starts with the heroine in a scene of childhood bliss that is immediately followed by […]

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Review: Lily by Xavier Axelson

Review: Lily by Xavier Axelsonby Sandra Scholes

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes When fantasy and horror meet in the real modern day setting, there is bound to be some interesting moments to be had, especially with this novella. Lily, Pryor’s daughter is missing, and Pryor is convinced she was taken by a wolf. He goes into a melancholy state without her, and believes […]

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Review: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Review: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvaterby Keira

Their love was hopeless and yet they couldn’t help but hope no matter how bleak and forbidden it was. Grace has been searching for love for six years since her attack by wolves. Her heart leaps every time she sees the gray wolf with yellow eyes that saved her from the vicious pack. He only […]

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Top 10 Reasons Why Werewolves Won’t Cheat on Their Mates

 Top 10 Reasons Why Werewolves Won't Cheat on Their Matesby Guest Blogger

by Terry Spear, guest blogger and author of Wolf Fever Have you seen what big teeth they have? Even if they did think of cheating, it would be pretty difficult to disguise such a thing—did you know how sensitive their sense of smell is? And if they arrived in disguise as a wolf, they’d leave […]

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It’s Not Just About the SEX!

It’s Not Just About the SEX!by Guest Blogger

by Terry Spear, guest blogger I work in a library, and recently, we’ve had a lot of middle-aged women coming in looking for Zane Grey novels. Normally, it’s just a bunch of old guys who love reading the westerns. So I was curious as to what this was all about. Now, originally, the books were […]

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Get into Bed with Terry Spear (Author Interview)

Get into Bed with Terry Spear (Author Interview)by Keira

Welcome readers! Gather round the campfire as Terry Spear is joining us today to illuminate on her Wolf series. Werewolves as you know are not just for scary stories… they’re for loving too! Keira: How did you come up with the idea for the Wolf series? Terry: Years ago, I had read Jack London’s White […]

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Review: The Marriage Game by Fern Michaels

Review: The Marriage Game by Fern Michaelsby Guest Blogger

By: Cara Lynn, guest reviewer The Marriage Game by Fern Michaels is a light summer read. I figured by the description it would have some humor, and it does. Samantha Rainford returns from her honeymoon to find she has been served divorce papers. She is both shocked and heart broken. She is going to be […]

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Again More Winners!

Again More Winners!by Keira

Sorry some of these are late, it plum left my mind, but I’m on top of my game now! The last three contests and their winners: Terry Spear’s It’s Not Just About the SEX! winner is… #9 chris swan Prize: 1 set of 2 books: Heart of the Wolf and To Tempt the Wolf. Rebecca […]

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