To Do List: Save the World, Win a Contemporary

Sarah from Smart Bitches and Jane from Dear Author are co-hosting another contest. The prizes are pretty sweet and well worth the time to get involved.

First things first, what contemporary romance started this contest?

The answer to that is Victoria Dahl’s debut novel Talk Me Down. The heroine in this novel, Molly Jenkins, is an erotica romance author. She publishes under a pen name, not because she’s ashamed of writing erotica, but because she knows how awkward it would be for family and friends. Molly Jenkins leaves city life to return to her small home town after some unpleasant activity with her law enforcer ex-honey/stalker. A small inheritance makes moving back home easy, but Molly is stuck. She’s not inspired to write again until running into an old high school hunk, Ben Lawson, now chief of police.

Sarah says this about the sexual interactions within this book: “This, folks, is realistic sex. Gritty sex. Passionate pent-up sex. And most of all? FUN sex.” While the Romantic Times reviewer labeled the heroine “as a dog in heat.” In response to the RT comment Jane says, “I’m not going to even try to rebut it because that’s one of the things I liked best about this story.” Based on these different reviews, the conclusion to be drawn from this is that the sex is frank, up front, and enjoyable if you like your sex in romance novels to be frank and up front.

Now contest information:

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