The Confidence to be a Writer

The Confidence to be a Writerby Guest Blogger

Hi, thank you Love Romance Passion for having me. I’m B.D Hawkey, author of Old Sins Long Shadows, which is an historical romance with grit. However, I would consider myself a reader of romance first and a rather fussy reader too as I have a list of pet peeves of things I dislike. I have […]

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How to Create a World That Will Grab Your Reader

How to Create a World That Will Grab Your Readerby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Liv Rancourt, author of Forever and Ever, Amen Thanks very much for having me as a guest here at LoveRomancePassion. I love writing paranormal romance, and in this post I wanted to talk a little about how to create a world that will draw your reader in. Worldbuilding is a tricky thing, […]

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Dealing With Rejection

Dealing With Rejectionby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Adrienne Giordano, author of Relentless Pursuit Rejection. It’s a nasty little word isn’t it? As writers, we face it. A lot. I personally have never gotten comfortable with it. Silly me, I thought once I’d found an agent and reached the ranks of published author, the rejections would somehow miraculously be easier […]

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When a Romance Author Doesn’t Believe in Love…

When a Romance Author Doesn't Believe in Love...by Guest Blogger

Guest Blog by Robin Kaye, author of Call Me Wild I’m Jessica James but everyone calls me Jessie and I don’t believe in love. I sound like I belong at a twelve-step meeting, don’t I? Now, before you start booing me like a bunch of rabid romance fans, let me explain. I’ve never believed in […]

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Ideas – Wherefore Art Thou?

Ideas – Wherefore Art Thou?by Guest Blogger

Guest blog by CandisTerry, author of Somebody Like You I probably don’t come up with the most typical storylines or even specific elements that I toss into the mix for (hopefully) a good time. Judging by the sometimes strange looks I get from people, I know I don’t think like others. Good? Bad? Who knows? […]

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From Aspiring Writer to Published Author

From Aspiring Writer to Published Authorby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Cher Green, author of Escape to Love Beginning my journey years ago, I have encountered many obstacles, close encounters, and deathly blows along the road to publication. When I decided to take my writing goals seriously, I went straight for a novel length project. Although the story never found completion, it was […]

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With a Little Bit of Luck

With a Little Bit of Luckby Guest Blogger

Guest Post by Alina Adams, author of When a Man Loves a Woman In 1998, I wrote a non-fiction coffee-table book, “Inside Figure Skating,” where I interviewed ABC-TV’s multi-Emmy award winning director, Doug Wilson. Doug told me about directing Brian Boitano’s Long Program during the 1988 Olympics.  He’d been all set to open with a […]

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The Writer Within Us

The Writer Within Usby Guest Blogger

by C. Elizabeth, guest blogger and author of Absolute Obsession I believe that everyone has a niche in life, the question is, are you willing to look for it or would you recognize it, if it were to come along in a not so “up in your face” manner?  For the answer to be yes, […]

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