Our Favorite Cat Aliens are Back!

Our Favorite Cat Aliens are Back!by Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Cheryl Brooks, author of Rebel I was given these topics to choose from for my guest post here on Love Romance Passion. Interstellar homelessness Refugees and the Homeless Heroines as Bait Since none of them look easy, I’m going to respond to all three and hope for the best. These questions undoubtedly […]

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Review: Virgin by Cheryl Brooks

Review: Virgin by Cheryl Brooksby Keira

If you’ve heard of the Cat Star Chronicles before then you know that Zetithians, a feline big cat like alien species, are known for their males’ remarkable sexual prowess. We’ve even gone over some the *ahem* anatomy of these hunky men in The Sexual Prowess of Alien Romance Heroes. Seriously, you should check that out… […]

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Review: Hero by Cheryl Brooks

Review: Hero by Cheryl Brooksby Keira

Hero is book six in The Cat Star Chronicles. I’ve totally read this series out of order. My only background prior to Hero was the first in the series, Slave. That didn’t stop me from getting what was going on real quick and honestly, you can pick this book up without having read even Slave. […]

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