The Mad Hatter was Framed! (Or Ten Things I Never Knew about Alice in Wonderland)

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#1 The author, Lewis Carroll, whose real name is Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, was very meticulous and had this habit of making lists and keeping records of everything that he did. He even kept records of all the letters that he wrote – a total of 98,721 letters, from January 1861 until his death in 1898!

#2 Mock Turtle soup IS REAL! It was a popular dish in Victorian times. It was made from parts of a calf.

#3 Alice Liddell is the little girl who inspired this story.

#4 In the 1930s Alice in Wonderland and its sequel, Through the Looking Glass, were banned from publication in China because the Chinese authorities objected to the animals in the story talking like humans.

#5 Before it was called Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the author named it Alice’s Adventures Under Ground. (The characters in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland called it Under Land.)

# 6 Did you know there is a special day which celebrates silliness called Mad Hatter’s Day? It’s celebrated on 10/6 (10th June in Great Britain, 6 October in the US), after Tenniel’s (the illustrator) illustration of the Mad Hatter’s hat which says 10/6, although it is thought that 10/6 was actually the price of the hat (ten shillings and sixpence in old English money.)

#7 There is an actual mental disorder named AIWS (Alice in Wonderland Syndrome). It’s a disorienting neurological condition that affects human perception. Sufferers may experience micropsia, macropsia, or size distortion of other sensory modalities. A temporary condition, it is often associated with migraines, brain tumors, and the use of psychoactive drugs. Eat Me and Drink Me? No thank you!

#8 In 1998, Lewis Carroll’s own copy of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” was sold at auction for $1.54 million to an anonymous American buyer, making it the most expensive children’s book ever sold at the time!

#9 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland actually tanked on release! The book received poor reviews and didn’t gain popularity until the publication of “Through the Looking-Glass”.

#10 Alice Liddell, the young girl Carroll used as his muse for his Alice was actually a brunette with short bangs!

So tell me, Dear Reader…if you could, would you take a tumble down a Rabbit Hole?

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She smelled of pure arousal, the spicy scent filling his head with hunger and a potent need to devour her with greed. Oh, Harey had been right about this one. Despite her plain face and boyish body, she harbored a vast, untapped libido he and the others could live on for a couple years to come until nothing remained but the fragile husk of her delicate humanity. No mind, no soul, merely a vessel of hollow madness.

We’re all mad here.

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