To Spoil or not to Spoil (Don’t you wish you knew!)

by Sharon S., guest reviewer

Do you like spoilers or do you run screaming from the computer? I have a complicated relationship with spoilers. When we are talking about a running series on TV (Being Human or Supernatural anyone?) or book, and there is a cliff hanger ending… you will find me scouring the net for any little tidbit I can get! Let’s take Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning as an example; I bought the book (hardback, I might add) went to my car and read the last chapter! I do the same with the Black Dagger Brotherhood books too. I have been known to email a fellow blogger that got an ARC, and ask what happens. I did this when the last book in the Vampire Academy Series came out. I HAD to know if she chose Dimitri or not.

Yes, I am a pathetic spoiler ho. BUT if I am getting ready to read the first book in a series I don’t want to know anything. Especially not plot twists. This leads me to the fine line reviewers must walk. We don’t want to ruin a book for anyone, but give the reader enough information to decide if it is a book they will like.

I think with a stand alone book or the first few in a series you need to be real careful about revealing spoilers. After the third book in a series, you don’t have to be worried about revealing spoilers from the previous books. Usually the people reading these know what has already happened. You can reveal big spoilers, but you must give plenty of warning, like in the title of your post!

There was a study recently about the effect of spoilers on a reader’s enjoyment. I kid you not! I won’t tell you what the results were 😉 but you can check it out here.

So what is your stance on spoilers? Love them or hate them? Oh, I have some juicy spoilers for the next BDB book (Bwahahaha!!!!!!)

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4 thoughts on “To Spoil or not to Spoil (Don’t you wish you knew!)”

  1. I am your complete polar opposite. I won’t read how a novel ends unless I’ve read it and reached the ending-no matter how much I adore the author, characters or series.
    I know curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction brought it back, but…I try to reign in my curiosity.

  2. I like spoilers and sometimes actively seek them out. It doesn’t make the book or movie less enjoyable for me even though I know what’s going to happen.

  3. @Susan – I refuse to read the ending first too. My mom does that. It drives me nuts. But she likes the novel equally as well and perhaps more so because she’s not worried about where it’s going.

    @Estella – Okay I agree with not reading excerpts… except I did that once with Twilight. lol

    @Jane – My mom agrees with you. I seek movie spoilers sometimes but rarely book spoilers. I avoid scary movies and scary/creepy/horror plots so if a movie/book looks like it might be featuring any of that I will definitely check it out before hand and decide if I can handle it.

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