The Dangers of Romantic Suspense

In this video, I am performing a four and a half minute skit about the dangers of romantic suspense. I go over ten of them and add a couple of bonus dangers. It’s done in second person, so there’s a lot of yous tossed about, but it should be very easy to follow. I hope you like it even if romantic suspense novels aren’t your cup of tea. And speaking of tea, I’d avoid drinking liquids until the video is over, just in case you think I’m funny.

Your Turn: Which danger do you think is the most hazardous to the heroine’s health? Are there any other dangers a heroine should be aware of? How about the hero? Does he have anything to be on the lookout for to ensure his happily ever after?

2 thoughts on “The Dangers of Romantic Suspense”

  1. Your skit had me laughing, simply because of its truthfulness. RS usually has the hero/heroine running with injuries. Does no one have a first aid kit? Is there no store/pharmacy which stocks antiseptic? There is, but since the bad guys would kill them if they stop…they must continue on. Bleeding…risking infections, or loss of limbs. Their clothes are ripped to shreds, since they had to use strips as tourniquets. So not only are they injured, they’re basically running naked.

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