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My Top 5 Women’s Fiction Novels of All Time

My Top 5 Women’s Fiction Novels of All Timeby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Ann Garvin, author of The Dog Year Asking me what my top 5 women’s fiction novels of all time is like asking my mother (who has dementia and is pleasantly confused) what her favorite food is. She loves food, likes all kinds of food, but can’t reproduce her favorite food in thought […]

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Review: Rearranged by Ruth Saberton

Review: Rearranged by Ruth Sabertonby Sandra Scholes

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes Synopsis: Mills Ali already has a life of her own and dreams of working for an Asian magazine. She has tonnes of friends and thinks she has it all, but her parents want to arrange a marriage for her that will kill any chance of her having the life she has […]

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Review: Three Sisters (Blackberry Island, Book 2) by Susan Mallery

 Review: Three Sisters (Blackberry Island, Book 2) by Susan Malleryby Keira

This book is not an anthology, but there are three stories intertwined in it. Three Sisters is the nickname for three Victorian houses on a cul-de-sac and with a name like that, it is easy to see that the three women who own it will become as “sisters” in their friendships to one another. Romantic […]

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Review: Semi-Sweet by Roisin Meaney

Review: Semi-Sweet by Roisin Meaneyby Keira

Summary: Hannah Robinson gets dumped by her longtime boyfriend days before she’s going to open her new shop, Cupcakes on the Corner. Even though he’s told her he’s leaving her for another woman she can’t quite believe it’s happened. Everyone loved Patrick, including her, she didn’t even know things were bad with them… and even […]

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When the Sizzle Fizzles

When the Sizzle Fizzlesby Guest Blogger

by Malena Lott, guest blogger and author of Fixer Upper I get why romance novels soak up market share and win over the hearts of women.  From “the meet” to the “the first kiss” to the first whatever else and I love you, we are completely swept away and fall in love with the hero […]

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