How to Write a Book in Five Days

How to Write a Book in Five Daysby Guest Blogger

Guest post by Amber Page, author of All’s Fair in Lust & War Impossible, you say? Not at all. Insane, yes. But not impossible. I did it…and the manuscript sold (no one was more surprised than me). Of course, in my case, there were extenuating circumstances. I entered my first chapter in a contest put […]

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What’s a Good Way to Write?

What's a Good Way to Write?by Guest Blogger

Hi! I’m Crystal Perkins. My good friend, Tera Lynn Childs and I are taking over the blog today as part of our Sassy and Sexy Romance Tour! Tera is the “Sassy” part of our equation. Her City Chicks books feature behind closed door, or in the case of Trying Texas, behind closed bushes action. I’m […]

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Where is the Love? How Writers are Forced to Cheat

Where is the Love? How Writers are Forced to Cheatby Guest Blogger

I’m Ava Bleu, author of contemporary and edgy inspirational romance, and I just want to know why things have to be so hard for writers? If you are a lover of romance novels you have probably heard more than one author explain that they still have their day job because it is terribly hard to […]

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The Confidence to be a Writer

The Confidence to be a Writerby Guest Blogger

Hi, thank you Love Romance Passion for having me. I’m B.D Hawkey, author of Old Sins Long Shadows, which is an historical romance with grit. However, I would consider myself a reader of romance first and a rather fussy reader too as I have a list of pet peeves of things I dislike. I have […]

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How to Create a World That Will Grab Your Reader

How to Create a World That Will Grab Your Readerby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Liv Rancourt, author of Forever and Ever, Amen Thanks very much for having me as a guest here at LoveRomancePassion. I love writing paranormal romance, and in this post I wanted to talk a little about how to create a world that will draw your reader in. Worldbuilding is a tricky thing, […]

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Dealing With Rejection

Dealing With Rejectionby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Adrienne Giordano, author of Relentless Pursuit Rejection. It’s a nasty little word isn’t it? As writers, we face it. A lot. I personally have never gotten comfortable with it. Silly me, I thought once I’d found an agent and reached the ranks of published author, the rejections would somehow miraculously be easier […]

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When a Romance Author Doesn’t Believe in Love…

When a Romance Author Doesn't Believe in Love...by Guest Blogger

Guest Blog by Robin Kaye, author of Call Me Wild I’m Jessica James but everyone calls me Jessie and I don’t believe in love. I sound like I belong at a twelve-step meeting, don’t I? Now, before you start booing me like a bunch of rabid romance fans, let me explain. I’ve never believed in […]

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Ideas – Wherefore Art Thou?

Ideas – Wherefore Art Thou?by Guest Blogger

Guest blog by CandisTerry, author of Somebody Like You I probably don’t come up with the most typical storylines or even specific elements that I toss into the mix for (hopefully) a good time. Judging by the sometimes strange looks I get from people, I know I don’t think like others. Good? Bad? Who knows? […]

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